So this is green, color and 44 mm in diameter, so for 44 mm size uh they have three options for the color color, green silver and black. So for the watch 4 series they have 40 mm 42 mm and 44 mm so mostly for 44 mm um, its designated um in general, for men and for 40 for women. So 40 has pink color white, so its like a feminine version. Most feminine type of color and 44 42 mm is more expensive because it has a classic look. Classic look means. It looks like a regular watch like you regularly wear an office so its um. It looks more formal compared to this sleek design for smartwatch, so lets open. Okay. Here it is Music. So this is the favorite color so far for uh, for for us um compared to silver black – and this is green im, not sure if its like something blue in the camera, but its actually um its actually green, like a military, green, something lime more more. Darker than lime color and for the accessories okay sorry looks like this lets: open. Okay, cheddar lets open open whats. This, oh so warranty card. Of course, quick start guide, and i guess this is the charger. Okay, the cord so lets open the cord. So this is the look of the charger and then the cord, so the normal one. So i guess, if you are going to charge this heres the watch, you are going to top this one.

Okay, so its a magnet wait just a second okay, then it um hi, okay, so its a magnet actually then, okay, thats for the accessories and take well well take a look on the features of this smartwatch. Okay, so the date, the time so thats how it look likes, walking, running cycling, slip that pressure, okay, you can add, and then the side theres two bottom, two: okay press, the first one then wait how to go to main menu settings lets go to the okay. So these are the menu you have. Google play hi then connect with the network. You have, you can download the apps. So, of course you can connect to the wi fi and call thats me already recorded by my husband, google maps gallery. You can have pictures so see thats the picture of my husband, so i already prepared a picture before this unboxing Music. Then it has also spotify lets try to play something: oh downloads, download the watch in a playlist or podcast episode page. So for this, for you to listen, you need to have the bluetooth headset right, so Music, you can download the app lets see. Why check your connection again? Why theres no connection i already connected it today lets see settings connections, bluetooth, ah, okay, wi fi on bluetooth lets turn it on done so thats the headset. You can scan what other bluetooth devices you can connect it and wi fi on wi fi is on.

I guess its already connected flight mode connect to new phone um. This is already connected to his samsung phone, but i will try to connect it to my iphone. If connect to new phone Music back up your data and before you resetting you can restore it later, watch your new one, ah, okay, so i will not connect because anyway, this is not my watch. This is my husbands watch so hes using samsung galaxy. Uh. Galaxy. Note so i went, i wont, connect to my phone because im using iphone, then of course samsung, pay and um. His goal for this watch is really for the activity daily activities: the ecg, because hes running hes working out so thats why he purchased this watch. So so far the looks it uh its very slick and we really love the color among the ch among the choices for 44 mm so because the silver one it has a white strap, and you know, if white, its very easy to get dirty. So its this one is a good choice: theres also black, but black is like so generic, so and um, but we wait for one day um before it was delivered, because right now i think samsung store and all the suppliers they have limited stocks thats their proper Problem right now, even i think, even with iphone and for the price for this one um for 44 mm, the price is 949 dirhams, so i guess thats around um, 13, 500 or 14 thousand fourteen uh fourteen thousand pesos thats the equivalent.

So we bought it in one of the suppliers here in dubai sheriff dg and its a little bit less compared if you are going to directly buy it in samsung store, but theres not much difference only 20 or homs, but for sheriff dg they are offering um 12 months installment zero interest and they required only at least a spent of 500. Then you are good to go for their installment for major ua credit cards, so thats the good thing, even if youre going to purchase it so its like, not a pain in your pocket because you can have it install in their interest, so thats it for now. So this is the review for the new smartwatch samsung smartwatch series 4., that bad it looks nice huh jealous. Thank you for watching, and maybe if we can try it for several days, so my husband can give feedback if its worth the price or whats his observation for this smartwatch.