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We have not seen a new smartwatch from Samsung since the Gear S3 was introduced November 16, 2016. It has been TWO YEARS, but finally Samsung has given us the Gear S4 — only they don’t call it that. They have made it totally confusing for future watch names by rebranding the latest incarnation as the “Galaxy Watch”. Perhaps we’ll see a Galaxy Watch Plus or Pro in the future in keeping with the naming convention of the pure Android watches. Perhaps in another two years we will know.

In the meantime, we have this new watch, available in two sizes and two versions hitting the market. This review covers the men’s 46mm diameter version with Bluetooth connectivity rather than the LTE cellular connection model. That adds another level of complication to this watch which we may address in the future, but for now we will keep it simple.

The reviews in this 46mm series of videos are brief as the 42mm version was reviewed extensively already and is basically identical in form an function except for the smaller size.

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