Samsung made the smartwatch Google couldn't

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 is here and has a new touch-sensitive bezel. In this review, Dieter Bohn looks at whether it will finally solve the problem of smartwatches for Android users. It’s the best one, but there are definitely caveats.

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  1. I’m currently reviewing the Galaxy Fold. Let us know your questions below. – Dieter

  2. How are you complaining about downloading apps for Samsung and not for Apple . Almost any Apple Watch or similar is bad with non Apple device and no complaints for Siri but all for bixby when bixby can do a lot of stuff Siri can’t

  3. How is the fossil smart watch Gen 5

  4. Come on …. Review the Amazfit gtr and gts

  5. Apple watch are not great.

  6. The Verge is apple centric and favors apple.

  7. So you just said that having tons of options of watch faces is a bad thing ?

  8. the verge pls hire someone better 🙁

  9. One day battery life no thanks I'll just grab the watch GT 2 by Huawei with 2-3weeks battery till then my 28days on my watch GT is fine

  10. Verge should just put in each of their videos description "we love apple and hate samsung" because they always find a way to diss Samsung even though it has been doing innovations far more frequently then apple

  11. Amazing but we need solid state batteries NOW so these can last more than a day tbh.

  12. There would be less "Samsung" in a Samsung device if the Google experience wasn't always so barebone.

  13. I hated how pixelated the 44mm looked

  14. Dude, you are not funny, stop trying please

  15. Will you review huawei gt 2 or garmin venu?

  16. im using galaxy gear s3 classic from 2016 and it is just so good. and yes i am using s10 5g. big fukin thumbs down for me

  17. Rough much? It works well. You don't need a smartphone on your wrist bc apple said so.

  18. Ha… Nice Smartwatch, but This thing cant beat my Casio F-105 😏

  19. Personally ive been looking at some of the fossil gen 5 stuff, if only j could afford it

  20. Considering how bad Bigby and Siri are I am sincerely suprised how strongly anti-Wear OS this video is. Personally Notifications+a Good assistent+Navigation+NFC payments are all I need from a smart watch and higher end wear OS watches seem to be the only ones who get all those points right. I don't care much for looks, but even I have to confess the Apple Watch looks bad. I just sincerely don't get it (and have used the Apple Watch quite a bit).

  21. Honestly y'all are the only ones still complaining about Samsungs software.
    I don't see the issue

  22. That brown jacket though ❤️

  23. Exaggerates the few cons for a minute each.

    Raps all the pros in less than 10 seconds.

    Typical "Verge Style Samsung Review"

  24. Galaxy fold is really usable for a normal consumer???…i mean like a normal smartphone .

  25. This guy has so much problems with Samsung's software. He's been ranting about it for years

  26. What is the point of sleep tracking if you are most likely charging the watch at night…?
    These things need at least 5 days battery or it's not worth it.

  27. I am using the Fossil Sport and really love the interface. If I upgrade I would get the Fossil Gen. 5

  28. Please do a review of the fossil gen 5.

  29. you state your opinion as fact way too often. You say the Apple watch is better than this watch because you have to install several apps just to get it working, but you cant even use the Apple watch with any other phone. How is that better? Hope apple is paying you enough to lie to your audiences. State opinion as opinion instead of telling a lie and stating its facts.

  30. I have an apple watch s5, iPhone 11 and airpods 2, but funboys like this guy make me sick. Still have the galaxy watch 46mm and it's a GREAT watch.

  31. You mean if it uses google assistance then this watch will be great?

  32. I'm actually hesitating between this smartwatch and the Fossil smart Watch gen 5

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