So yes, this is a very time limited offer. Now, after 48 hours, the promo is going to drop from four to one free watch face, but to sweeten the deal during the promotion period, which actually begins on april the 10th and continues until the end of the month. Those that purchase his new design are gon. Na automatically be entered into a contest to win a brand new smartwatch. Now the developer has three brand new gear s3 models to hand out which is really the classic design that gave samsung a huge boost with its popular rotating bezel. Now, if you already happen to have a samsung smartwatch, then maybe this is a second one that you can use or perhaps give away to a friend or family member. Whatever you decide: hey it’s a free device, so you can’t complain about that now, i’m going to include the full details, as well as the link about the promotion down below, but for now let me give you guys a quick glimpse of this new design that you Can purchase and which is definitely worthy of being in your collections? Okay, guys here we go with another, very classy, luxurious and really stunning design from this developer, which has really wowed us lately with more formal designs. Now this one comes with this bright and clean color scheme, which includes a nice textured background for that inner ring, as well as a unique way of identifying the current date.

Now it appears like it’s a seconds hand, but it’s, actually a pointer that identifies the current date along the bezel, which you can see, goes from the number 1 to 31.. Now your seconds hand is still present here, but it moves to that dial. On the right hand, side, while your battery power remaining shifts to the dial on the left and then the current day is shown just below the 12 at the top, and the month is identified there at the bottom of the watch, face and double tapping on the Center of the face is going to enable you to change up the colors of your hour. Digits and again, you get some classy tones here which make it really easy to match these to the color of your watch band your wardrobe or paint. Maybe even you want to go with a contrasting color tone to any of these options, plus remember that when you purchase this design within the next 48 hours, you’re going to be able to select from up to four more branded watch faces from this developer’s collection. Completely. Free and these are based off of real watch designs from luxury micro brands such as panzera, you got basil, you got melbourne watch company as well as notice so effectively that’s a five for one deal and, of course, don’t forget that you’re gon na be automatically entered Into their giveaway contest to win one of three smart watches so that’s another pretty nice perk, okay, guys that’s.

Just a quick recap of this new design, as well as the other watch faces, you’re going to be able to pick up as part of this special promotion. Just remember, though, that five for one promo will only be valid for the next 48 hours and then, after that, it’s gon na drop to a single watch face in the developers collection. Your choice, thanks again for watching our viewing for supporting the channel and please keep hitting that like button and subscribe to the channel. If you are enjoying our content, i’ll see you guys in our next review until then take care thanks again for watching our review and if you liked, it then show us some love with a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and share the video with your friends, Because, with your support, it really helps me keep the channel going, so i can continue to offer you guys, discounts, giveaways and, of course, fresh content.