So today we have a smartwatch and this smartwatch is from synag that’s. What you call it the box is plain so now let’s unbox it open it up. So the first thing that comes out is the watch and it’s a box on the side, which is add accessories so that’s how it looks so. First we’ll take out the add accessories and then we’ll take out the watch so and then underneath is something. Oh the instructions so underneath we find the instructions so let’s see what the instructions say: that’s her side, okay, so first we do this so it’s uh vip whatever that is, and then this should be the operation guide. So this is the operation guide for the watch. So that was this, so i don’t know what that is. But we’ll put it aside. So now let’s put this up there and then there so in this ad accessory box it has uh let’s check it out should be charger because it sounds and feels pretty small. So this has it’s this charger. Oh, it also has a screen protector, that’s cool that’s, pretty cool that’s, a big plus. It comes with a screen protector. So, and also this is a special one: okay, not micro, usb or usbc. So it has its own special charger which we’ll put on so i know power, brick that might be uh yeah. So now we will put this in the box and go on to the watch.

So let’s put this aside so and the watch so the watch band color is green, there’s, uh and it’s like that. So this s1. So the one sensor here, the back button and the start button side, the back button and start buttoning other side. Nothing much so now, let’s see so you guys can see the back button is here. The start button is here and also the back, so you guys can see. This is where the charging port goes. That’S, a big sensor and yeah for heart rate, whoa cool just made a hissing sound, so it turned on, and this is how it is so now let’s see how it is whoa. So so now so you guys can see. This is the main screen with a clock swipe it to from the left to the right. You have your blowout too swipe again: you’re sleep, tracking, okay, ecd and pbg, which is it should be, and then it’s your blood pressure from there it’s your heart rate, and then you can see how many steps you’ve gone uh the activity sheet, which is how many Steps and also uh the the uh calories you burn, so if you just wipe it once more like there, so the back button is technically the home button. The start button is to like go on the o2. So if you just swipe from the top to the bottom uh, you can see this page. So this page is the stopwatch apps stopwatch apps uh, the settings, the battery the date and your tracking.

So now let’s go on the tracking, so running walking you guys can see cycling football. All of that, so this is, and over here is the stopwatch, stop and then and then from there. This is the app which is there and then from there. This should be the phone pairing and which we will do, and this is the settings for the lightness and stuff so now, let’s do the form pairing. So the app for this is called fb, so let’s go uh i fit so. We set up the app and here it is so it’s a sep steps over here and then it’s. The hr sleep motion, ecg and more so another cool thing is that uh. If we go on the watch so we’re going to swipe up phone we’re going to press here, then if we do that, if we just press it, it starts buzzing Music. So you guys should be able to hear that so it starts buzzing. So it’s like apples find my phone, so a similar version to that so and then also another cool feature is what if uh let’s go, take a photo. So if i’m on my watch, you guys can see Music. So if i just sh so it took a photo. If i just shake my watch a little like it will start to take a picture from three two one countdown so that’s really cool of this watch. So this watch is super cool um.

It also has ecg and blood pressure which many watchers don’t have and yeah. This is a really cool watch.