It even has the whole apple layout. If you want, or a selection of watch faces, you've got a few different things. You can select here, putting it in silent mode or raise your risk to see the time overall brightness. So for a small range and bluetooth connection, information, your power level and alarm uh settings you've got a music player built into it. That allows you to tether to your phone and play your music through the speaker on the watch. However, the volume's really low on this speaker, it also has a built in phone calling capability for bluetooth calling out and receiving in, but it's, also very weak. In the speaker, you have a temperature measurement built in this watch. It'S in centigrade, doesn't go to fahrenheit. You call logs and dialer and phone book go with the calling bluetooth music find your phone, a built in calculator pedometer reading sleep time. Your heart rate can be measured on this one as well same thing with blood pressure and you've got blood oxygen. All three of these can be invoked remotely from the tethered app too messages and weather round things out with a smart watch timer and then a few different activities that you can do all based on either step count or just time versus calories burned. Overall settings: the qr code, you scan to download the associated app power off and reset the watch, and that rounds. Everything out messages are there and that's everything.