A youtube channel on the web at smartwatchdicks.com got a nice long box to unbox for you today and inside a pretty cool layout. We have the bands which look a lot like apple bands don't, they the configuration of the tips, the bands and a little watch module i'll. Take the little plastic cover off at the same time, which, by golly little round rotating knob and a single button here slide in wow. It looks just like an apple watch. Interesting got a design on the back with a round plate which, by the way, is a temperature sensor and on the inside, of course, the diode for being able to read your other health vitals. Two charging pins here and we'll. Look at the rest of the box. Once i tell you what it is, it's called an hw07 coming from sin: bono, which makes some great great watches. As we've seen in the past it's a 1.54 inch large screen device got bluetooth, call sos. It says, my goodness all kinds of interesting stuff in it. Let'S, look at the sheet give us a insight to the specs, the chips that are in it: a bluetooth, 5 and bluetooth, 3 for the tethering connection for music and that kind of stuff, the compatibility it's a one and a half inch roughly 240 by 240 tft Display we've got a polymer lithium 200 milliamp hour battery with about a three hour charge time, which is a little long, but overnight would be no problem because you get three to seven days and two to three days.

If you use it frequently uh seven days, data storage, so when you record all of your different activities and whatnot, it can store them up to seven days. I guess before moving it over to the phone to the tethering. App full screen touch two side: key operation, mobile, app control, the functions all here, bluetooth call dial address book, the whole nine yards in that sweet, little format, nice. That means there's got to be a microphone yep right there. You see that little hole come on focus. Camera little hole right there and on the other side, i bet you sure enough. There'S speaker, ports right there, oh i'm liking this better and better already, especially since it has temperature in it too. Okay, what do we got 24 hour? Temp monitoring, custom dial, low power, consumption, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, the sleep monitoring, the standard stuff, some basic exercises phone call reminders historical stuff social set sharing as well when you're tethered you've got bi directional search, wow, wow, wow, okay, language is supported on the App and in the um in the uh watch itself, i presume uh smartwatch push support nearly 200 languages in the world for global library, push wow, okay, there's some last minute stuff. You can get it in black white or pink. I got the black one here. What it comes with, and let's keep moving inside. The second part of the box should be the charger and the manual which is there indeed little two pin magnetic charger that slaps on like that strong enough to hold it not sure about with the bands, but definitely and if you get it, lined up right.

It'S going to charge it up for you and a tiny, tiny little operating instructions – whoa okay, i'm – going to hold it here, so you can freeze frame it and read it if you need to there. First of all is the qr code that you'll be able to uh use for downloading the v band right app, which hopefully will support temperature readings, which is something new in these bands. Another couple of pages of text you getting that i know they've not put this in a pdf on the web anywhere. So if you lose your manual, you can always come to uncle ticks, because every review i've got them in here. Okay and then this is the chinese side right, yeah, good, let's, clear it up, put it together, we're going to press the upper crown button, give it a second it vibrates. You see the square there and we enter into the watch face it's selected as the first one. Now, while i have it on i'm, going to attempt to make the uh connection to the bluetooth system over here, we're going to go into the v band, app launch the app allow everything allow allow and we're in the app attempting to invert virtual method, blah blah Blah add a device it's looking for it. Okay found the h watch we're, going to confirm the connection to this one wow all right and there we are. We are bound to the watch. It looks like we can actually select dials directly from the app.

I know. Normally, i don't just jump into the the app, but here we go, you can show date. You can have analog digital custom backgrounds, all kinds of stuff we'll get back to all of this. Now that we're tethered, oh here they come here. They all come. Oh, i like that one let's put that one on. I want to try that one. Oh wow, pretty look at those colors, okay, there's, a big selection in here of additional bands that you can select and, of course you can make your custom one but that's for later for right now, let's just walk through the band, see what we've got on here. Swiping down i've got the um turn your wrist to see the time i believe we've got a brightness level, that's full brightness, let's, lower it down. So you can see dim for indoors at night. Looks like this there's full bright, probably not the absolute brightest watch, but it should be viewable outdoors. If you got a good contrast ratio here is a silent or make sound. Your power level is right there and then we've got this bluetooth with a music symbol, and it looks like this one will allow you to have the music player play music and the music will come from your phone and out the speaker on your watch, which is Really, nice whoa. Okay, i touch the button and i get to the apple kind of layout or i can go into the watch face itself and information tells you all about this thing, it's known as the h watch, but of course cinbono is calling it the hw07 for reference now Get back over here swipe this way, here's that music player gon na play the music that's on the uh.

The watch on the phone i believe over here don't have anything set up so it's not doing that swiping up any messages that have been received over on the phone get pushed here to the watch at that point. So we've covered three directions: yeah yeah, yeah and, of course the last one takes us to the app drawer, which is also what was visible when we had that apple kind of stuff which you get to by pushing the crown button and i'm. Not talking fast enough. I want to take you to the thermometer because that's what this is all about: taking uh body temperature measurements it's, showing it in degrees centigrade, we'll, see if that's changeable in the app to hundredths. Look at that 36.44 hundredths of a degree we're tethered have good strong battery and we're getting a live real time, uh body temperature reading. What i don't know is if that skin temperature or it's been interpreted to represent body temperature, but uh first look we're getting one temperature on here in centigrade now you've got um because we can tether this to the phone for phone calling. You can have your call logs uh from the phone a dialer set up in here, that you can make a phone call with and your overall phone book when you populate it from the phone list in your phone cool, bluetooth, music, find your phone hey. This one's got a calculator in it as well that's, not common these days, wow, okay, yeah yeah, yeah times yeah, it's, working kind of small digits but readable, and the pedometer for your step.

Count looks like you're going to have charts over time and the current information on it as well, pretty dressed up uh presentation here last night's, sleep time we just unbox it, so i don't have any here's your heart rate and again we not have uh nice white Digits against the black background, it's, showing you the current one and last time there i had to touch it to activate it, and it should be using a green diode on the arm in the back to derive the heart rate simulated ecg chart at the top. Of course that's just an icon and there we go. I got a reading and it's still going on hasn't vibrated, yet so it's averaging all the readings it's getting with my heart rate, variability taken into consideration to settle down to a final reading and then that, hopefully, will be the one that it's going to lock in And report to the watch there we go okay, 77 and last time was 77, so that's locked in then i presume same kind of thing is going to happen here on your blood pressure. It looks like it's showing charts systolic over diastolic. I don't know what those are there's no keys to it, but let's just let it run and get a measurement. Okay it's got a measurement. I don't see these changing and i'm, not sure, of course, about the accuracy of the reading that we're getting. But it is dynamically changing over time, just like the heart rate was and then presumably it'll settle down to a final value.

Okay, it didn't vibrate or anything, but it did go for a long time and stabilized on that number. So i presume that's your blood pressure and then, of course, blood oxygen. Same kind of thing now question is: is it using green or red it's green, and we know that red diode technology gets better accuracy and you can do things like sleep, apnea and all kinds of uh studies when you're using the oops, the red diodes, but uh We'Re getting pretty decent results. Okay with a green diode should be in the high 90s, typically and that's the blood oxygen. So your health stuff here messages, weather interesting. You can get your weather report pushed from the phone through the app i presume when you get that all set up. You got a stopwatch basic start, lap, time, lap time nice stop reset, and then your sports section for walking running climbing, elliptical and yoga and those are the ones with no gps support directly in here, you're, basically going to get time heart rate and calories burned, um, Not even a step count on this, it looks like press to stop start very light on the sports you're not really going to want this for an overall sports band. Much more for the health functions settings the app for tethering power off and reset her here and in the settings we're. Looking at bluetooth audio. When you activate that there we go now, it should be able to uh play the audio through the speaker here.

Instead of on the phone itself, you've got your clock. This is where we can change. The different watch faces, alarms, brightness. We already looked at reset and overall about and come back up here and now. We'Ve got an animated watch face on here as well, and once again, when you press the button a second time, you've got the apple layout of apps, so you want to make a call. Okay. That would be with the the call list. I guess you want to find the phone oh it's vibrating over there, but i have it in silent mode, so that's working all of that is right here, watch face and then a top layer really nice layout i'm. Very impressed good watch ready to go to the next level. All right let's do it. We got the music player here, but it doesn't work. We'Ve got the phone system here, but when you put in a number and try to make a call, it doesn't work either. So what's up with that it's bluetooth, there's two types of bluetooth tethering, you have to do with these things and one of them we've done tethering to the app the other one. You have to actually bluetooth tether directly from the watch to your standard, bluetooth connection. In the phone and if you've ever hooked up earbuds, you know headphones that you can make calls and receive calls that kind of stuff. You do it exactly the same way you go into the bluetooth, setting you search for the device and uh you create the tethering link there.

So you have two bluetooth connections, and actually this is that bluetooth 5, when you're connected to the app and bluetooth 3, when you're connected for calling and uh music player, once you've done that you can tap the button you can raise and lower your volume, you can Go forward and back and you can play the songs that are on your phone through the watch. Likewise, when you activate your phone list, you can pick somebody off the list, as it's populated from your phone to the watch or go into the dialer and dial a number directly and it'll work, but you got ta have that bluetooth tethering with all that said now. I got ta disappoint you guys, i'm. So sorry, i had high hopes too wow a watch with a thermometer health features and bluetooth, calling it would be perfect if the speaker were louder, the speaker's on the side and i'm not going to demo it for you, because it would be a waste of time. You really couldn't hear it it's very, very soft. In order to create a phone call which i tried, i literally had to take this thing off and hold it up against my ear. I could speak the microphone works. Great. The other party could hear me loud and clear, but hearing was very, very challenging, so unless i got a defective unit, you might find a little bit of disappointment when you get it. If you think you're going to be using it as a remote bluetooth, uh calling device, yeah darn anyway, that's the uh overall band that we've reviewed now and looked at everything.

I do want to pull back that app over here again and show you i did go out and get some data for you, so you can see what it looks like on the app and the things that you can do. We'Re going to build your spirits back up again because there's some cool stuff, you can do besides the calling that's not really clear on here. You got your step count area and, of course, it's got all the typical information and you break down by half hours and on a day, and you can see your weekly totals and you can go in for your monthly summaries and a lot of nice data is Extrapolated from this, so they've done a good job with that in the body temperature area you don't have an overall chart showing here you notice that you've got the current body temperature, but i don't have a 24 7 longevity chart. However, i could say start testing. It immediately invokes it on the watch and it does show up on the watch and it shows you the temperature on the watch and over here, rounded, to a tenth and here it's to a hundredth of a degree all in centigrade. With no chance of changing it to fahrenheit, unfortunately, and you can stop it so, temperatures on this watch are instantaneous readings without there being a accumulative total overnight to see or through the day, to see what your your temperature changes are over time.

It shows you kind of on a chart where you are from normal to high but that's about it. Last night's sleep time is here and uh good to know that mr ticks is sober about an hour a day and otherwise i try not to share my words too much deep sleep, two hours, 20 minutes four and a half or five hours, total. 7. 715. No analysis of that, nothing showing how good it is or bad it is. I can look at a weekly chart and summary information and the same thing across a month, but without interpretive information it's, not really that valuable heart rate. Now i have uh again. I don't have really a chart here right. I just have a single reading, so this device is for instantaneous reading and you see something flashing on the screen. That'S an error, a code error that comes up they also the blood pressure – is not showing proper uh sizes. Yeah though the app needs some improvements, heart rate is instantaneous again, you can take a remote reading. It immediately flashes on the band into that mode. So if you're looking for a band like this to offer to one of your elderly relatives or a really young person who doesn't know much about watching who isn't going to actually use the thing, but you want to strap it on them as a remote measuring device. This is a potential. If all you're going to be doing is taking instantaneous measurements.

You saw that circle going all the way around and coming up to the top. It should be done by now, but i've been talking a lot and moving okay. It gave me a reading down at the bottom, but it didn't didn't get it there i'm, not going to waste our time going through it again when you're still and you're doing it right. It does do these readings and again it will start it and it'll invoke the action on the watch and it'll get that reading for you, it doesn't save it anywhere and there you go there's that error again, but it does give you individual readings across all of These different factors: okay, gps running this – is a wild one. You can set a target in minutes. You can confirm it. You can start training three, two one and now we're working apparently with gps on the watch, where you can map your track and uh time step. Count, mileage and uh calories burn so it's using step count here. I don't know if i can fake it to get it to go there's that crazy message and i can map my track and the thing is it's, not using google maps. It actually is a map here. If i zoomed out, i could see the world you know and what country i'm in, but it's, not um, showing you google maps. So the track on this app as implemented through the google play store in the united states is not using google maps and you can um wow.

You have to wait the whole 10 minutes. I guess to to get it to stop. Oh dear can't even get out of it. Oh well, okay, oh well, bailed out of it and re ran the app again uh device. We we've looked at all this. You saw the dial uh selections here that you can change them either directly on it. We'Ve got the dancing mickey that is here, the animated, mickey mouse copyrighted by apple apple. Looking watch, oh boy, okay, anyway, it's got that and it's got all these others here the custom dial i tried to play with and there's no way to invoke it. You can show the date supposedly, you can select any of these, but it doesn't actually transfer, even if you put a custom background on it, so the implementation's there, but the follow through is missing. So you're really limited to the selection. You have here, and i don't see any way to add any other ones. Message reminder: alarm, clock, remote camera, all that stuff's the same firmware, updating error message and then here's, where you got all of the um, do not disturb and finding your bracelet and body temperature on and heart rate on, but it's not doing this interval it's not showing You on the chart, it's just testing it. I guess, because i can't see it anywhere on the app body temperature and the heart rate as well heart rate settings. You can change intervals. 10.

20 all the way up to 60 minutes, but where the heck are they on the on the overall app there there's no charts unless i'm missing something, and if i am, you guys, feel free to. Let me know: okay, if i go into heart rate, there's no chart what's that oh wow, okay, you got ta go away. Oh man, all right, i'll, just accept it as it is. We found the chart of sorts there. You go there's little dips in it and you can't scrunch it and then there's minimum maximum and average daily, weekly, monthly, so forth and that's how you get to it is up there wow. That is so lame. Sorry guys i got ta call it like. It is where's the temperature thing again body temperature got it up here, too wow, okay, yeah, not really one of my favorites it's in centigrade and not fahrenheit. The app definitely needs some uh some work uh, but it does provide data for you and you can get instantaneous readings. It is coming to us from sin. Bono it's, their attempt at a temperature watch the hw07. A large 1.54 inch screen um, they say – and there is an sos feature in here – that i didn't go into and i'm not planning on it. But when you're hooked up tethered with your phone and your contacts are over there, you can identify certain contacts, press some buttons and i presume it's, going to make a call to those contacts in an emergency that's.

For you guys to figure out on your own kind of over my head, but i did see that when i did have it tethered for calling to the device. But since i couldn't hear the call coming through, i kind of disconnected that and moved on. Because if a call comes in, i want to answer it on my phone, not on my watch. If i can't hear the other person alrighty thanks for watching i'm belaboring, it not really a favorite, but it is a workable watch for what it does. We'Re talking about. 25 uh yeah, you be the judge, you've seen a lot of other ones here and uh we'll call it uh done.