It'S got your step. Count calories, burned, distance, traveled that you can track last night's sleep information. You can easily turn it off. One press turns it back on or check any of these things out, including a variety of sports running walking, indooroutdoor you've got cycling, stair machines, all kinds of things and you've got find your phone when you're tethered heart rate, monitoring blood pressure. Monitoring you've got a stopwatch. Countdown timer, you can see your SMS messages and others on here and if you register in the app as female you'll, have all your female cycle information as well in the overall settings you can set all these different things and stuff like information is where you can Specify which of these different apps on your phone will send you messages directly to the watch in here. You can turn on and off alarms, sedentary reminders and have the twist to risk to see the time activated or not it's a nice overall, fairly bright screen.