You got device where you can set it to twist your wrist to see the time a stopwatch reset capability and shutdown. You also have the device information for tethering, which is pretty straightforward. You also have the weather in the current area and the date right along with it. You have last night's sleep information, push notifications and a health section that when you come in here will let you monitor your heart rate, your blood pressure or your blood oxygen plus tethered to the app you can do those measurements remotely. And finally, you have a sporting section that when you go in here you can monitor walking, running cycling and swimming and of course you also have the ability to do that from pressing the right button here. It'Ll go into the last event that you were using and whatever screen you're on the top button will bring you right back here, it's a very attractive fitness and health band. It'S got a carbon fiber body to it, and a really nice TPU band not too thick.