At smart watch ticks comm. We have an unboxing a bit, you can't guess who it's from I mean how many watch companies do. You know that have their actual own tape – huh, not lympho, not fine. Now not even dt number one sin Bono is out there and what we have in this box is deja vu. They even have their own labels on here. This is a watch that they had previously sent out and asked for a review which we did and then they pulled it from the market because it did not meet their expectations, so it got remanufactured. It got updated to the pro version and folks you're. Looking at the s10, yes, this is the sin. Bono s10. Pro look at that detail: carbon fiber curved body, elegant, bezel, reflective like that high end, Android watch the COS pet. The newest cost web cos pet watch and subdued inner bezel with markings all on it. One of the most attractive, watches I've ever seen: yeah it's gon na look really nice on so let's go into detail with it. Once again, you can pick it up directly from sin. Bono at their Aliexpress store the s10 Pro full touch now that's. One of the things they wanted was to enhance that screen. So it's full touch basic sports, wrist watch band. Nice price check the show notes for a discount on this and, as far as overall specs go a little bit of memory in it, it's got the sleep, monitor and a coarse step count in it 24 hour instruction mm hm alarm, clock power, reserve heart rate, tracker Basic watch: these are the supported languages in it and life waterproof.

It says 240 by 240 and let's get into the box inside. Here we have the vans, of course, that we'll be putting on the charger, which is a little 2 pin magnetic couple charger and the overall updated user's manual there we go showing one of the faces on here. These are the different orientations, external description and the backside mm hmm, and you can hear all the birds outside they're excited today. The QR code lets us go in and download wellgo, which is a new app. We haven't seen that one before the well go app scan the QR code or check the show notes for the link to get it directly from the Google Play Store some more information about it. Some precautions and I'll look at some of the screens that you're going to see first time use what happens at different interfaces. Health options that you have on the band more on this side, description of the main functions, how you could do weather forecasts on it, Wow. Okay, just gon na, let you freeze, frame that and read it if you'd like to so we can move on directly with the full review. The whole manual is in English, so this is definitely the international version. So gon na put the bands on charge it up, get it ready. Oh wow, look it's already on that is a bright screen yeah, but I want to charge it first, so I'll be right back all charged up.

Let'S have a look at it press a button. We come into a watch face, and here we go there's a few little quirks to this one. I they got to walk you through. It has touch sensitive screen and two buttons when we're in the time screen and you swipe down there we go. My fingers are sticky, we got a brightness control and I wanted to show you let's go to the lowest level it's like that, which is nice and dim for outdoors. It'S got nine levels of brightness and when it's bright, it's really nicely bright should be easy to see outdoors I'm gon na set it at about a 34. What we're doing from time you swipe up! You got a music player, so those are the three screens that you've got. They don't loop they're just right there. Now. What does loop is in this one that goes around and around. So I can go from time whoops over to the sports for today, which we'll show you in a minute health for today, which will also go into your overall information push from being tethered to your phone. If you have any notifications, last night's, sleep, total light and deep sleep, and then your weather report from your local area, an overall device thing that we can go into and look at stuff and we're back to the home screen. If you want to change the watch faces on this one it's time and out really quick on me, I press and hold, and there you go it's into another one.

This is a white face showing the battery percentage, which is great to see on these watches, step. Count and overall time and wow that's interesting 3.01, not sure what we're looking at there date. I think because I haven't synced sync this yet press again, I get another white and black watch face one more time, we're into kind of an analog face with some little reels around it press again and we're back to the face that we had originally. So those are the different faces. Now we'll go a little bit slower through the whole thing I'm gon na swipe over here to the right and I get into sports. When you press and hold you come into the variety of different sports you have walking now I have to swipe up or down to loop around this way. Inside of there you could have running, he says you can and sorry. My fingers are sweaty because it's hot in here so I'm gon na go this way swimming cycling and running again. So on any of these, you just press the button to start your getting your step count and calories and all of those things, Oh, that was from swiping over here to sports. When you go to health and you press and hold, we enter the different health things where it will flash the diode when it sees you're there and it's a really soft one. So you should get long life out of this there.

It is it's brightening up when I get close it'll measure, your heart rate and you swipe down and you'll get your blood pressure. Reading there's my last one, I guess, and then blood oxygen and it's using the green diode, and we have all learned that the red diode is better for blood oxygen, but it can be estimated with the green diode again. All of these, you have to take them with a grain of salt, make sure that you test them against a calibrated instrument. If you want to know for sure what you've got we can press to come back out of that, and that was in the health section. One more you got the information nothing's here, nothing swipes unless you've got something to read. I guess and same here with the sleep time you don't have anything there and no forecasts or anything with the weather. When you go into device, though you press and hold. This is flip over and the button is backwards there. I turned it off and so now it's not gon na be doing they twist your wrist to light up, you see, and it was doing it before and unfortunately I had to go back into it again. Wow I'm gon na have to dry my hands better. All right. Let me dry off I'll, be right back. I could edit this stuff out, but I think it's important that you guys see how these things work their sensitivity and their water capability resistance.

So we were here, I can go back to device that way. You see how they all circle and time is just one of them. Now I can press and hold, and I got to flip over. I also have a little stopwatch in it. I can do a factory restore or shut the whole watch down and get the device information for tethering and then we're back again to here. So the top button always takes you home and that's it. It doesn't just turn it on and off. You have to wait for the I'm out to turn off the bottom button instantly takes you to the last fitness thing that you had on the screen and if you want to change it, you can like right there and it doesn't turn it on it. Just toggles it you start it from there, so this is quick access to the fitness. This is bringing you back to home and everything else you got to do by sliding around now let's bring over the app it's a different one. We haven't seen this before called well go I've just installed it so we'll open it and it wants to allow access to all these different things in order for it to work properly, because it's going to be able to push you all these messages and stuff. Well, go smart here, whoa, all right! It wants you to create an app and log in you can accept Terms of Service and register or and we're gon na.

Do this come in as a guest. I really like it when you can go in as a guest and you don't have to give everything away. You can set up your name and gender and do all of the things that you would do normally and it cannot be empty. All right. I got to put in SmartWatch, tics, SWT and let's see write something to show there. We go the rest of. It should be okay, I'm going to say next there we go it's scanning and it found it right away, tap it and it's binding it. So a pretty easy setup process for tethering and the watch is on and there we go permission to access all of this stuff and we approve that notification access and I'm not going to use the notification so I'm not going to set that up right now. All right cancel out of it anyway. Here we are have 13 steps on it, it's, showing you some colorful little tiles here. That will be your blood oxygen blood pressure, healthier that looks like it's a heart rate yeah. So I have to cover the sensor down here and it's, doing this remotely so I'm not actually having to see it on the watch. So if you're of the kind that works out on a treadmill or something you probably could wear, the watch set your phone near the treadmill and if it works right and we get a reading showing up here, then you could be yep there you go, you could Be monitoring your heart rate, while you're working out this is HR and then it looks like you've got BP for blood pressure and blood oxygen and I'm not able to switch into those directly here.

Let'S see if we got it from another place, come back here. Detection under going, oh, you have to stop it there's the problem. Okay, then you could do blood pressure and then you could do blood oxygen again by starting any of these, and it should give you that reading, oh yeah enough of that, you know where it would go, stop and come back. So that's awesome. You get all of that stuff, it constantly wants the notifications and your target information and your step count, and I think that's it on this one you can edit these and change them around. You can do a track directly from the phone. If you want to, you can monitor the device set it up for remote camera find it health remind all of these. Things are available and then your overall user information that you can set up and see your goals achieved or not on here real quick overview of the app you can don't download this on your own and explore it in more detail, probably even before tethering. If you want to there's your help of your information for your weather in your area and everything else is on the app. So what about this thing? You, like it it's, pretty fancy huh sinb! Oh no! I really do like the carbon fiber. Look to it. The removable bands, the lightweight thin overall, a nice bright, easy to read outdoors, especially if you crank the brighten this up and get it really hot, like that, yeah white against the dark background should be easy to read.

It is available through the Aliexpress store directly from sin: bono, the folks that make this thing check the show notes for a discount on the current price and yeah. We appreciate it when you use the links here, if you're interested in any of the watches that we show you've been watching.