com. This box that you're looking at should not be here, but it is it's here because it finally arrived. It was sent in January. We gave up on it a long time ago. What is it it's June? This was pre pandemic it's been sitting around somewhere and finally made its way here. Why is that important? Because if you've ordered a watch any time since January, it's still in transit and it's, not the fault of the company it's a process of trying to work out shipping from China globally to everywhere else in the world, with all the different carriers be patient, it will Arrive most likely, ok still have a few that haven't shown up yet, but this this was a miracle watch it's from sin. Bono yeah, you guys remember, we haven't had anything from sin bono for a long time, and this is probably why it got caught up in the in the travel it's. The call the s11 it's the new 2020 because it came out in January right, it's, a basic SmartWatch fitness tracker that has multiple dials and call reminders and heartrate and all those kind of things. In fact, spec wise. Here we go it's a 240 by 240 pixel basic SmartWatch blood pressure. They say in its sleep detection, sleep time, sleep, quality, standard, stuff exercises, pedometer, multi sports call reminders with all these other supported things pushed from your phone to the watch. It'Ll remind you that they're coming in you know, so you can check them check up on them.

You'Ve got sedentary reminders, medicine reminders repeating timers, basically, clock alarm, remote camera it's got a pregnancy time, calculation, which means, I think it works. The female cycle – information, if you register as a female in the app languages, are basic, not really expanded a lot, but the basic ones are covered, got pretty good life standby time of 10 to 15 days, with a normal use of 3 to 5 days, so charging It roughly once a week if you're wearing it during the work week twice a week, probably including the weekends. If you frequently use it, though it's one to three days, but you should at least get one or two good days out of it. The watch battery life can be affected by a lot of different things: there's no GPS in this one, so it's pretty much a basic fitness watch. It is ip68 waterproof and they're, reminding you to keep it away from hot water and shampoo don't, really, you know, use it in the shower and, of course, don't ever push the buttons on any watch. If it's in the water that's a dead giveaway that you could have problems so let's take a look at it comes in the box. I think it's in here upside down. Normally it would be that way now the buttons over here so for some reason, they're packing it upside down. Alright that's odd haven't seen that before, but here it is, got a nice TPU style band on it.

That'S quick release, so the band's are removable. It'S got a little cover. We can peel off before we get started interesting bezel with a couple of screws itched into it flat, bezel single button. It protrudes out the side like that. So it's got a fashion design for being a dressy watch as opposed to a copious leave. Colorful number bezel, you know for a sports watt, so I call this one: a dress, watch we've got the standard tube in charging connector and are we guessing the say yeah? We got it right this time, not quite strong enough to hold the watch, but it definitely will connect for charging. But when you put it down, make sure that it's still connected, if you can charge it overnight that way, underneath we have another band. Look at that yeah is this? Definitely a dress watch so it's coming with a TPU with the holes in it Brie the ball. Ridges in the back banned for sporting activity and then for going out on the town quick release a pair of oh look at that they're rubberized on the underneath side too and simulated, I would presume leather on the top nonetheless attractive for wearing outdoors on a on A date or something SmartWatch, it says here's the QR code for downloading the tethering app on this one for all the different Android and iOS on the Google Play Store we're running through the manual to show you basically the features, it's really tiny print.

I hope it's resolving for you. You can, of course, freeze frame your YouTube at any time and read all of this at your leisure, if I'm going a little too fast for you and that's, basically the unboxing we're into other languages. Now so we got to do courses charge it up and turn it on. Here we go press on the side, give it a second bones right up there and that's a really nice bright screen. Cin bono is known to have really good quality, watches nice and thin. So let's take a look at it when we swipe down, we get a panel that shows us a bunch of things like the QR code that you need to scan to download the eff fit app by the way. The F fit is the same map that was used on. Oh look at that. You got it in Chinese as well or iOS, or Google Play cool F. It was used in the Neo too, and we did a thorough review of that app in that review. So I'm gon na have a link that'll. Take you right to the section of the review of the F fit app from the Neo, and you can watch that one. If you want to understand how the app works. We'Ll just keep this one short by going through the features of the watch. Here'S brightness, whoa you're kidding me that's, the lowest brightness Wow whoa. I got ta put my shades on that's, actually yellow folks, it's so bright.

The camera cannot capture it. It'S completely washed out. I'Ll be darned, look at that you can't even see the time. This is not only bright enough to be out site. I think you could be on one of those spaceships to the Sun and still see it. Whoa I've literally got to put it on the lowest setting, so it doesn't bloom out for our video here, here's a Do Not Disturb setting where you can just turn it on right away or you can set the time so that it's not going to wake you Up in the middle of the night, you know when you're twisting your wrist, that kind of stuff, which is a nice feature on these, this one is your disconnect connect bluetooth setting for when you want to tether it to your watch, your phone, I mean, and then You'Ve got your overall settings which goes into the theme, which is your whoa. Your watch faces that is the lowest brightness and look how it's, like blooming out on the screen, amazing that's, that one okay. So we have two. We have the two different watch faces on this, not sure if you can add other ones from the app that's something to explore. I guess – and I think we take it out of there and what else did we have in settings screen off that's the time delay on here, it's set for five seconds and you can go all the way up: Wow, okay to 15 seconds, which I'll do for The sake of the video and it's saying, of course, the longer you make it the shorter your battery time will be, and then there's system here, where you have about which tells you about the particular version and whatnot and a shutdown and that's how you turn it Off to save battery, if you're not going to be using the watch for a while, and all of that was under the gear right there, so that we got to by swiping down we go to the left.

Okay looks like we circled around blood pressure, heart rate, step count and back to clock face, or you could go this way to go through all of those and when you go up you get to the basically app drawer where you have your pedometer stuff. Your heart rate and your blood pressure – those are all the we just saw, then a sports section where you have a few different activities, running cycling, walking riding football and basketball and ping pong and swimming is even included in here, which is cool. That means that this thing would definitely be waterproof if they've got a swimming category and typically what you get and notice that the diode has gone off when you're not really touching, it touch it and it should activate if you had it on your arm. Of course, you're gon na get time your heart rate and your calories burn and a lot of these sports do that they just give you a calories versus time and they may or may not take into consideration your heart rate. But what I want to show you is: we got a nice bright white against a black background. That'S got to set the screen on 15. Second timeout so it's pretty much going to be really easily to read this outdoors, especially since we're on the lowest brightness setting right now. So sin Bono has done a great great job on this long press. The watch button to pause.

We can do that, hold it and it turtle totally stops it, and then we can get out of here. They'Ve done a great job overall with this watch, especially on the screen and the brightness I'd love to see this level of quality of screen and definitely the intensity of the brightness migrate to other platforms as well. So we were going through here and we had the basic stuff. We had sleep time, stop watches in here down to hundredths of a second and pretty sure yeah. The watch is locked up when it's in stopwatch mode, so you have to pause it to be able to get out of it. It won't run in the background, in other words, notifications, sleep time and a countdown timer as well, and then we're back into the overall settings that we got to from right here, right. Okay, you want to see it on. We haven't done that, yet I don't believe – and sometimes I don't do it at all and boy. Do I get the comments? Didn'T even show it on what's wrong with you it's. A really thin watch will work, definitely for a male or female. You saw the two different bands that come with it lightweight, really lightweight great bright display. I really don't have anything negative to say about it, for what it does. You know it's not fully rich with blood oxygen and body temperature and ECG and GPS and all those things but then again it's a basic sports fitness watch for what it does in the category that it's in it's definitely a top tier watch and it comes to Us directly from sin: Bono, on their Aliexpress store.

You can head into the show notes and click on the link there to take. You over comes with the different configurations: different colors, different band style and in different prices. Well, that's it for today, you've been watching. Smart watch ticks once again.