com. Mrs ticks – and i agreed this – is to plane a box. It needs to have some fanfare, considering what's inside opera, singing cockatiel. Take it away, oh yeah what's in this box. Something absolutely amazing: kinda looks like this isn't that incredible curved amoled, flexible screen from sin bono with bands on looks like this yep check the show notes the t20 buying link for the sin. Bono, t20 right, birdie, Music, yeah. I agree i can't get the cover off. We'Ll do that later. Let me open it up and show you what we've got we're crazy around here. I swear okay, there's a cover on the uh heart rate monitor. Thank goodness. I got nails always check. Your heart rate monitor. Look at that removable, leather, tpu, combo bands, this beautiful curved screen. I know you want to see it so. Do i i'm gon na i'm gon na press the button i'm gon na wait for a second whoa, hello, hello and we're up with our first watch face and by golly i am gon na. Take this cover off one way or another come on here. Got it wow, wow here's, something you never seen before. I know we got ta i'm gon na open the box, but yeah i wan na show you this. Have you ever seen a watch face that's integrated in two ways where, if i go like that, i can change the background against the information that's in the foreground, wow wow, wow or or with a plain black background.

I can change the foreground to one of a variety and i can bring it back. I can make any combination. Any combination i've been watching that bird way too long of of faces that i want to. Out of this whole thing you can have running, you can have your heart rate. You can have everything that's, the one i really like well depending on the background, but when you strap this puppy on it is so cool. You got. Ta get one i'm. Sorry you've. Just got ta get one. This look at this look look at how it just kind of fades in a beautiful, beautiful watch, contoured to fit your body design curve come on, be responsive for me and at any time on the fly, i just change. The watch faces. What else will it do? Well, you can come over here and turn sound on and off and vibration on and off twist your wrist to see the time brightness it's at its highest. So if i take it down at night, it's super dim and a day it's. Pretty bright, it's uh it's not really super bright, but it is definitely bright enough that it's going to work for you indoors for sure and outdoor is pretty good as long as you kind of don't have it in the direct sunlight when you slide over this way. Now you're into everything, i've got sports i've got pedometer readings here. My calories burned all that kind of stuff and an overall sports record which will record any sporting activities.

I'Ve been doing no there's, no gps in it. Yet unfortunately, but i do have walking and running and cycling i've got and you want to look at one of those okay let's go into running and see that you get time heart rate maximum average heart rate. How many do that calories steps distance? All on a curved screen hit it to start it. You can just do a whole workout right. There, cycling, rope, skipping other activities. All of these are pretty much uh heart rate, calories, burned and time, and just a different uh breakup of how they're tracked there's more calories burned in aerobics per hour than yoga per hour, and so that's all taken into account of wow. Look at that. Okay, that was sports heart rate. You never seen anything like this. This is also really cool there's, so much innovation in this watch, heart rate is going to come here in a second blood pressure down below it. This is the last reading that i had integrated together on one screen. Why not? Why until now did it take to do that? Did you see it freeze that's because it held the heart rate and it did it again and there there you see it switched you better, be 132. i'm pumped it switched to doing the um blood pressure and then it goes back and does heart rate and blood Pressure and man it'll stay on this screen for a long long time.

I don't know three four five minutes. I haven't i haven't really timed it yet, but it doesn't fade out like right away like we've, seen in so many different watches, isn't that sweet really nice. A brown black, i think, there's another color you can get you can come back out of here, go into your messages. It'S pushed from your phone when you're tethered to the app and i'll tell you about the app in a minute. You'Ve got weather in your local area, which it's not tethered yet so it will download when it is and remote music player. Last night sleep time there we go nine hours broken up into deep and light, and this is supposed to transfer over to the app. So you can see the breakout of your sleep over there. You'Ve got this crazy stopwatch and i've been messing with this it's got lap times in here that sequentially just keep going up, and i don't know when it cycles over again at nine hours. I think because it's repeated all over again, but i just tap that and i've got my lap time the others have been pushed up. I can pause it. I can reset it and nice nice stopwatch implementation, remote camera, to use this as a trigger to take a picture, find your phone when you're tethered over there, the qr code that you can use to download the bizarre app that this thing runs with, will also have A link in the show notes for you to get it and i'll show you that in a second and settings are pretty light, but you have the brightness.

Setting that we've been playing with you, have languages and check out all the different languages. Let'S go all the way to the top, my goodness! Oh, i guess we're looping huh, okay, because i see english again well: i'm, just gon na touch them and you see if you see your favorite language in there, because it's uh it's got a bunch of them. One more time all the way around this is such a fun watch english. There we go and out and about that's, really interesting: floating blue uh characters, it's a t20 that's. What you're gon na look for when you're tethering it and restore? If you want to restore the whole watch back to factory default, pretty much basic settings and all of these are basic activities – it's got a little bit of sports a little bit of uh heart rate, vital signs, stuff messages pushed from your phone. What more could you want awesome way of changing watch faces on the fly to have any kind of a combination that you'd like. So what about the spec sheet? We didn't even go over that yet i've been so excited about the thing: it's a one and a half inch flex, amoled screen ip67 waterproof with this thing, metal with the leather tpu strap 20 millimeter is the measurement. If you want to get a different kind of band 120 by 240, but it looks really sharp a full touch panel, we got 256k ram, one megabit of rom and eight megabits of flash in here.

So we can hold all those different uh watch face combinations. I guess we're running bluetooth, five and a lithium polymer 100 milliamp hour battery gon na give us seven days of working time and about an hour and a half charging. We got the pppg blood pressure and heart rate, not an exotic health band with all the other bells and whistles, but it's pretty much a dress. Watch that'll. Do the basics 30 days speedometer data storage until you sync, it it's got uh seven days of heart rate data, it's a running ios 7 and above and um android 4.3, and here it says, supports bluetooth 4. But up here we were talking about bluetooth, smart 5.0. All right and finally, what else is in the box when we open it up, we've got the compartment that the watch came in pretty cool design actually and then a side panel which we've been in already. I have with the charger and the manual and, of course the charger is your basic two pin magnetic come on out of here magnetic coupling charger it just attaches to the back and the user manual in color we'll. Take a quick look at that there's, the qr code for the strange app which we'll review next um the charging connection one button on off key and it always takes you back to home to your watch face when you press it. You got sports heart rate and the heart rate again is where you get both uh pulse and blood pressure message push all these other things, you've already seen and um exercise and then the different uh find your phone things and tethering stuff and of course, last night's.

Sleep time some frequently asked questions and that's it, so the app is called leto and uh. This is where i got ta say it's pretty much like this is a prototype app with a somewhat polished watch. The app needs a little bit more work. It'S had 10 plus downloads it's really really brand new uh august 19th is the latest update, which is fairly recent. Since this is beginning of september, and when we go into the app you see, you get kind of a basic layout, you have a login page or you can enter as a guest, which is what i've done here and change the brightness a little for the screen And uh as a guest i'm able to just look at all this kind of stuff, but it doesn't get saved to the cloud. So i got like 59 total steps in here and it's not clicking to go into anything. I'Ve got last night's overall sleep time broken down into these different categories. Music, then i've got it says roll over. I think it's supposed to have something on here for um throughout the night, you've got uh a scatter diagram of practically what it looks like this is our heart rate. Highest was 128 average 69 lowest 52, and this is versus time. So as plots of individual heart rate readings same thing for blood pressure, with the blue being systolic and green dystolic and your low and average average your high on average and lowest zero, it didn't take a reading.

I guess and counted it anyway. You got all of that there. What you do have that's nice is a remote capability to take a reading and when you tap it and say start testing it's going to go through and with the band on get to your heart rate and your uh upper and lower blood pressure, readings and they'll Bounce around for a while, just like you saw on the watch and then when they stabilize it, records that, and so you have a time date, entry and then the readings that you got at that moment and i'm, not gon na waste. Your time watching. All of that, but that's how it would work. Well, what we're missing on here there's a sports section that comes in with a gps of your particular area. You hit a start button and you'd be able to do um a gps workouts. I guess and get your bio information transferred over from the device and the last tab is about you, and this is where you can put in your basic information and uh picture. If you want to really especially if you log in you're, going to want to do all of this stuff to track your profile and then you've got the band itself, we're missing a lot of stuff on this and that's a sad thing: beautiful band it's 24 hour Time i don't have a way to change it to 12, so it's uh 1300 at 1 pm, and i really like actually the 12 hour versus 24 hours.

Something simple like that needs to be integrated in here. But it's, not you got reminders, alarms basic sedentary heart rate. This is nice. You can have a monitoring interval for your heart rate from 10 minutes up to uh our two hours. It looks like and it'll do the readings and you can have it trigger a heart rate alarm at a specific level and a blood pressure alarm at a specific level that you can change the two factors here to whatever you'd like if you are hypertensive and trying To monitor that, that might be something valuable to just flag that maybe you need to take a real reading with a cuff or something like that, and that that's a nice feature um. The remote camera is here but there's a lot of other things that we're used to seeing the display brightness to turn it on and off. So when you twist your wrist to see the time it works during the day, but not at night, none of that's built into the app yet so the app is kind of a beginner. But i wouldn't hold you back on getting the band, because the band does a lot of incredible things as you've seen already, and it just looks awesome. It really does with that curved amoled screen at the price we're talking about too, very, very good. You can do upgrades there's, your find your device, and you can, of course, disconnect the band and reconnect it to something else.

Basic information on the front screen not very colorful a work in progress. You can send stuff out. Oh, but this i found is unfortunate. You only have the selection of the things they show you here, you can't save it to your phone. You can't send it via email. You have to connect into one of these services to send the information out, so i think they need a little bit more work on the app, but they've done quite a bit of work on the watch it's coming to us from sin: bono. They get. They give us some of the most amazing products. Um aliexpress store their official sin. Bono store has this right now: it's the t20 okay curved amoled screen smartwatch fitness tracker really worth picking up. I am very impressed with this one it's going to be a daily driver when i just want to grab a watch and go it's just so much fun. All right, we'll see you again soon and thanks to the uh opera, singing cockatio from uh viralhog on youtube.