5 inch amoled screen, it's brilliant. You got all kinds of controls in here: sound vibration, twist your wrist to light it up and super dim. If you want to have it nice indoors at night and decent brightness overall for inside or outside, you got an app drawer. That includes a variety of sports. Your current pedometer step count sports records from these different things that you can do walking running cycling, no gps on this photo. It uses the step count for that and a bunch of other things: rope, skipping, badminton football on and on and on and on aerobics yoga. These are all time versus heart rate versus uh calories burned. Basically, you got messages pushed from your phone, the weather in your area pushed from your phone, a music player for remote access. There you got last night's sleep time on this one, and now curved display is really sweet. You'Ve got a really robust, stop watch that runs in the background and could just keep on going uh with lots of different lap times got four hours on it already and still going remote camera capability find your phone is here the qr code for the strange app That tethers with this and overall settings, which is basically your languages, of which there are a whole bunch of them on this one and loops around and comes right back, so we can get to our english again. There we go about it and restore it to factory default.

Now this is the most fun part of all. The watch face can be changed from the background selectively individually like this, and the foreground can be changed like this to anything you want any combination you want at any time. You want it's beautiful one and a half inch amoled screen curved display very attractive it's.