This is what the watch looks like looks kind of like a casio casio mudmaster. I think it has a heart rate scanner right there. That is the charging pins. At first glance it looks nice, okay, let’s see what you get in the box. You get a cable charging cable magnetic and you get a user’s manual. I think this is just like another typical smart watch: it’s, not android, based it’s, just a normal smartwatch, where you pair it to your phone, and you can do stuff like record your heart rate and etc. You etc keep track of your sporting activities and whatever okay let’s just see. If we can turn this on, if it still has juice, i think it’s. I have to press this button to turn it on. Does it have juice? Yes, it has juice and it’s working. Fine, can you see it yeah? This is the default watch face. Looks nice, looks nice. If i swipe left. I have this information about steps, uh, distance and calories. If i swipe again, it will measure my heart rate, let’s put my finger there and see if it measures anything. Is it measuring anything let’s, just wait for it, my finger here. Okay, my heart rate is 118. Oh that’s, quite high. Why is it high? I don’t know let’s just swipe left swipe again swipe up. This is for the notifications. I think when you message swipe down swipe down swipe down. I have all the controls here.

I have all the controls like wait. I think this is uh, don’t, don’t disturb mode or something or the display. You know i do not disturb monarchy. The touch is not really responsive. Okay, this is settings. Okay, you have all this. How about go back? Okay? Okay? So when you press back when you press this button, okay, you go to all the sport modes. You have walking running hiking, cycling, badminton, basketball, elliptical, you press again. You go back to the home screen to change the home screen. I think you just press this long. Press and then you just scroll through the there you go. This one looks like a casio long press again, let’s see another one, long press again, let’s see another one: okay, that’s that’s. All the watch faces that it has. I don’t know if you can install new ones, but i will find out – and i will wear this watch for maybe a week. Okay, maybe a week, and i will tell you what i think about this watch and if i feel that this watch is worth getting. Okay, see you in a week, one week later: okay, youtube. So my week is up. Okay, so i’ve worn this watch for about a week and i’ve paired it with my phone. So now i can tell you what i feel about this smart watch. My new is not really a smart watch, it’s more of a fitness tracker because it doesn’t have a lot of smart features, mostly it’s, just a fitness track.

Yes, okay, so you will pair it with this app the fit cloud pro. What it did what it does is it will sync all your sports data here. Okay, as you can see this week, i’ve worn it for a week. Okay. So this is my fitness data 5000 steps. My target was 8 000. So hey, what can i say? I’M lazy, okay, so that’s how it works record. Your step records your heart rate, your blood pressure. Only if you want it to okay, you don’t have to it. It won’t record everything. Okay, unless you wanted to, you can record it from this app. You can just click this you see there. The led will stop flashing. It will start record all your heart rate. Your blood pressure, your oxygen level, okay, that’s all up for debate on if this measurements are accurate or not so now, i’m. Putting my finger here just so that you can see when you use the app to measure your heart rate, your blood pressure and oxygen okay, so you will start reading. This is from my finger. 90 beats per minute. My blood pressure is this number. My oxygen level is that number so take take all of this measurement with a grain of salt. Okay, so i don’t think they are super accurate, but it will give you a rough picture. So what can i say about this watch i can say it’s. Okay, if you don’t need a lot of the smart features that that’s typically on android based uh smartwatch, if you just need a fitness trick tracker for that, okay, so this is all the apps you get.

The sports feature the heart rate, sleep monitor for the life of me. I cannot get this sleep monitor to work properly, maybe because i put it in my on my table when i’m sleeping i’m not wearing it. I guess you’re supposed to wear it when you’re monitoring your sleep like for this. For example, i only get sleep reading on the 3rd of march and the 10th of march. The rest i don’t get any reading, so i guess that’s that’s the problem. I haven’t tested the music because why? What for? I cannot get the weather to work for this watch not sure why i’ve already set it in the app to capture weather data. Here weather reports, but somehow for this model this t sport, hdc, does not work. Um stop watching stuff watch messages, it just gets the message: just gets. The notification. Sorry gets the notification from from your apps here, whatever you enable here, we will get a notification in the watch. You can enable whatsapp link in instagram, whatever it is telegram. Okay. So what else can i say about this watch this not much to say it’s. Just a fitness tracker, it just um captures your captures. Your steps, your measures, your heart rate, your blood pressure with quotes oxygen level with quotes a very rudimentary, very basic basic fitness tracker: smart, smart watch. I bought this because i like the design, it looks like a casio, mudmaster and it’s okay for me, for me, it’s fine, i don’t need other advanced features in in the more advanced uh sports.

Smart watches. I just needed to tell the time and to count my steps and the battery lasts. Quite a while, you see, do you see the level of the battery level they dropped? I think it dropped two bars since i’ve uh charged it fully last week last week was, i think, the third of march, i think, or second so today is what day is today today is 14 march, so it lasts a week without needing to charge again. So i think that’s good, because you don’t have to constantly charge this every day: okay, because it’s it’s, just a basic fitness tracker anyway, it does not require a lot of power to run. So if you think that you know the design is okay, if you feel like you just need a basic watch to track your your steps, your heart rate and everything, i would say you can. I would. I would definitely recommend this because it’s not that expensive. I think i got it for 80 or 90 ringgit, something like that, so it’s not breaking the bank, just something that looks nice. I, like the rugged sports, look there’s, not a lot of smart watch that has this kind of casio design to see one that to see one that that has a color lcd screen and health functions. I would say: yeah go for it if you, if you want to if you find it attractive, just one thing. I think one gripe that i have with this smart watch is that there’s not a lot of watch dials available.

You see there’s only four watch, dials that’s available. I mean you can download more from the app. Let me show you you can download more from this from the dial settings. You can sync it, but there’s not a lot of choice in the app you see. That’S. All that’s, all that you get and it does not refresh. I doubt that anyone will be adding more dials here. I would like to see more digital style dial, but most of it most of these are analog style dials. I like i like the more digital style. Dials anyways watch faces whatever you call it other than that i would say: it’s. Okay, the battery life it lasts a week without even having to charge it so i’d like to. Thank you very much for watching my review of the t6 sports. Smart health watch. Okay, um, if you like this content, subscribe comment, whatever i’ll see you in another video. Thank you very much.