Now this video is going to be a initial impressions and unboxing there’s going to be another video which will be the review and final thoughts. Let’S get into this one. Alright, so let’s have a quick rundown of what this watch actually has. So, as you can see on my phone screen down the right um, this is a silvercase smartwatch fitness with multi sport modes optical sensor, two hour charging time. Apparently, it only takes two hours to charge let’s scroll on and see what else it has. So here we go characteristics: uh, ips, color, display and heart rate measurement, so it has a heart rate sensor: good for recording steps, calories, burnt, duration of activity and for sleep monitoring quite handy. I think optical sensor for measuring heart rate and pulse rate multi sport mode. So walking running cycling and hiking time and date display, i think, that’s standard for a watch anyway. Uh recording of the daily exercise goal with a reminder to move quite handy. So if you’re lazy, like me, will tell you to get up, uh reminder function for taking medication, that’s quite useful, actually that’s quite handy, i think so far. It is for ios and android adjustable bracelet. That should mean obviously that this can be adjusted to suit. However, big or small, your hands are ip68, so that’s dust and waterproof um. It has a usb charging, cable included, that’s nice of them. I mean this was 25 pounds. The brand new iphone that cost 1200 pounds.

Doesn’T have a usb cable included, um or a power plug included. Sorry for the fitness app. I just need to scan the qr code at the side um. I think it is. Where is it it was under here? I believe. Oh there, it is. Those are the qr codes there, so i will need to scan those to get the app. I can just search for the app okay. So for the technical specification, i think the only thing i probably need to look at is um. The screen size 1.3 inch. 240X240 battery 220 milliamp hours up to six days, a friend of mine who has the same watch, said his watch lasted four days with active use, so that’s, actually quite um, quite good um. I think that’s it so let’s jump straight into the unboxing. Now, all right. So let’s just have a quick look at what the box actually has on there. As you can see here, it’s just branding naming someone using it bluetooth steps, heart rate, calories, burned, sleep pattern, i’m, assuming that’s notifications for like messages ip68, and one of the reasons i keep going back to little actually is that you have a three year warranty with Almost every electronics you buy, especially if it comes from the brand silver crest, so in two and a half years, if this 25 pound device breaks, i can bring it back. Okay, i can either get a brand new one or a partial refund.

Okay, let’s look on the inside, so that’s. What the watch actually looks like there again. This is the barcode. The qr code i’m going to have to scan to um, get the app or i can just simply type the name in uh that’s. What the watch actually looks like there let’s keep moving around the box, so on this side it has the same thing. I read to you guys in english from the website. This side is every other language and again we have the qr codes again on the back. There uh, we have the model number here and does it have the date? Yes, this was manufactured or sent out of the factory on the fifth of 2020. On this side again, we just have another language, the app store and the play store and that’s it that’s. Everything on the box – nothing special under here – nothing special on the top next stage is to do the unboxing and i’ve got my my stabby stab cutie cut let’s get started all right, so let’s see how i get into this box. Okay, there’s a tape on top here and, as you can see, that’s the magnetic charger there in the back looks like a much better system than we had in the previous one, all right guys. So here we have what comes in the box it’s literally just the booklet, which i’m definitely not going to read unless i get stuck appearing it.

Obviously the box – and here we have the watch. Okay, so i’m gon na cut into that box. Now move these to one side: okay, let’s just cut through this all right. So here we have the watch. This is what it looks like. It does feel very light. I have to say um, but it looks very similar to an apple watch. I could tell this before, but i wanted to get in there to see how similar it does look and what i’ll do i’ll actually put an image of an apple watch up next to this, while i’m holding it up like this, so you guys can have um A general comparison, so you guys tell me what you think. Does this look like an apple watch or not? I think it really does all right. So before i go any further, i do want to talk about the charging situation here on the previous watch. I did the charging situation was really bad, not that the charger was bad, but the way it connected was bad. This seems as if they’re this these magnetic points, i simply snap it on and it plugs in via usb. So this is a much much smarter system. So you could just have this flat on a table, simply put the watch on there. It will find the points and charge and that’s it. I like this a lot better than the previous one, so i have to say kudos to silverquest for actually fixing this right.

So another thing i noticed um, obviously, as they’ve said, the straps are removable so to remove them. You have this tiny thing here: i’m, assuming you would pull to one side and take the strap off. Okay, let’s actually try that so um. It feels spring loaded. So it is kind of stiff there’s, one here and there’s one here at the top strap as well. You simply pull it to one side, see if that actually works and lift the strap out. Okay, so i’m, going to put mine back in but again to do that. You just simply pull to one side, lift the strap out and that’s it. Oh okay let’s put that back in all right and that’s firmly back in okay to actually turn it on. Let me pull the screen protector off gon na pull that off to turn it on there’s that touch area let’s, see if you guys can pick up on that that circular touch area there, you simply press and hold it, and it will turn the watch on okay. So it’s already on now um, so i just wanted to show you guys what the charging animation looks like, and so, when i put that there it clips in and there we have our charging animation. Okay, so it did come with some battery in it, and so you should be able to get maybe a couple hours use out of it so i’m going to go ahead now and set this up on my phone i’m going to go ahead and try and download The app and connect this all right so to turn on the device you press and hold this section here: okay, it doesn’t look like it’s coming on, maybe that’s, because it’s actually plugged in so let me unplug it and try that again, oh yeah.

I was right. So when it’s plugged in it doesn’t actually switch over, which is fine, i guess on previous devices – you would tap this middle section here to actually get to separate pages, but now it’s all swiping actions. Now swiping left to right gives you these options here. So you can go into things individually. If you’re swiping down, you can see the rest of it. When i tap home again, it goes back to the main page. If i swipe down well up straight away, it takes me directly into those things so steps uh, heart rate stuff, like that it takes me directly into them by swiping up and down okay, so i’m, going to go back home i’m going to install the app on My phone and i’m going to try and connect now all right so let’s see how well this works i’m, going to try scanning the qr code, i’m, going to open my camera app here’s, my phone open, my camera up simply move over to the qr code, tap On the qr code there tap on there takes me straight to the play, store and i’m gon na just click install okay. So now the app has been installed. I’M gon na go ahead and tap open. I need to actually make sure that my bluetooth is on as well. Well, you have to agree to the policy before you can continue. That’S, fine, tap, ok and from the list here.

Mine is the swf220, the sat90 that’s, the one. I did very first on this channel i’m, actually really looking forward to doing the ssg 500. That one just looks really rugged and uh feature packed well, let’s hope so i’m going to swipe down. My bluetooth is already on so that should be fine i’m going to tap the swf220 there and give it access to find that device. Okay. So now uh the instructions in the booklet here say that i need to go to the settings part of the watch. So let me do that now: go to the settings section, scroll down to settings, search and that’s, that there is my mac address and my details and i simply need to tap and it should start connecting and there we go i’m going to tap yes and on My phone, as you can see everything should now be connected. I should be able to now click next and i need to allow yeah. I might as well allow everything okay so now i’m going to go ahead and set up my account all right. So here we are in the app um pretty straightforward. I would say i won’t go through and give a full detail review of the app, but so far so good it connected very easily much quicker than i expected. The previous watch actually gave me some headache. Okay, here we go discovered new firmware, so that’s really handy. Actually, i didn’t have to go and search for that.

So let me go ahead and install that new firmware straight away know while it’s doing that firmware upgrade. Let me just leave that there for now, because that’s taking very long actually, let me go ahead and show you what this actually looks like on my wrist. So i have a very small wrist. So if i put that on there it’s a nice snug fit actually feels very good, oh so it does have a thing underneath. Can you see that bump there that bump actually fits into these slots, so it doesn’t come off the hand that’s quite handy, so there we go that’s what it looks like very apple watch. Looking, i would say, let’s see if it actually does a reading. My um, my heart rate at rest, is normally between 55 to 75. I would say so that seems quite accurate okay, so that worked nicely right. So my thoughts on this watch so far looks wise, very good. Looking watch again, it does look like the apple watch. Um it’s a it feels a lot more comfy than the ones i’ve tried before i love the charging mechanism. This is how they should all be. This just makes sense right and not having a plug in the pack is perfectly fine, because i mean again it’s 25 pounds and that’s. Another thing i want to mention: it is 25 pounds so because it is 25 000 and it comes with a three year warranty.

There is no downsides, in my opinion, if you don’t, like it return it. If you like it, you got a smartwatch stroke activity tracker for 25 pounds, and it has quite a few nice features in there. So um i’m going to be playing around with this. For about let’s, say about a week i’m going to be testing every single feature. I might take some random videos when out and about when, using it just to see how how functional it actually is so i’ll give you guys an update in the review. Thanks for tuning in this was my unboxing and initial impressions. I do like it so far. Let me just say that so i might be a bit biased. I will ask other people what they think as well.