Video uh between the new uh skogen um yorn, hybrid smartwatch, and my current skyrim foster uh regular smartwatch. I left a couple videos uh before so i just want to go over real quick. So you can see this uh, the new sky, new orleans. Really nice it’s got these it’s an electronic ink screen with these um health functions and you can customize these um. However, you want so just go in here. You can choose your background. You can even choose an image, and then here you can, you know customize these guys. However, you want um heart rate whatever, and you can even move them around like this, but it won’t be as and so uh that’s. Basically, you know one of the main functions and then you also have notifications and stuff so just how they appear on the watch. This is all your past notifications, so you can see. I only have one right now i sent to myself a test email, so you want to open it and then it basically shows the subject and whatever it’s a little bit hard to read. But you know you get by and then you can clear here. It will clear on the watch, but not on your phone. I guess it’s more mental like a glancing and then you can see, like you know, um, for instance, like the weather, dashboard uh, sometimes it’s a little bit slow. But there you go return to the home screen by holding then like, for instance, the weather dashboard, which will tell you how much you slept on the top um and then you know your steps, um calories whatever and then heart rate i had disabled it for now, But so that’s, just a quick rundown of the scoggin yarn it’s really nice, like i said, it’s an e ink screen last two weeks because you know it’s low powered and you know it’s always going to be like this.

If you want to glance, take a quick glance at your watch, you know see whatever and then uh yeah and you get notification but it’s nice. Then you can double tap here to turn the light on in the dark. So this is by comparison. This is the foster three. You can see right here, uh it’s locked right now, so i have to unlock it because whenever you turn on uh google pay, it locks the watch. So you can see if you want to see your pass notifications, you just go here and you can see and then, if you open it, you know it’s much easier. You can even reply open on phone all that stuff and you want to swipe it away. Just like that, this is where os full smart is full um. You know all the features, so you can go into your settings. You got google pay, you can take calls on the watch find your phone all that stuff you go here. It gives you like. A little rundown of your afternoon, my upcoming flights – and you know stuff like that, so we went over this and this is like your tiles, so you can see the weather. You know contacts um. This is your sleep. If you click on it it’s a little more detailed, you can see your average sleep stats all that good stuff. So we go back. You can see it’s pretty easy to navigate um events coming up, no events today, all right timer and you can customize these tiles.

As well so let’s return and then um, you know, i got struck a bunch right now. I have uh. This is a google pay and this is a wink for my smart home. So i can like turn on my lights and stuff it’s, pretty cool. Actually, oh locked again: well, once you put it on your register, it won’t lock, it’s, just you know, and you can see these are all my apps uh, the ones i use the most uh. Google keep uh wink like i mentioned, and i use swing you a lot it’s like for golf, so i don’t know if you for those of you who know swing you it’s like uh. Basically, you um what it has like a map of um. All the golf courses so then, and then it tracks your location from the flag via gps is pretty cool. So it tells you how far you are from the flag, so they have a smart watch app. So you, basically when you go on the golf course, you turn it on your phone. You turn on your app and then you just put your phone in your like back golf bag, and then you can just if you want to see how far you are from the flag. You just glance at your watch and you can see it’s really helpful and you can also take the score so like after each round i mean after each hole it will prompt you to input your score, and you can just like you know, put you know whatever Uh three on the green two, two two putts kind of deal so it’s, actually really nice um.

You know and you there there are a lot of smartwatch apps um you can download. So you have access to the google play store and all that stuff wear wes is really great. Uh yeah, just just a quick comparison for you, guys, uh scoggin foster uh right now, it’s, like 300 um dollars and this guy uh 200. They do have the um it’s, basically the same as the fossil hybrid smart watch, which came out last year, but it’s pretty much the same because they, the fossil group, they they’re pretty good with the over air updates. So they update those smart watches. You know and that one’s like you, can probably get it for like 130, but this guy’s 200, and but it looks really. Nice i’d be honest with you, especially when you get this um silver with the mesh uh stainless steel. So really great, oh, and also just to go over quick, the uh to the wear os app. So you can see you can customize your smart wall. Your watch face uh, you know and then you know tiles like. I was telling you and then uh you got you know which uh notifications like which apps you choose. You know and then other stuff uh, always on and tilt to wake and stuff like that. So um i mean it’s not like you know not not not as a custom as the skog and um hybrid smartwatch app, but it’s, pretty good um anyway, guys, yes, that’s.