This is a slime smartwatch, sw 400 rg. So this smartwatch, the color i have here rose gold – has a lot of features um. Some of those features are that is compatible with the iphone compatible with android, and it also has a fitness tracker and it’s compatible with bluetooth, so that’s pretty cool over here. It has some other additional features, such as a camera, expandable memory, messaging or alerts. A phone tracker and the standby time is up to four days which, in my opinion, is pretty cool, so let’s unbox it. So here um we have the watch itself, which rose gold, looks pretty good right here. It is made of aluminum, which doesn’t feel pretty cheap. At all, it feels pretty premium enough over. Here we have the charging port, which is pretty hard to open charging port right here, usb type b and over here we have the power button under here we have the speakers and the battery. So when charging it it’s, just like a phone um, a chemical charge battery and all of that so let’s say that over there and underneath we have um some other stuff under here we have the charging cable, which is usb type b. It doesn’t come with a charging brake, which is pretty unfortunate, and we also have a quick, smart guide. Um i’m, just gon na flip through real quick it’s, just spanish um. It doesn’t look like it’s in english at all so yeah and we have a few more things, such as something with a warranty and something else in here which is like glued to the box or something so not sure what that is um, but but otherwise.

It’S, a pretty pretty decent watch and for all the things that it’s capable of um yeah it’s, a pretty good watch and i think it comes in under comes in under like 30 dollars, which i think is pretty acceptable. So this watch um can also fit any hand like the rubber on this is super strong and the rubber on the charging cable is pretty strong as well. So no need to worry about charging cable breaking on you or whatever so yeah. I think it can fit on my hand, my hands, pretty i’m skinny. I say i don’t know i think my hand is skinny, i don’t know yeah, but there we go and there we go. It feels like a charm i’m, a right handed person, so yeah and it looks pretty good too. I think it works ambidextrously, which means that it can go on any hand which is pretty nice. So as a right hander. I find this very comfortable. I can also wear it on my left hand as well, but i don’t want to. I just want to wear it on this, and you can also tighten it to whatever length you want. Um, whether your hand is very skinny or very fat, because it has like all these levels and things i think there’s about 12 on there, so yeah, otherwise it’s a pretty awesome watch. It isn’t really charged so it’s not going to turn down here. We also have the camera.

I don’t think the camera is pretty good at um, i’ve tested the camera before doing this, video um it wasn’t really good, like no, it wasn’t really good. So when turning on the smart watch, you have loads of different things, you have um a clock, two clocks that come up a analog clock and a digital clock. So those come up before you get into the real smart features such as calls and everything, and this also has to work with a sim card. So if you don’t have a sim card in here, then you can’t make any calls, except for like emergency calls that um would link to the country you’re in so there’s a little part under here. That opens up not sure where um, i think, it’s right here. Right here, right here opens up into a battery and the speakers right here. Battery and everything and everything works in here so yeah. That is my review of the slide.