The resolution is 240 by 280 and it’s. Waterproof rating is ip67 system requirements. It’S an android watch, so you can connect with any android phone you have and also it can be connected to apple, because it it has this ios 9.0 or more. So the latest iphones can also be connected with this watch. Hero band 3 color screen fitness tracker user manual, so this is the manual which can help you learn about how to operate this watch easily and without any you know, problem. It also comes with extended 18 months, warranty as a free and plus a free gift. So you have to like scan this barcode and you will know what free gif they’re going to give you. So it comes with a free gift and 18 months extended warranty, which is awesome because for apple or any samsung watch you can. You have to like buy the warranty. You have to pay extra amount for the warranty, but they are providing it for free for 18 months. So this is the watch guys. The belt is neutral, pink, new, pink color and it’s, so gorgeous so so sleek. So nice, Music um. So let me show you the screen. This is. It looks very similar to the apple watch and it also comes with this. Charging port, Music and doesn’t have the adapter with it, but it comes with the cable, but it can be easily connected to any adapter because it has a usb port.

Now let me turn on the watch and see how it works. So this is. This is actually a magnetic charging support. You have to just put it in with this. You see this part. This is, i think, magnetic you just have to fix it, like the apple apple watches. You have to like put the charger on the back it’s kind of similar technology, Music, so i’m, going to show you how to connect this charger on this watch. It is very similar. Just you just need to bring it close to the watch and it automatically attaches to the watch, and you have to connect this to any adapter. You have for android phones or devices Music. Now i want to show you what other watches i have so this is the samsung watch that i got for 299 299, and this is my apple watch that i got for 400 and something so yeah. This is the this. This is how they look like, and let me turn this one on so there’s, not much difference between these two watches. If you can afford an expensive one, you can get this one too. The setting on this might be like it turns off right away. So you have to like change the setting of the display and then it can turn and stay on for a longer time, because on our other watches, i i put a setting that you can. It can like stay. The the the screen can stay for up to like 10 seconds and then it turns off, but right now this is brand new.

I haven’t changed the settings so after a little bit, i’ll change the setting and it will turn turn on more now, i’m. Going to read the menu for you guys and tell you what’s inside what are the features that that comes with this watch, so it comes with this strap. I think you can also change the strap. There is like a setting here which can allow you to change the strap and you can get like other straps. You just have to like turn this button towards this side, and you can easily take off this belt yeah. This is how it you press it, and it comes off it it’s on both sides, so i’m sure it’s gon na it’s gon na come out. Now i want to read the other um features that include in this watch are so you already know about the charging. The contact magnetic charging cable that comes along with it now the other features that are very similar to the other watches that i showed you are it can you know it has the time display, which comes in a variety of other options. You can change just like you change in your apple or samsung watch. You just have to swipe and you can keep whatever display you want for your watch and then it. It also has the blood oxygen counting. So, on the blood oxygen measurement page, you can the touch touchscreen to start a measurement, and it will tell you with the vibrations that the result of your blood oxygen level.

It also has the weather option in it, just like the other brand watches. It also counts. Your steps, so you are you’re gon na stay active. If you wan na see how how active you are. You can also follow through with this watch. Also, it has a sleeping mode where you can set alarms, so it can help you wake up when you need to in the mornings. It also gives you message notification, which is absolutely like a common thing for we what we want to look in a watch and then it also has the exercise mode. So you set up the exercise mode on and then you can exercise and tell you how many calories you burn when you exercise. It also tells you the heart rate while you’re exercising, so you will also know if your heart is pumping regularly, while you’re exercising or not so in the setting mode. You can you know, change all the settings and keep whatever settings you like. According to your like, managing brightness or, like you know the view, the the screen option, the timer whatever it also has music control option, breathing training, option, blood pressure, option and also the feature where you can. You know, take photos from your watch. You just press the button on your watch. You set your phone on a tripod stand and you can press the button from your watch and you’re you’re gon na be able to take your pictures without anyone’s help.

You can take it easily. So these are the features that are included in this watch and it’s very easy to operate. So if you are used to or not even used to, you will not even have face any difficulty in setting this watch up and, honestly speaking, this watch really looks really really nice and you know sleek and it’s super important. I love it. Thank you. I hope um, if, if you guys are interested in buying, i will be putting on a link for the amazon and you can go and press that link and then you can easily get on that link to the watch and you can buy this watch from there. I honestly recommend this watch. If you are really interested in in a watch and you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money, you can absolutely buy this watch.