It is a good looking watch, sleek and uh we’ll see what else do we have in this watch? Well, this watch uh is quite quite good, fashionable and it’s quite sleek in a good band. You get a good band out here: uh and uh yeah, and you get uh charger, uh cable as well. This and uh talking about watch well, uh, well, it’s, quite nice, it’s, good, looking and uh. If you go to, if you drop, if you take this, i mean, if you swap it down, then you will have this functions and yeah. So you get this music track. You get this to increase the brightness right now: i’m keeping it low, because in this video it won’t come, it will be very bright then! Yes, this is a music track again like in pause, play, move to the next track and yeah. So if you look about what else, can we say about this and if we talk about watch faces, if you take this, if you scroll it with this digital crown, then you get. This watch face. Get this with this. Get this one animation this one and yeah. So we get many more watch faces through app. We can take it from web and if you scroll towards the left, then swipe required left. Then we get this your heart rate activity and your steps and all uh. Then this will show your blood pressure. I mean your heartbeat, then weather current weather.

Then it shows your red oxygen level and you can add as well other like other features, one which you want to see on azure titles, uh other things which you want. So you can add that uh. So this was, and if you scroll towards right you can this slider menu function. It gives you what what things quick, uh details which will give you and if you scroll up, then it takes you to the main menu where you can see. What else do you want to see in the main menu so you’ll get all that details out here and so yeah so uh about what else can we say about this watch get calculators, you get stop watch weather find my phone uh detraining like like. If you see, if you click on this, it will take you your breathe in breathe out. So this is what the train training about. We have many other functions out here in this uh, so yeah, which is quite good, uh stopwatch and ecg heart rates with many other details uh. If we look about the menu styles, if you want to change so this is like right now style one. You can check the style too and let’s see what else do we get you get this style menu and if you go back and select another menu, let’s see style. Three: okay install three: you get this honeycomb function menu and if you go to style 4, then we get this round circle, which is good and you can change it to clear this as well and so yeah.

This is good. Talking talking about whatsapp notification, so uh yeah, you get this whatsapp notification on this switch. So whenever you get on whatsapp notification it will come up or yeah right here on the top. It will show you what’s in oh, you can go and click on out here and it says you know so i received a message from jb. He says: hey your watches, so if you click on this, it will give you more details like hey. Your watch is great, so so yeah and when you get with this whatsapp logo, so you get this with the instant messengers, twitter, gmail notification, which their actual logo on this, which, which is great so nice uh. You can delete this messages once you read it and once you have read it and deleted it, so the notification will go from here. Talking about the app for this, you need to download the swear pro app from your play, store and yeah. You get this normal. Your functions of status like oxygen heart rate, sleep, steps sports, then youtube go for device for watch faces and Music. When you click on this watch face push you’ll get many. Many watch faces in this app, so there are many watch faces out here and accordingly, you can select of your choice and you can you can uh use it as for your convenient, so let’s say if i select this, such as okay and click on ok, so So yeah so now it will show that it has been getting loaded to your watch and so it will.

It will increase the percentage as soon as uh watch faces starts uploading, and if you see out here, it is getting uploaded uploading out here so uh yeah. It is uh you get many watch faces and you can do your custom watch face. Add your own custom watch face on this um. So once once it gets to 100 uh, it gets uploaded directly to your watch. It gets uploaded directly out here on your watch. It looks great on this, so yeah nice, one so yeah. It will give you steps, update your heart rate and this watch face and just so yeah. This is. This is nice. This is great, so yeah and uh talking about uh, creating your own um custom dial. So you can select digital or analog as by your convenient and let’s say. If i select this, you need to click on this and click on this button. Okay and then go to your album, it will ask you which app you want to take so ticket anyone. Just go to this so i’ve saved it. Some more papers out here, click on this okay, so this is watch face. Csf i’ll, select this and click on, save and start to upgrade. So again it will show you the percentage and it will show you to upload that on your watch face so yeah, so uh it will sort of look uh. It is getting uploaded to the watch and Music yeah. So as soon as it gets 200 percent, it will directly show it on your watch so yeah.

If you love this now it is loaded. It looks great, so nice, so yeah you can do many such type of watch faces create your own and yeah. This is watch an overall watch review.