We have, as you can see, the candley logo, and you can see the smartwatch here in the light you can’t see it. If light is not shining, this doesn’t need the cutter just needs to slide on the side and a smartwatch is appearing now. Let’S put this on the side and uh apparently it’s like this. Going out there we go there’s the watch. Well, this is something on top, so let’s take it off. Oh, it looks nice and shiny okay, let’s. Take it out interesting, oh it’s, already on. I didn’t think it will be already on. I must say it does look good let’s see this is rubber and for your hand, so the watch is really shiny and nice and the design of it is great. Here is metal i’m guessing you can charge it here, and this are the sensors which apparently don’t stick out. Like usual, smart watches, let’s put the watch on the side for a bit and let’s see what else is in the box, the charger and some other things. Let’S put the boxes on the side and let’s see congrats. You got a 10 pound amazon card interesting. I might use that and uh what about this? R3. Smart watch so that’s the model name we’ll set this on the side as well in case we need it and let’s see the charging cable, it’s, quite soft, and about half a meter probably and most likely here it has.

Some magnets let’s, see yeah interesting they’re. Quite strong, the magnets yeah, so it doesn’t work the other way around, because the magnets will just repel themselves. So you don’t need to worry about that and i think it stays quite firmly yeah interesting. I would say, and it’s very nice and shiny let’s look a bit around. I kind of like this black, this space gray, i would say but more dark and the button is just a button, not sure if it turns maybe just for pressing. I think the display is just square that’s. What i believe, yes, not sure if you can see here, it’s very hard to see it, but the display is square, but i think this does quite a great job to hide that so let’s see if you scroll down, you got sports heart rate breathing. Oh, it turns off quite fast alarm: music, stopwatch timer remote. Oh, you can do photos and find your phone and settings brightness shutdown. Okay, we don’t have a lot of settings as i can see. If you go in the menu and then you go this way. You’Re gon na go back to the main screen. If you go on the left, you got messages, schedule and that’s all. If you go on the right steps, how many kilometers you made calories burned what else heart rate? Okay, sleep time? Oh, so it measures your deep sleep and your light sleep as well, and your probably total sleep time interesting.

What else? What is this? Does it measure the weather outside, or does it have to connect with the phone? Probably, oh, you just have to scan this code and i don’t like it turning off so easily. You can scan this code and you install the app very interesting how about on the top here. So you have vibration on and off it vibrates quite nice, and what else come on come on? Oh that’s, it we’ll taste this oh luminosity right right, let’s leave it like before, because it was very good, even one, maybe it’s still looking good. Also, even if you press this button once when you’re here you’re going straight on the watch, you have everything you need here. Do we have faces, of course, yeah we have faces as well interesting. Ah, you can see on this. One is square right, so it’s not around this one makes it seem that it’s round as well, but it’s, not yeah this. This probably is the best one. How can we turn the bluetooth off? Go to settings language about okay, language? No info? No! No! No! No! Go on airplane mode, airplane mode off night mode. Okay, now, let’s put this on the hand. Let’S actually take this one off and put this one see how it looks on my hand yeah. Maybe this one is the best, so let’s see whoa. Yes, so if you want to see the time you just do this, it has this nice feature very good and interesting.

I actually do prefer it to be always on, because i simply can glance on the watch without it having to turn on like doing this, but for the price of this, i think it has all the features that you might need and um i’m, not sure about The battery, but everything seems interesting: i’m gon na try and check my heart rate, really quick right now. 62 measuring you can see the green light there. I see that you really have to go from this side to this side. It’S a bit harder from the middle. You have to go from the side: it’s really nice, because uh it’s, smooth here the glass on top – and you can easily go like this, which is really good and the display is not bad. We will just have to charge it for a bit because it doesn’t have too much battery. So the bad thing about this, i believe, is that i’m, not sure how you can access the bluetooth or how you can connect it to wifi or something because it only has this settings but we’ll see when we connect it with the phone, how it will sync For now, i’m gon na charge it for a bit. As you can see, these are really easily changeable. Now let’s try and connect the watch with the phone. I have an iphone se here and i’m going to go on the camera and if you slide left from the left, you’re going to get to this qr code and now we’re going to scan it for some reason, it doesn’t want to go i’m.

Just gon na write this name on the app so smart time pro let’s see smart time pro. Probably this one it looks like it has some bad reviews, so we’ll see and it finished let’s open. It agree europe or america going to log in here real fast. So i’ve managed to sign in and now he’s asking for access donald access, okay, nickname test me next step: okay, okay, confirm! Well, you should choose all of those, but this is just for testing purposes. I agree, allow everything and let’s see if we can find this device if we add the device, so it actually looks like it found it so it’s this one r3 and we press connect and then we get a message on watch and that’s. All compare here confirm. Allow and, as you can see, it’s checking for updates it doesn’t have too many options on the on the smartwatch, but it has some on the app you can set an alarm you can. If you’re sedentary, you can let your smartwatch tell you when to sit up shop. This is a vibration, so i like it to vibrate somebody calls or when i get a message, do not disturb. I can set that as well backlight. How many seconds screen turn the screen on here? You have a timer schedules. If you want to add healthcare yeah everything, oh here, healthcare is for uh period is for a woman, so i’m gon na be turning that off because i don’t need it.

Obviously, remote camera let’s try this someone can hold the phone and then you can take the photos or you can maybe do this. I like here on push. It has all the apps that you need facebook, email and everything and other apps as well, which is really good, yeah, so that’s all the settings you get with it on the app. As you can see it synchronizes with the watch synchronizes with the date with everything. Then the steps and everything synchronize with the app now let’s see what can we do here on this menu? So we have sports and then running fast, walk cycle, climbing treadmill, spinning yoga swimming basketball, football badminton. So you have all these games that you can hit. Go then it’s gon na measure, bpm your calories bath burn and everything yeah i’m gon na. Stop that what else? The heart rate yeah measure that before breathing? This is interesting, so you can try breathing. This is mainly for calming down or training. Your breathing, like this says what else yeah set an alarm we have music played, so the phone will most probably play, probably not working. Now i don’t know how many songs i have on this phone. Okay, so stopwatch. I don’t know why i’m pressing this button, all the time timer remote picture, taking and find the phone let’s see if it’s working searching for the phone it’s right here come on, apparently not working it’s, not working for some reason, so let’s stop it and record i’m.

Not sure what’s, this probably like running and stuff that will keep our record here. So here you have three buttons down, so you have the device connecting and all the settings. Then you have status the first one, which will show you how many kilometers the calories sleeping weight everything here, then you have me here: you can change your picture change, your name, your gender, the birthday, kilograms, email, everything and then go. You can set a goal and then you can switch the theme, maybe prefer light or gray or anything. I prefer dark let’s go back and then some settings here i’m not sure what strawberry is i’m not going to use that go to the data sync. This means that the smartwatch will automatically sync with the phone and updates and units which one you want to use, metric or imperial, and you can log out as well here, and i think this watch is quite interesting. It might be my daily driver from now on and we’ll see, if it’s good or not, and how long does the battery last thank you for watching. I hope i helped you this video don’t forget to click the links in the description below.