So i bought this from amazon and so let’s see i’m gon na unbox. This and let’s see what’s inside the box. There you go so what i got here is. I want to show you this one first. So this is the yamaha yeah my watch because my watch is broken, so i need a new one, so i bought this watch um with my voice assistant alexa. So this is my my new watch and the other one. Is this one – and this is also the excel echo alexa i’m – going to install this tomorrow, but this time i just want to show you what’s inside the box, and you spit – and this is my new i find watch is broken and i really need you know. So you know when you open the box, you will see uh this small thing i ordered in japan. So this is japanese and i can’t read japanese, so you know they have like this and they have this uh card and this manual okay. But here oh it’s, all written in japanese, so i don’t know i might just uh look at uh some video on how to let’s do this one. Okay, so it’s also included there’s, always the way. What is this let’s see what’s inside of this plastic? Oh, a charger, everything is tight here you go where you charge, you listen usb and let’s see all right. There. You go usb charger. Let’S see.

Watch there, you go it’s kind of pink page. This is my new watch because my watch is broken and i really need one so it’s still in the plastic, so let’s see i’m gon na open this one okay, so there you go and at the back is the uh this battery or something – and you can Also change the strap of your watch. If you want to, they have blue, they have green, they have red, they have a white they have black, but for the meantime, i uh i’m gon na use this and there’s at the end, the edge it’s, not a really thick one and it’s, not really big. So when you see so this is my new watch, which is right so now let’s see how it goes so. I’M gon na take this plastic off. So you can see there. You go it’s, really new, all right and i’m going to charge this one first, and this is the charger where you can just uh. There is a magnet at the back. You can and then i’m going to set this up and then i’ll show you what’s uh. The new features that we can get into this new watch all right so hold on four seconds and i’ll be back hi, hello, guys so now, i’m back and yes i’ve already charged this phone. But before we do uh anything else into this watch we need to download the apps, which is the very fit apps.

Okay, so i’ll show you how that box looks like hold on all right, so now you’re gon na download this very fit apps. You see that very fit just click that all right, so once you’ve downloaded it, you can download it in any store. You have if you’re using uh android google store if you’re, using your iphone it’s on there. You know your uh apple store all right. So now, after that, you go to your device and once you download it, you’re automatically gon na find your watch and pair it to this ops, your device. So you see my device is ied 206 and it’s already paired. So just add the device i’m gon na ask you which device you have and then click add and it’s going to add into their other bit apps and then, after that, you can do a lot of things like watch faces. So if you want to change the the you know the background of your watch, but i choose my own face so uh you can do that also or you can use their um watch free market face that is already in the app so just play with. It. Click that and it will load all the faces you want. If you don’t want it, you can use your uh photo album to upload your picture and make your own. You know here on the display all right, so then you all go to the settings set.

All the settings here just you know, play around it, so i let’s go to the watch all right so now. This watch is very easy: it’s not really expensive. It costs, like 60 bucks, 50 bucks. You know on amazon and i bought this because my watch is broken so yeah i like it so now you can open now and you can also uh push here. Okay and the battery here, you can see just pull it up and you can see it’s still 96 percent. I tried to say yesterday and i’m using it till this morning, but it’s still the butter is good. I don’t know how many days it takes to get. You know to charge again but that’s, how it is all right. So now you see this one, okay, you have the uh do not disturb. You. Have the brightness uh adjustment here and uh once you’re uh? If you’re looking for your phone, you cannot find your phone. There is a fine phone here, just click that end Music, all right, so that’s a fine phone, and you can also click this one and this one. This is used for uh. You don’t need to touch your phone, just shake your wrist or you know, do your hands hands up and it will open up your phone if you want to see – and the other thing we have in here is not so many features. But here is my voice. Assistant alexa since i’m, using alexa.

My house is my my you know home automation device. So i get this one, so i can also use alexa, but she don’t reply on whatever you ask for, but she sent you a reply by text: alexa, okay, alexa. What time is it she’s sticking? Okay, so she replied to me and she said: it’s. 10. 57 a.m. Okay, so whatever you want to ask alexa, she just gave you a text to send your text or whatever what the weather looks like, or you know things like that, and what else you can find here is your exercises record. You know you want to do yoga. You know just click that uh you’re measuring your blood oxygen things like that, your heart rate um weather things like that. So there are a lot of more that you can. You know, and you can also get notification here here. You have your help data. So if you’re doing an exercise, you know you can check your data here. You have exercise, you have amazon alexa, you have exercise record it’s all recorded and your heart rate, your blood oxygen stress. You know if you want to make sure how much stress you have for the day and breath training. You know you have your um, you can wear this while you’re sleeping, so this watch is going to tell you how deep you sleep. You know what time you use you went to bed or what time you get up.

It’S all here, it’s all recorded, so the music, the weather. You can ask and play music with my phone, just just click that and stopwatch alarm and many more timer and find your phone if you don’t know where you’re at put your phone yeah so it’s very easy, not too much features. Okay, so thank you. So much guys for watching that’s all for today, it’s very easy to set up and yeah.