I have been using this watch for almost 1 year, So I thought it to make an honest review, So you people would know its actual worth. So you can make an easy decision whether to buy this qualityprice watch or not. I had bought this acound 31 and still its price range is same.. Lets start the review without further delay.. First lets talk about the dimensions of the watch. Total Length is 26cm.. Dial is total 5cm in diameter, but the screen size is 1.22inch. It has a magnetic charging cable which sticks at the back, and any USB Charger can be used to charge it. Battery timings are very excellent. Around 10 12days and charging time is 4 5 hours. It has total 03 Dials, 01 is analogue and 02 are digital, one is blue, one is brown and one is orange. Shade all dials show time date, stepscalories and battery information. It notifies for call and message and supports a lot of apps in phone which can be connected via App, But we cannot receive a call from the watch. It just notifies It neither have a mic nor a speaker from where you can receive a call. It has a notification pan on the left, where you can see call or message log, and you can see old notifications of connected apps like instagram or facebook or any other. You can also delete the old notifications. Next slide shows the steps. Then we have sports selection, which includes walking running riding mountaineering swimming football baseball soldier, amp Badminton history also shows all sports data.

Health features includes heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen and ECG. My personal advise is to plz, do not rely on the health reading of smart watch. Its just give you an idea, but it doesnot show accurate value.. Then it shows sleep duration, which includes deep sleep and light sleep. Then it has stop watch function. … then, music function with which you can control stopplay forwardback track. If you are connected with the app in more functions, we have sedementry alert which notifies you to get up from your seat and walk for few steps. Alarm can be set on which watch vibrates at the actual set time Find phone option can be used to help ring the phone. It only has 03 dials and no custom dial can be installed. You can download FUNDO app to connect. The watch. App can also be downloaded via scanning QR code. In Settings watch can be reset to defaults from the settings menu. Then it has 05 brightness levels. Also. It has do not disturb feature Now. After connecting it to app. I will show you how it notifies on a phone call. This is how watch notifies when someone calls you can choose to see the notifications afterwards or you can delete the log alos. My final verdict about the watch is: it is excellent. Watch as per this price range, it has an excellent battery. Also it has an amazing build quality of the screen which really bears scratches with normal wear n tear.

, the one and only draw back i found in this watch. You cannot read full message over it. Just the 1st line you can read, it means you cannot scroll down the message.