1. I knew this was a scam from the start – I bought it so I could make this video.
2. The text at 7:22 that says it is a Samsung Device was added by me. I know it’s a Samsung Device in the ad. I know it’s the S3 Frontier.
3. I hoped those two things were obvious in the video, but apparently not. Seriously. I’m not an idiot.

I kept seeing adverts on Instagram for an amazing smartwatch with great UI based on a rotating bezel that acts as a jog dial.

The price was less than 40 USD (about 32 GBP) – too good to be true, so I ordered one – the Instagram link went to a site called Sterdio.com, and the whole deal was a complete scam.

The watch that arrived was not the one advertised – it was a cheap smartwatch without the key feature (the rotating bezel) and of much, much poorer quality.

I pretty much expected that, of course – too good to be true, after all.