We make the second video on smart watch. Your second brother sloke says make the video on watch. So i make the video on watch. This watch is very good. I can buy this watch from amazon. You can also buy watch from flipkart or any other websites. I put the link of this watch in in description box. You can buy from this link and this is 999. I mean 1000 rupees and the price of this watch is very less percent off don’t wasting any time let’s just unbox this Music, please unbox this okay, very good, packing very good packing. Yes, please open brother one, two three test: oh this is watch. You can see how it is beautiful, the so many colors of this watch and silver, black and so beautiful color of this watch is black. You must buy this watch, you test it you, the camera quality, is so good in this watch. I see and Music let’s start is what, under the this thermocol, okay, okay, the one battery behind this only battery and the camera quality – i say so good and and the one battery behind this – no charger, no things uh the the only battery for this and the Features that you can and when you watch why this watch this is a switch off before so let’s start this. The battery voltage of this battery is 3.7 v. You see you see here so good power of this battery, because the the this watch is take this battery.

So you see you see the cautions behind this use the authorized charge only after charge and never short circuit. The battery uh this wa, this battery, never short circuit and they bought the bed and never deposit the battery properly and export the battery to open flames, never try. This could cause expression. The name of this battery is lqsi. You see these cautions and you see the sorry watch band is so so powerful, so tight never lose it and the power button. What is in the box? What is written in to switch on this voicing? This is a button. Okay, you see, you see the button there so and then, and the main thing goes. The main thing of this watch is you put in that sim thanks for watching this video please like share and subscribe to christianofficial and not forget to press the bell icon. Thank you to noman kabir bhai to giving the title of this watch. Thank you numan for giving the title and produce this video.