Any smart watch guys. So you better check out this vlog so before that guys, please like and subscribe for my youtube channel for more videos like this and also just click the notification bell so once youtube so let’s go so and guys uh regarding putin’s reveal for the days um Music. This coming weekend is so magnetic. You can also use this on any android Music, Music, um foreign, stopping at their night time during a busy day and relaxing for breathing exercise can help you relieve stress and improve your overall health, so just to make it quick guys. Yeah Music, so if you um Music, Music, music, Music about firmware version, mac, address bluetooth, um, bluetooth, name, settings change, the brightness, showtime factory, reset and restart qr code, Music, Music and regarding surprise guys, it will cost you three hundred ninety nine pesos smart watch, which actually Originally is guys for watching my video or my review for the day. I hope not maybe content this coming week and also next week, uh let’s see guys guys.