Today i am going to unbox a smartwatch which is from firebolt ws001. I purchased this in amazon for 3000 rupees. Now it is much lesser. You can get it around 2600 or 2500. Even let’s unbox this and see how it looks like while the unboxing is going on. Let me explain you the important features of this watch. It comes with a 1.4 inch tft display and has a 170 mah battery, which can last up to 8 days, and it has a water resistant level of ipx7, Music, Music Applause. This is how the watch looks like it comes with a pre applied screen protector, which is a good thing. This is a gray color variant, total three color variants are available and the highlights of this watch are: there are sensors, like blood pressure, monitor blood, oxygen level, monitor and heartbeat, monitor, uh, in fact below 3000 rupees. This is the only watch which can be, which is providing a blood oxygen level monitor and during coronado days. I think this is a very important feature to have, and also along with those uh monitors, you can track your outdoor activities uh. There are 13 plus outdoor activities you can track using the smart watch. This smartwatch can be connected to your android phone or ios best phone. This is the charger which is a magnet based and you can connect and charge to Music and you can connect the other end to the usb port and once fully charged it can last up to eight days.

I have been using this for one month and i could see it is easily coming for eight days. Music, hello friends, welcome back now, let’s see uh how we can configure your android application uh to sync with the watch and do some testing on various features of this watch. So let’s go to the play, store, install profit, application open it here. It will ask you some important details of your age and weight, height, etc. Please provide accurate details so that they will be used to generate some reports based on your health, vital parameters so give all permissions to access your applications, photos, media, Music, etc. Music now i’m going to show you how to configure your uh notifications to receive what are received on your watch. So this is the list of applications uh whose notifications can be sent to your watch so like whatsapp, facebook, phone etc, so i’m choosing whatsapp to receive whatsapp messages on my watch and the phone to receive my incoming calls notifications on the watch. Remember we cannot take the calls using this watch. We can just get the notifications from your mobile when you are away from the mobile so before actually getting the notifications, we need to add your watch to the device so that the application will be connected to the watch and start sending notifications. So for that first enable bluetooth in your mobile, and you will see the vsw001 in the list of bluetooth networks – you choose it or you can do it from the application itself.

By going to the add device section, let’s see how we can do it from the application. Now here you will see, add device so yeah here you can see bsw001 select it now. It is already synced with the watch. Music let’s see first how to change the skin of the watch. There are thousands of options that are available. You just need to download in your mobile app and push it to your watch so that the display screen will change. The alignment will change for many designs. So let me show you one design. I will download it and apply it to my watch. Let’S select this one download it. It might take few minutes to download and push it to the watch Music. It is done, and already you can see it on what screen Music now let’s go back. I have already shown you how to set the notifications. Now there is one more option called shutter. The shutter is an option to take the pictures from your watch. It means you can take only the snaps. You cannot do anything else from the watch, but if you are away Music let’s check on some health parameters before that, i need to wear the watch into my hand, so that the sensors can measure the vital parameters. Let’S start with the heartbeat now and these all measurements you can do even directly from the watch and you can do it from the application as well. I will show you how to do it.

Uh from the watch later, let’s see from the application now i’m measuring the heartbeat Music. So currently it is 89. This is after taking a brisk walk and i do tested it. When i was completely unrest, it was showing around 72, which is the right measurement, and i have been testing this for the last one. Various conditions and i found that these measurements are somewhat accurate. We can rely on this heartbeat, monitor, Music and the advantage is uh. While you measure these things. While you are in sync with the application, then it can store the history and it can generate the reports how the vital parameters are changing over a period of time. Now let’s measure the blood pressure with respect to blood pressure i’m, not sure whether it’s completely giving an accurate value or not, because if i take two three iterations in quick succession and i’m, seeing some few points, variations now let’s monitor the blood oxygen level. It is showing 96 to 98. I have tested only with healthy individuals for early individuals. 96 to 98 is the valid rate i haven’t checked with any poor patient, and apart from this uh, you can monitor your sleep etc, and this is how you can do it from the watch itself: go to the settings menu and there you will see health in The health you will see as people to hot, monitor and blood pressure monitor, so you can start the monitoring from there itself.

This is the push notifications about the weather report from the application that’s. All friends, if you like the video, please share, subscribe and comment.