Basically, i was replacing another one that i had that all of a sudden just stopped working. So you know just uh. Just thought i’d go for another search and try to find one of the best ones. I could find out there that that has you know, a crisp screen is really important to me more than anything else, and of course i do like to have the applications and the watch faces. This one has a ton of watch faces, has quite a few watch faces, uh comes with the app loads very very quickly, and it keeps track of them too. So the watch face thing is pretty cool, then, after a while you’ll be able to select those um got this little close up, because i want you to see the watch. Basically, i just love this one there’s, three of them that i like. I have one that’s a little more of a designer type. Let me turn this on and it’s really cool. Now these are the ones i’ve loaded, and this one here is another one which i thought was pretty cool and basically it looks just like you know, a real watch. I hope that’s coming up. Okay on my phone um, another one that i liked here. Let me just hold it down a little bit: it switches um this one. Well, i just want to have something looks pretty that is so cool but um you can set the time to have it come out if you want to have it they’re on your wrist longer i mean there’s options for that too, but um, but anyway, i’m kind Of a high tech guy, mostly all the time i like this one, that’s easy to read, you have the time you have an easy way of seeing what day it is big august third at the top, then it has a display of the important things where it Has little bars it’s just it’s, just well proportioned? I just love this watch face, i mean it’s.

Absolutely my favorite i’ve had some really expensive ones before mostly the brand. That goes with my phone disappointed. I don’t know how else to put it: um here’s, a few apps now place it down. You can set up and configure um a lot of the almost the biggest chunk of the configurations, you’re going to find on your phone that’s going to connect to this, and it works out really well there’s. My steps uh it’s after midnight here so everything’s kind of started over. I don’t do the sleep thing anyway. It’S got the heart rate um, which the heart rate is really cool. The heart rate is nice, it’ll go through they’ll, do the scan for the beats um you’ll see it come up here in a second let’s see if i can focus this in a little better. For me, it just seems to be. I mean it’s absolutely crisp on my watch, but my phone is kind of i don’t know. Is it because of low light? I don’t think i have a really low light in here, but anyway i don’t know. If you can tell, i mean it’s very crisp. Looking at the watch so um, i’m gon na say that you know i guarantee it that it’s gon na look crisper than what’s coming up on my phone, so i mean it’s, it’s, sweet it’s, sweet, so 97 is is basically what i’m going on right now. Um. Now it also has the blood pressure the oxygen, but this is the fir.

This is new, this ekg it has an ekg on it, and i was going back with some of my and i just i just had a physical it’s going back to my last records, and this thing is right on. I don’t know how what it is, but that is so cool right um, so it goes through and does that uh electrocardiogram, which normally they wire you up in the doctor’s office – and you know zips through you for a very short period of time, is done. So the results comes onto the phone. Fortunately i’m, on my phone, so i can’t really show, but it is really cool how it shows that that information so um now i may have to switch over to it, just a second all right. So, basically, what it does is it it wants you to save your ekg on the phone and you can go back in your history and you can see what it looks like, but it was. It was right on with my heartbeat. It was it’s amazing, it’s, just unbelievable i’ve, never seen that before now i’ve seen this kind of action before this this uh. Hopefully this is coming up or you can see it, but this this this thing with the app is just really sweet. Um let’s see. If i can bring this out here a little bit better, i think that’s a little better so anyway um it has all of that plus it has, we could add more apps.

It has more apps and it’s just it’s, just awesome, there’s too much really i’ll. Never use it use it all. So basically, i just like to get my messages and it does the messaging really well from the phone um. It runs the battery really. Well too, i mean one bar i’ve had it going. Oh, i charged it three days ago and it’s like one and a half bars so isn’t that crazy, so anyway, it’s doing really good on on the battery too other than that i can’t find anything else. I don’t think i think i’ve shown pretty much everything on this ton of stuff on the app uh just love it. This is my absolute most favorite watch yet so um very happy with it.