With you Julia and today I decided to change the repertoire slightly and talk not about smartphones what everyone was accustomed to our channel, but about such a gadget as smart hours that play an important role in our lives.. I can’t always take a mobile device with myself to relax from calls and the Internet, but the clock is a separate caste. They are with me almost always.. For some time I enjoyed a fitness bracelet from Xiaomi, but was disappointed.. The compactness of the gadget itself can be noted, but everything else is under a significant question. It’s time to change the fitness bracelet on the clock and tell you why it is. The clock will be more interesting.. Today we have an absolutely new product from one company on unpacking and review.. It is clear that the product itself was unpackled earlier in order to be able to fully functionally test the clock in operation so as to always give the most complete overview of the applied device.. Now these hours are offered at a very good discount, so it is possible to get a good thing in a democratic price.. The first thing I want to make an emphasis: how strange it does not sound. This is the box itself.. A serious approach implies a serious attitude to the product inside., And so the box looks solid. On a white background, silver highlighted the name and drawing. Simple and stylish.. Moreover, looking at the sizes and expect from the inside of something ambitious.

For a gift, just perfect option., So we look at what inside. There is a power cable for charging. Another strap another color to change the repertoire. A special thank you to the manufacturer for this and the clock itself. In appearance. They are very similar to Apple watches. They are simply much cheaper. Just want to highlight the possibility of rapid charging of the device., Since the charging of the bracelet from Xiaomi implies a laborious process.. They are difficult to get from the strap and insert it later, but this watch is offered a magnetic charging.. I just connected it waited a little and the watch is ready to continue working.. It is very comfortable.. As for the body, the frame at the ends is made of high strength, aluminum alloy, which is resistant to low temperatures.. In addition, the case is protected from water and has durable glass on the screen. Itself., The strap is flexible, pleasant to the hand and, at the same time, quite tight. During testing. No discomfort for the hand. Does not rub or crush. Moving on to the display. It is TFT LCD with a size of 1.7 inches and a resolution of 240 280 ppi.. The brightness of the screen is excellent and in addition, adjustable the time day of the week, the battery charge is clearly visible.. By the way, there are several options for changing the wallpaper on the screen. The display turns on both by turning the wrist and by pressing the button on the side.

, The second press activates the settings menu, which is very diverse, here.. In this case, everything is amenable to regulation.. There is an opportunity to receive notifications. Many social networks are provided.. The call will also be duplicated if the phone is deep in your pocket or bag, and you hear a call, since the vibration is loud enough., But by the way someone calls me.. There is a sports activity, manager, 10 types in total. All of them are customizable to track time, calories, burned, distance and heart rate.. At the end of the session, a report appears on the watch screen.. I also want to emphasize that it is possible to control the music on the smartphone directly during exercise, and for this you do not need to go into a separate menu as on the same bracelet from Xiaomi, where long scrolling is performed in search of the desired Function., As for this watch, it is enough it is easy to swipe to the right and all the music control functions are in front of you. Very comfortably.. There is also sleep monitoring, heart rate tracking throughout the day, with a warning about a rapid, heartbeat, counting your steps, a timer.. In addition, it is possible to connect a camera on the phone and control it from a distance through the watch.. You click on the camera. Icon on the watch – and this turns on the camera on the phone with a slight twist of your wrist, you take a picture.

Works quickly and correctly.. There is a separate menu for women.. By the way, the manufacturer makes it possible to install additional applications for which you need to generate a code in this section of the menu and through it you can view and select the applications you like., I didnt do it its enough that we have., But for Lovers of everything and more, the manufacturer offers this option.. Also the company did not forget the device search function.. There is an alarm clock that will remind you of a scheduled event.. I also want to note the convenience of setting up the most necessary functions.. For example, swaping down with a finger opens a menu where I can quickly adjust the display. Brightness do not disturb mode and an alarm clock.. Why do I focus on this.? Yes, because on Xiaomi several times the screen itself changed the brightness to the economy mode, while without my desire and on the street, you start frantically. Looking for the quotadditionalquot item in the menu first somewhere there, you find the quotsettingsquot item. And finally, there you already see the item quotbrightnessquot and all this on a barely readable screen with very small letters.. Everything is more thoughtful here.. I went into a room where there was a dim light. When you unpack the watch, there will be a code on the screen by generating which, on your smartphone, you will be taken to the page with the download of this application, and then there will be a surprise.

. The application does not download, at least at the time when I tried to do it., Not scary.. We remember the name of the application itself, which will be highlighted on this page, since it is small.. This is quotH Bandquot and we find it in the Play. Market. Download and open. Here you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to link the application to your account on your phone, and if there is none, you can register through your email with a made up password and wait until the activation code Arrives, but if you want to work in the application without activation and registration, the watch manufacturer gives you this opportunity. On the main page at the bottom. There is such an inscription to enter without registration and activation.. Now about the application itself. There is a monitoring of your steps at what time and how much you took them and burned calories. Sleep and heart rate monitoring again with time fixing. Further in the running section, you click on the function: quotBracelet movementquotand at the bottom, in the drop down menu, select The exercise that you need, then, click on the play, icon and start the lesson.. Here I decided to test this watch at the lesson itself to show you that everything works since, for example, steps are perfectly counted on the Xiaomi bracelet no complaints, but as for my favorite mode of transport, a bicycle then turning on this mode on the bracelet.

Through time it just disappears from the screen demanding to reconnect to the phone., So I tested this watch to see if it would function. Properly., Here are the figures of my classes for one day in front of you., They never passed out not during the very movement on the bike or when walking or during breaks for rest.. I turned them off myself when I entered the house.. Therefore, I can say that the motion tracking function works without interruption.. Well, the Menu itself is beautiful, varied and everything works. Smoothly. From the hardware part of the clock, bluetooth will be version 5.1.. The watch connects very quickly to the phone.. The battery has a capacity of 260mAh with the declared work on one charge up to 15 days.. The application can work on Android, starting from version 4.4 or IOS 9. And from the sensors. I will note the presence of acceleration a gyroscope and a heart rate sensor.. The dimensions of the gadget itself – 43mm x, 43mm with 12mm thickness and strap width 19mm.. Now it remains to summarize.. I liked the watch first of all by the ease of use, the quick access to the priority settings was thought: out., Beautiful animation of the modes themselves. A large colorful and bright screen with a good selection of wallpapers and a well defined font. Excellent reaction of the display to touch at least I did not see the brakes. It tracks exercises themselves. Well, the body is waterproof.

It is declared up to 10m under water and interesting applications with a large selection of settings. On the plus side Ill. Add the appearance, its not a shame, to give such a box with a gadget to someone close to you. And, of course, an attractive price.. Now you can buy them with a good discount on Aliexpress.. This watch was delivered to us in just two weeks in a well thought out package. In terms of protection.. You see there is no damage on the box., So we look and decide. All links for sale. We will post in the description under these videos.. Well, I am finishing my review and, as always, do not say goodbye to you. Good mood to you. All., Do not leave our channel to always be aware of the latest innovations in mobile devices., Be sure to comment like, and those who have not yet subscribed to our channel be sure to subscribe, not forgetting to click on the bell to be one of the first. To receive the latest video from our channel. Julia was with you.