I know using this watch for about two weeks, no right, two weeks 14 days. Well, how lower the swatches for this money is. Okay, first, i will say first con. Is this thing very thin, color coating it’s. I have first scratches here. One scratch see, you will not focus very bad to see, but here is one scratch and here is another scratch, and here too i will recommend if you have choice, don’t choice, this model with this color coating, better with without coloring, just steel series or whatever uh. How you can see the battery has 13 Music percents to two weeks first, and i order it by the way. The first review you can see here must be a link if you want to watch the full review. This is my review. After using this smartwatch two weeks well, although the battery life is not not so great, yes only two weeks or 14 days, maybe 15 days, you can leave this watch by the way. The new app for smartphones, ios and android is now all exactly, and this app basically works very well it’s synchronizing with my smartwatch, and there is no problems pros and cons for this watch. Well. First, con is this: is this how i say this coating it’s very, very, very bad, just a little scratch and you see the scratch second, yes, the battery life will feel better than if it will be longer, but this Music, but hey this is mid range smartwatch.

You cannot await something special all functions in this smartwatch works. I say very well no problems, i don’t know how accurate is this all stuff, but in my my personal opinion, if you ask me, are you recommend this smartwatch or not? I say yes, i recommend it. Yes, there is, is a lot of more smartwatches, maybe has a larger battery capacity, but but that’s okay for this mid range, smartwatch it’s. In my personal opinion. Yes, i will recommend it well, that’s, all if you like this video hit the like button, if you don’t like or dislike, do nothing please and subscribe for more videos like this. Okay that’s.