, and these are all kind of current generation devices that you can find directly on amaze fits website and also on amazon, so they aren’t discontinued and so we’ll be taking a closer look at. So you know maybe, which one is going to be the right one, to pick up for you, depending on your needs now in terms of pricing. To start with, the most expensive is the amazefit gts2 it’s, the closest to being a flagship out of the bunch and sells for around 170 bucks among the four. It also has the largest display that we can see here: measuring 1.65 inches diagonally it’s. Also an amoled panel next up in terms of the amazefit bipu there’s, also, a new model that was released in some markets called the bib. U pro, but both have a similar design and both are using ips lcd screens, which are also pretty bright and colorful. However, it isn’t amoled, which means there isn’t a always on display mode after the screen times out you’ll – need to flick your wrist in order to wake the screen again. Otherwise, the screen size is a little bit smaller than the gts. We can see here side by side, we’re talking about a difference of about 1.4 inches on the bip. U so about 0.2 inches smaller the difference, isn’t huge, but it does have a slightly larger bezel on the bottom bipu and bit view pro will sell for around 60 to 70 dollars so they’re fairly, affordable.

In fact about half the price of the gts2. The same thing goes with the original bip bip s and bip s lite. All of these variants uh were very popular and have been released on the market for a while now it’s, the oldest smart watch from amaze fit that still is in production. Just because of how popular it is and price point for this original bib slash, bip s is still around the same as the uh new amaze fit bit. U, the only difference is the screen size of the original bit is once again smaller measuring 1.2 inches versus again 1.4 inches, so we get a continued reduction by 0.2 inches, and now we have a different screen technology as well, instead of using amoled or ips lcd. We have a transflective e paper, display there isn’t, really a timeout like on amoled screens that reduces the animation. It always will look like this, no matter what you’re doing similar to maybe a e book reader or a kindle that you may already have it’s just super energy efficient in terms of this type of display and it’s actually easier to see when you’re pointing it. At light sources – and outdoors downside, however, is the transluctive nature of the screen does mean the colors aren’t, quite as vibrant as on these other displays. Pricing here is pretty much similar to the amazefit bipu. Finally, we come to the band either the amazfit band 5 or the mi band 5.

. Both of these are current generation. Fitness bands, which have the smallest screen out of the bunch measuring 1.1 inches diagonally. However, it’s also a amoled display, which means that colors are very contrasty and it’s the same technology found on the flagship gts. In fact, so it looks great. However, the band does not have a always on display mode that’s, more of a software restriction. I guess more than anything else, the band series, as expected since it’s, lighter and smaller, is also the cheapest uh wearable out of the bunch and it retails for 50 bucks. If you’re talking about the amaze fit band 5. However, i’ve often seen it go on sale for as low as 30 to 35 bucks. So if you’re on a budget – and you don’t want something that has too large of a display, this is going to be the cheapest option. It’S worth noting that some of the older smart watches from amazefit about a year or two ago, like the amaze fit pace and the amazefit stratos, also use the same translative technology as on the bip that they still use today. So if you do want something that has the always on screen and really conserves on battery, you don’t need something that has too much vibrancy in the panel. Then you can still consider some of those older smart watches and they still perform really nicely and have very similar feature sets to all the latest generation watches.

However, you do have to shop around to get it likely from a third party source because again it’s no longer sold directly from their site. It’S been technically discontinued, but just something to keep in mind since out of their current lineup. They’Ve really shifted to more vibrant screens. The only option that has a transfective screen is the bip all right so going over some of the other differences. Next in terms of functionality, i do have to say they’re all quite similar. The gtr2 gts2 both offer the most features in terms of the hardware, so they have a integrated microphone and speaker, which means that you can answer phone calls directly on these flagship watches. In addition, the built in microphone allows you to use some voice commands to access different features. Microphone and speaker are both missing on the bip. U, as well as the original bib bip s, slash bip s lite, however it’s also found on the amazefit band 5 does also have a microphone as well as alexa integration. So both of these are able to search through um, ask questions to the smart assistant and they can answer it to you. However, the band 5 doesn’t have a speaker, so you won’t be able to hear alexa read out loud. The messages to you. Other differences include gps, so the gtr 2 has a integrated gps chip, of course, along with the original bip, but out of the four. These are the two only ones that have integrated gps at the moment, if you’re shopping in the us, so that is a feature that’s nice to have if you’re someone that enjoys running outdoors and you don’t want to bring along your phone, you can just use this To trace your route, giving you more data at a glance now the accuracy of the gps is a topic that some folks have asked me about.

It’S, quite good, especially if you are an area that has a relatively open environment, that doesn’t have too much trees or doesn’t have too much buildings getting a lock on the signal takes about just five to ten seconds. In my testing, when i was outdoors in a relatively open area and afterwards, it was able to successfully track my location, even as i was moving around, even if the weather was cloudy. So i found it to be pretty effective. Now, if you’re in a really crowded or busy metropolis, it may take a little longer to get an accurate lock. It may not be to the same extent as say a garmin or an apple watch which do have a slightly more expensive gps chip, but it certainly isn’t bad and definitely does the job. I would say, it’s slightly improved in terms of the software optimization. The accuracy is a little bit better compared to the original bip. Another question that came up is whether these devices have built in nfc, and the answer is yes. The hardware of the gts2, as well as the gtr 2, does have a nfc chip integrated. However, all of xiaomi’s and amaze fit smart watches. The nfc chip is really only compatible with limited services, primarily if you’re in china, it will work with alipay, for example, it isn’t really open source, so you can’t use it with google wallet. Google pay since it’s, not an android, wear device, the other smart watches like the bib.

U emits the nfc hardware, but again since you can’t really use this too much in the us it’s, not really a functionality. I think that you’ll miss too much, even though it’s not present in the hardware, gts2 and gtr2 does also have wi fi baked, in which the other three trackers are missing. However, that’s another feature which is really just a plus an icing on the cake, it’s, not really a – must have, in my opinion, to be completely honest. So what the wi fi allows you to do is transfer music wirelessly instead of using a usb connection into the watch’s storage, if you’re someone that enjoys listening to music while you’re running or jogging since the gtr and gts both have baked in a memory about 4gb. So you are able to use it like a dedicated mp3 player. Even it has the ability to store some songs and you can connect this to wireless headphones and buds all of the other trackers by the way don’t have built in memory. So these other ones you can’t, store music locally on the watch itself. Some other minor software additions on the more expensive watch include a built in barometer or pressure sensor. In addition, it has a ambient light sensor as well, so the screen brightness can automatically adjust to get brighter and dimmer depending on your surroundings versus on these other ones. You have to adjust the brightness of the screen manually using the software, but other than that.

All the capabilities in terms of tracking really is exactly the same when you’re wearing it. The experience feels very similar, so they can all track things like your continuous heart rate, as well as your sleep and they’re. Also, all waterproof pretty much going to be rated at around 5 atm for waterproof, so you can use them when showering when taking a swim and they will all still survive, they’re, all very slim and lightweight, so it doesn’t feel distracting at all when you’re performing daily Activities it almost feels invisible, which is great battery life, is another area that’s worth discussing because they do have differences among them. I would say out of the bunch it’s the most high end, smartwatch, the gt s2, that has the weakest battery life in terms of regular usage. I would typically last around five days four to five days before i needed to recharge it again, that’s compared to over seven days, sometimes longer on the bip. U, as well as on the band which can sometimes get me around a week and a half a little bit shy of two weeks. Finally, the best battery life, though, definitely belongs to the bip bip s and the bit light this particular device with the transflective screen will get you through at least three weeks, sometimes even a month before you need to recharge it again. So, if something that will last you forever on a charge is your first priority, that is an advantage that the bib still holds still the others aren’t shabby i’d say especially compared to android wear and the apple watch that maybe you have to charge every day or Two, these are still going to get you at least twice the length of those, so it still feels pretty good to just charge it maybe once a week, construction quality wise are all fairly similar.

The again mesa gts as well as gtr, are the most premium, since they are the flagship model, so they do have a aluminum and metal rail. Other models are also pretty solid, although they are constructed out of a polycarbonate plastic. So the frame is a little bit cheaper. However, the glass is using corning gorilla glass, so for all four of these devices, they’re scratch resistant. The touchscreens themselves are pretty sensitive and responsive and it’s hard to scratch. Now, when it comes to the accuracy now of the tracking and performance, this is another big area that i think is worth talking about. Out of the bunch, i would say that the gts2 is the most conservative in the sense that if i wore all four of these and took a hundred steps, this one here would have the kind of lowest number of steps counted and tracked on the watch itself. It’S not off by too much 5. Vice versa. The original bip, as well as the band, are perhaps the most active in terms of counting steps. They’Re still not bad, but it’s kind of on the other side of the spectrum, where they maybe count. A few extra steps, maybe a little bit higher and then, most surprisingly, for me, the bip. U actually is perhaps the closest, at least in my initial testing. If i walked 100 steps, it seems to really just fall right on the spot, for the number of steps walked.

Overall, the margin of error are all close enough to be quite good and acceptable compared to industry standards and other wearables from different brands. So i’m happy with it overall, but just something to keep in mind when it comes to sleep tracking. The best accuracy comes from these two watches here the mace fit gt s2, as well as the bib. U and that’s, because these two have the latest software and firmware that supports napping even during the day times versus the original bip as well as some of the bands will only track sleep during the regular hours at night. Otherwise, in terms of the heart rate, monitors are also very similar, so they were all satisfactory as far as the heart rate monitor accuracy is concerned, it’s also worth noting that these two watches do have spo2 or blood oxygen monitoring uh baked in, but the original bip Slash bip s, light doesn’t have sp02 measurement. However, all four of these trackers don’t have blood pressure, monitoring, which is a feature i know some other smart watches are beginning to have so one more thing to keep in mind. Finally, i will say that the band does have a sp02 sensor if you opt for the amazefit band 5. However, if you pick up the xiaomi mi band 5, it doesn’t have an spo2 sensor. Maybe the last thing to talk about would be the customizability, as well as the interface style of the watches. Surprisingly, i would give this round overall to the bip: u, as well as the bipu pro, because technically they’re, the kind of latest smart watches from amaze fit, and so they have the newest software.

It allows you to take a look at different types of data directly from the watch, whether it’s steps for the current day the past week. In addition to other statistics, including sleep as well, that you can even take a look at your past sleep record which, by the way you can’t view on the gts2 at the moment, so we are hoping for a software update that will also bring some of these Features into the software of the watch itself, but otherwise you can definitely view that information on your smartphone after syncing it over, but the screen is also the highest in terms of the refresh rate because it’s the most expensive watch. So it feels perhaps the smoothest in terms of scrolling, as you can see there, customization between all three of these watches are all quite similar in the sense that you’re able to long hold to change the dial and you’re also able to change different elements within the Dial, for example, you can you can tweak what these interactive widgets can display. So you aren’t looking at just a static image, you’re able to say customize the ring here to show instead of heart rate, my calories or something like that. So, at the end of the day, there isn’t really a clear winner that’s, because all the mace fits watches are pretty popular for a reason, they’re all quite strong in terms of what they provide. I would say if you are looking for the best battery life, the original bip is still a great idea to consider followed by the band.

If you’re also on a budget, you want to get the cheapest device, but really you’re not missing too much either. In terms of features, if you do want the most polished experience, you want the best looking kind of watch style because of the small bezels, as well as having the most features on paper. Maybe answering phone calls, then the gt s2 is definitely still worth considering the bib. U maybe has the best overall balance. I think often times it’s a wise choice to try out the mid end, because it offers something right in the middle between the kind of budget model, as well as the flagship, but really giving you everything. You need for the average folk looking for an affordable, but really well performing smart watch, so that’s more or less it. As far as our comparison between again these current generation wearables that you can still find from you on amazefit site, you can check out more details in the links down below, as well as our original reviews.