Basically, this is a clone it’s, a watch that’s trying to look like an apple watch, so without further ado, let’s unbox it and see what comes from china for 33 us dollars. The unboxing experience in itself is really nice and the box got a very nice graphite color to it, and it looks nice and sturdy inside of the box. You’Ll find the watch itself and also this little pouch here inside of the pouch you’ll find a nice second. Synthetic strap and underneath here, you’ll, find a user manual comes both in english and chinese it’s, a thorough step by step manual, which should allow you to connect your watch easily to your phone, and there is a qr code to download this software, which is called fit. Fly in order to connect this watch to your phone, the fk 99 also comes with a secondary silicon strap, and this time the charger has been completely modified. Now we’ve got truly wireless charger. The watch comes with the screen, which is 1.75 inches across with updated resolution, which is 330 by 385 pixels, which is a lot better than we’ve. Seen in all the previous apple clones, and also this is an ips display, meaning that there is no amoled or anything like this, but colors do look, vibrant and the screen is sort of bright enough to see information well enough in the daylight. What comes with the chipset, which is mtk2502c? We did come across this process before, however, it’s not the quickest, yet it’s, not the slowest.

The watch comes with two bluetooth modules: one is 3.0, the other one is 4.0 and we know those are the slightly older versions of bluetooth modules. So therefore they will be draining battery a little bit quicker. Talking about the battery. This watch comes with 220 milliamp battery um. The watch will fully charge within two hours. There is no ip rating mentioned anywhere on the official page link to which i will leave down below uh, where i purchased this watch from or anywhere on, the watch itself or anywhere in the main in the manual um. However, i did my own test and this watch passed shower test, just fine um one word of advice, obviously, because the ip rating is not mentioned on this particular model, i probably wouldn’t advise taking it to a swimming pool. Now, if we talk about the build quality of this particular model fk99, i have to admit this watch is actually really well made. Um it’s, obviously it’s going to be far from being sort of an original apple watch. However, for the clone, i think is really well made so because the actual body of the watch is manufactured so precisely, even though it doesn’t have a release mechanism for the straps, both of the ends of the strap actually sit in there very tight. So therefore, you’re not going to be worried about those straps moving uh from side to side throughout the day on the right side of the watch, you’ve got your two physical buttons, one is the crown.

The other one is is the bottom button. The crown is multifunctional. So you can press it and you can also um. You can also scroll uh with the crown, so you can scroll through the menu you can scroll through. The watch faces later. I’Ll show you that later on and the bottom button usually takes you from like your menu. It just gets you back to your sort of main main screen and in between two buttons. You’Ve got a little cutout that’s, where your microphone hides and on the left side of the watch. You’Ve got two speaker. Grilles um i’m gon na have to say that speaker gets fairly loud um and if you find yourself in a instead of in a noisy environment, you should be able to hear um. Whoever you’re gon na have a conversation uh just fine and at the back of the watch. This is all one piece glass, and this is where your senses are. Senses are rubbish, i have to admit, and we will have a look at them later on as well. So now let’s have a quick look at the menu of the watch um, if you scroll from top to bottom that doesn’t give you the access to your quick settings in in. In actual. In actual fact, that gives you access to a phone number dial, which is a bit unusual anyway, but then, if you scroll from bottom to top, that gives you access to your quick settings.

So first thing first thing: first, you can see if you’re connected to the bluetooth you’ve got things like do not disturb. So if you don’t wan na, if you don’t wan na hear this noise all the time you can just uh, you can just put it on a silent mode and that will obviously it uh it will. It will mute so now your watch will not make any noises, and i personally i prefer it this way and obviously the vibration will be turned off and you’re not going to be disturbed right down to the bottom. This is where you’ve got your battery. Um power. Saving mode, so if you, if you think to yourself that you’re not going to make it through through the whole day, you’re not going to make it back home, you can always turn that on and that will dim the screen and will turn certain things off. Just so, the battery will last a bit longer then those little dots in the right top corner. This is the option for you to change your menus. So right this minute, the menu looks like this, so you’ve got nine separate, um icons and in the grid uh, and if you wanted to you, can change it. There are several several things you can several menus, you can choose, so this is what they call a space menu and that’s something we’ve seen in the past on fk, 88 personally, i’m, not a huge fan of this menu.

I personally think it’s a bit if it’s a bit messy it’s a bit hard to sort of navigate through and then the final menu is. Obviously you have to have. Your apple apple watch look alike menu, but because this is a slight, this watch has a slightly slower processor. Unfortunately, there will be a lag and you’re not really going to enjoy the experience. So personally, i think you’re better off sticking with the nine grid, because that just it just feels a bit more fluid. It just feels a bit better, in my opinion, like i’m, just going to show you now look that just just feels just feels right, so you can use that no problem whatsoever down here. You’Ve got your little torch. So if you press that your screen will be a little with a white color and that allows you to navigate through a very dark environment so then in the main menu you can see some information about the watch itself. So if you click on that, that shows you the name of the watch and some ip address information and things like that um. Obviously, you can see if the bluetooth is being connected, then if we jump into your heart rate center, this is where the fun begins, because the watch is not on my wrist. The watch is not on the table. Is the watch is in the air um and if you just give it a second, you will see that the watch will actually take reading there.

We go 82 bits per minute um and it doesn’t really matter where you’re gon na put the watch on same goes for your steps. You do expect at at least five to six hundred extra steps per day. Um. Sometimes it can be even more. It could go into thousands, so if you’re someone who’s very passionate about their sport, this this watch is not it’s, not gon na be for you, then. If we jump into a physical activities, we can just scroll through and we can see what sort of sport modes you’ve got here. So you’ve got outdoor, walking, indoor, walking, indoor and outdoor running you’ve got cycling and obviously, if you’re taking any readings you can, you can choose to save them into your records. For your further reference later on, you’ve got some setups you’ve got your bluetooth settings. You’Ve got your clock settings so if we jump into clock settings often asked um. How do you change time? How do you change date on this particular watch? You can actually change it within the watch, so in here you can change it, whereas with the other some some of the other manufacturers, you actually have to just connect the watch correctly to your phone and the time and the date will be updated. Automatically you’ve got um setups for these sounds, but you have to be connected via bluetooth. You can change um ringtones, you can change. Notification sounds for this particular watch. You can ch, you can choose how loud they will uh sound on the watch as well.

But personally i prefer to turn them off um you can. You can manipulate some of the settings for the screen i’m, currently using it on maximum brightness um, and also you can choose between how fast your screen will turn off once you stop using it, you can, you can actually choose it to be as long as 60 Seconds so your screen will stay on for a minute at a time, then, if we jump into international, this is where you can actually change the language and it’s, probably a good time for me to show you what sort of languages this particular watch has inside. So english, french, spanish, portuguese filipina, please excuse me: i’ve got no idea what those other languages are. Obviously this is my mother tongue rushing language and these are the languages that you can. You can choose within the watch. You can do the same thing in the app and we will take a look at the app later on then further down you’ve got things like you can find your you can find your phone if you’ve lost it. You’Ve got a little qr code to download the app you can set the alarms uh via the watch itself, um very useful because you can actually choose on which day and what time and how often the alarm will sound. So you can do that. This is your music player. Music play is very simple and straightforward. You can listen to the music via the watch if you’re not connecting with your wireless um earbuds.

At the same time, however, if you’re gon na have your earbuds connected to your phone, the watch will become just as a remote control, so you’ll be able to skip the tracks you’ll be able to uh control control the volume and things like that through here. So very simple and straightforward you’ve got your sleep tracking sleep tracking is crap um. It comes usually at about um extra two hours. It gives you extra two hours per night of sleep, even though you’ve slept only let’s, say eight hours, it’ll tell you that you’ve slept for ten hours, so i wouldn’t rely on sleep tracking or any of the senses. You’Ve got your weather weather is fairly straightforward. Once again, you have to be connected by the bluetooth, but it gives you information about today and tomorrow, uh, which is quite good. This is a gesture control, so what you can do is you, can you can jump into there and you can toggle certain things on and off and that’s, basically allowing you to use your uh watch um with the gesture. So, for instance, if you have, if you’re receiving a phone call – and you don’t want to answer it or you don’t want to hear the noise, you know the sound. All you have to do is just turn the wrist upside down like briefly, and it will actually decline the phone call or will just a mute phone call. So that’s a that’s, a neat little feature there uh often asked as well.

This is your calculator, so i don’t really know. Why would you want to have a calculator in the watch but it’s there if you needed to there’s, also calendar, so it shows you today’s date and if you click on that, you can actually see the whole month, which is that’s a useful feature in the watch. I personally that’s what i think, if you wanted to, you, could use your watch as a remote control for your selfies just in case, if there is no one around to help you out with that, you’ve got your little uh stopwatch just there very simple and straightforward Uh it’s, not a fancy stopwatch or anything like that. You just press play, you can count um laps and you can just reset it at the end. You can you can’t actually do much about it. Notifications, that’s often a very, very important question standard notifications, like uh text messages that come through. You can actually read them fully. Uh you can’t reply to them, but you can just delete them and that’s about it, um and social medias. Unfortunately, i can’t tell you exactly what social medias will this watch show, but facebook instagram telegram these things did come through and they work just fine this little microphone here that allows you to connect to your siri or google assistant, whichever you’re using right down at the Bottom and the final icon here is this black globe and if you click on that that allows you to choose between different um animations.

So, for instance, you can have none or you can have slide that’s what i’ve got at the minute or you can choose cubes. So you could basically go two animations, so if you click on cube that’s how the cube sort of acts and then, if we change it to slide because person, i prefer sliders got a smoother animation. In my opinion, uh you can choose slide. So what i’ll do now is i’ll demonstrate you what sort of watch faces and you can actually see how many watch faces are pre installed on this watch. Majority of them are already pre installed on the watch. Um. I will show you some extra watch faces that can be downloaded via the app later on, but what we’ll do now is i’ll quickly scroll through and you just have a quick look, quick look at them and you can count watch faces along with me as well. Music, so i’ve counted 27 watch faces, including the one that i’ve showed you right at the beginning of the video um. However, as we all know from now on in f case um, some of the watch faces you can tap the screen on the watch face and it will change the color. So technically there is more than 27 watch faces because some of them got different colors and in the app you can download. Some extra watch faces, but don’t be all hyped up because there’s only 16 extra watch faces available, and i had this watch for more than two weeks now and unfortunately the library has not been expanded and i don’t really think it’s going to be expanding anytime soon Or maybe not at all, so what i’ll do now is i’ll demonstrate you how the microphone sounds on this watch, because a lot of you are trying to sort of purchase yourself watches where you can actually have a decent conversation with your friends over the watch, and You will make a decision whether this microphone is good enough for you or not hi guys.

So this is a quick test of the microphones xk99. So the watches on my wrist about 25 to 30 centimeters away from my face um, and this is how the voice um will sound if the watch is on your wrist when you’re having a conversation with someone. So this is how people will hear you on the other side of the line, so you can make up a decision, whether that’s, anybody or not, and whether that’s up to your expectations. So let me remind you this isn’t voice head for fk99 right now. Let’S just jump quickly into the app and then we’re going to come back and we’re going to summarize today’s video and i’ll express some of my thoughts about this particular product. All right guys, so let’s take a look at the fit fly app um. If we can see the watch is connected, so if you go to the first page, this is where you can see how many steps you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burned, and this deep track and all those things but because the senses are crap, i wouldn’t rely On this page whatsoever, so let’s go to the second page. This is where you can see all the different options. Things like, for instance, lift your wrist to lighten up the screen, and you can change the languages in here. You can set up some alarm alarms here. You can put some you know, can turn on some notifications.

If you need to – and most importantly you’ve got your watch faces on this page as well um. So what we’ll do now is we’ll have a look at the watch faces? There are currently um, only 16 watch faces available and for the past two weeks, unfortunately, nothing has been updated. So you shouldn’t really expect much whatsoever, but these are the watch faces that you can download to your watch. If you wanted to and then right down at the bottom, you’ve got an option to upload your own picture and then upload this picture to your watch and use it as a wallpaper. If you wish to so that’s about it about this app and what we’ll do now is we’ll come back to our review and we’ll summarize it for you today, majority of those of you who were looking forward to buy this watch must probably closed this video already And you went to aliexpress and you probably purchased them already. You know that probably the purchase being made and that’s that’s fair enough if that’s something you wanted to do, that’s absolutely fine. However, this is my personal opinion. This product here cost 33 us dollars in the past year or so i’ve ordered a number of different watches from different manufacturers. Uh and obviously this is a very hyped up product. Many people want to buy themselves an apple watch. However, apple watch usually cost 350. To probably 500 us dollars and that’s that’s a hefty price to pay.

You know for the 33 us dollars, there are so many manufacturers, and so many companies out there from china that can actually offer you a lot more for your money than these particular models. Can um it sounds good on the paper. It sounds like there’s, a there’s, an exciting screen with a brilliant resolution, and there are so many different options and things like that. But if you someone who values more uh, let’s say good working sensors and, for instance, you you value a longer battery life and things like that. This is definitely not a product for you. You’Re just going to be wasting your money on all of these clones because since day one since they uh when i’ve purchased my first clone um, they haven’t really changed. Yes, they do they do evolve year after year. They do become better, but i think they’re never going to catch up with an apple watch or for that matter of fact, with any other watch at all, so pros and cons of this. So just just to summarize, this particular watch um. I do like the screen. The screen looks good. I do like the fact that they actually shrank the body but increase the resolution and increase the size of the screen. I think it’s it’s a very good way forward. Um, i do like the actual build of the you know, build quality of the watch because it looks it looks really really neat uh from the side and you can easily mistake it for the real apple watch.

So, for instance, if that’s something are you looking for. You know you probably be in for a good buy um but um on the negative side. You know sensors don’t work, the battery is crap and you can’t really download many watch faces and i really really don’t like the idea of changing watch faces with the you know, with the rotation of the crown uh. It would be much much better if the if the screens, you know the the watch faces were changed via the menu, so, for instance, if there was a separate icon for the watch faces, so therefore you wouldn’t be able to tap the screen and you wouldn’t be Able to rotate, but you know the crown you would have to go into the menu to physically change. That would be better still no release mechanism, although the straps actually sit in there tight. If i want to buy myself something different, you know different type of straps. Perhaps they could probably start sliding about. So a simple thing you know like maybe just just copy the actual like release mechanism and put them on on the watch. You know would make it a lot better as well, so all in all, i can’t recommend this product because i don’t believe in it um. I hope this video has been helpful. I hope i’ve answered some of the questions for you guys who’ve been looking forward to buying this particular model um. If you, if you still have any questions, don’t hesitate, comment down below i’ll do my best to answer any of the questions that you might have um.

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