What i’ve done today is i’ve actually gathered up. Three watches: i’ve got hw22 fk 88 and dt93 each and every single watch has been reviewed by me on this channel. So if you want to see an individual review of each and every single watch of those just go to my playlist for watches and you’ll find them all in there. So first thing that i’d, like to mention, is the difference between different charges. So this charger here this cradle, belongs to hw22, so that looks like that. Charger for fk 88 looks like that, which is which sort of resembles apple watch charger, and then dt93 charger looks like this. The reason why it’s got four pins, not the two pins, is because this charger can be used to transfer data onto the watch that’s the first sort of um plus side for the dt93. That watch has um internal memory, which i believe is about 512 megabytes, which you can use to transfer some mp3 files, so m3 tracks. So, like your music onto the watch – and you can you can list it from there, then so second point which isn’t the most important, but some people find it is to be important – is the packaging that your watch will arrive in this package here. This rectangular box belongs to dt93, so when you’re gon na order dt93, this is how you’re gon na receive that then hw22 is shipped in a box that looks like that and finally, fk 88 uh ships in the box like this and box wise.

This must be the most enjoyable opening experience, because it’s um, it basically just represents apple watch of the sixth generation, so it’s, a nice experience, price wise. First of all, hw 22 uh ships from aliexpress with a free shipping. Each and every single one of those uh came with the free shipping. So the hw22 cost 30 us dollars. Fk 88 cost 52 us dollars and dt 93 cost 33 us dollars, so the cheapest one is hw22. Second, most important point is the uh. Is the battery battery inside of each of those watches. Hw22 comes with 200 milliamp battery, which will last for a good 10 working days, so pretty much over a week of use of one charge. Fk 88 comes with 220 milliamp battery, which will only last one to two days, which is a huge disappointment. To be honest with you and dt93 comes with the biggest battery yet, which is 230 milliamp, and this watch should last you seven to ten days which isn’t bad at all. Third point is the obviously your display that’s, what you’re going to be looking at most of the time, the size of display of hw22 is 1.75 inches across with resolution of 320 by 385. Pixels fk88 comes with a screen of 1.78 inches across with the resolution of 320 by 385, meaning that the screen size is slightly bigger on fk 88. But the resolution is exactly the same between these two, whereas the dt93 has same screen, size which is 1.

78 inches across yet the resolution on this screen is 420 by 485 pixels. So, quite a lot more so therefore, the picture quality on the dt93 is crisper and is just better to look at anyway. Next point is the software that you’re gon na use to connect these watches to your phone. The hw22 uses wear fit pro, which, in my opinion, is a fairly raw uh software, but it does uh most of the things really well and i’m sure that those who stand behind the app, if they sort of, if they surprise us with couple of more updates I’M sure the software will be decent enough. I think i think it just just looks good fk 88 uses a app that’s called fit fly. The app itself is non existent really because all it does, it connects your watch to your phone and then, if you go to the app it just it just looks it just looks wrong because it looks like it’s broken. It looks like it’s undeveloped. You can’t actually do anything you can’t uh, trace any your physical activities or anything like that. It just just looks horrible, so the fk 88 app, which is just non existent and dt93, is using fit cloud pro it’s, a software that’s been out for quite some time and we’ve, seen quite a few watches in the past in the past, actually using this software. So the guys had some time to um do some updates and minor tweaks and so on, so the app for the dt93 works and it works.

Alright, next point is what i called is animation and ease of use of the watch. Hw 22 is easy to use. It’S easy to understand, as you can see, the animation is nice and smooth and if we go to the menu – and i just do that, you can see is – is it’s, nice and smooth as well, so compared to the fk88 um. In my opinion, it’s harder to use first of all, you can compare. You can compare the animation for yourselves just watch and decide for yourself which screen represents a better animation, the smoothness of the animation, and if we change back to the fk 88 menu. That even looks more confusing, to be honest with you, because i don’t, like the amount of colors they use per screen, and the text is very small it’s hard to read. I don’t like this menu at all, it’s, very confusing, and then, if you go to sub menus, there are so many options to choose from it’s just it’s a never ending. So i find fk8 really hard to use and the uh with the poor animation. So the dt93 – i find it one of the easiest watch to use as well, so the menu is very simple, it’s, very straightforward, it’s, just the least animation is decent enough for the price as well. So next point is quite important to some of the people. It would be the quality of the sensors that you would find in the watch.

Hw 22, as well as fk 88 sensors um, pretty much non existent. You can’t rely on them uh they uh. They show um parameters which are off by quite a bit. Most of the time um and the only watch here that does the job and actually gets somewhere near to the real readings of your heart rate or your oxygen levels and your steps and calories burned and so on. These would be dt93, so that’s a win for dt93 there. The next point is quite important to me on occasions. I do take watch with me into the shower because i can’t be asked to take them off, or maybe i just want to clean. My watch as well would be the ip rating, so water resistant rating and hw 22 comes with ip rating ip67 been tested. I’Ve been taking them to shower with me on several occasions: they work just fine after then, no steam underneath the glass or anything like that. Afk 88. Each and every single seller that i went through on aliexpress, never ever displayed any information about ip rating. So i can’t be even been testing them in the water. I just i just don’t rely on that. I don’t think with gaps around the crown and the button and so on. I don’t think the water will sort of stay away, i’m sure it’s just going to damage the watch so unfortunately for fk, 88 and dt93 comes with ip rating of 67 as well and they’ve been to shower with me on several occasions, and everything works just fine.

Next point is quite important to some of the people would be. The amount of watch faces that you get per watch, um hw22 comes with 60 plus watch faces and there will be further updates and there will be more watch faces. Added to this watch. Fk 88 comes with a pre, fixed 40 plus watch faces, i think it’s about 42 watch faces and they all stored on the watch and the biggest biggest biggest downside of this watch is that watch faces can be replaced by simply scrolling the crown and it’s a Nightmare it’s an utterly utterly utterly nightmare, because crown is not um it’s, not very tight movement. So, like i said in my review before any any any sudden movement uh of the crown would change. Uh would change the the watch phase, which is to me it’s a big. No. No, i just i just can’t stand it it’s, so annoying because your watch faces will be changing all the time and dt93 comes with 32 watch faces and they are fixed. There has been no update of the watch races for the past month and a half, so i don’t have my hopes for the watch faces to be updated on this watch. So if, if that’s something that’s important to you, probably stick to hw22, if you want to have more watch faces, because these two here probably won’t, have any more watch races upload it in the near future and now the last point is the um it’s not going To consider all three watches but it’s just we’re going to concentrate on hw22 and fk88 because they supposed to represent apple watch for the sixth generation.

Here, the fk 88 takes all the prices because it looks like an apple watch of the sixth generation. All the buttons work as they should, as they would on the six apple watch, six generation and it’s, just all in all it’s. A good clone of apple watch. Don’T get me wrong, whereas hw 22, although looks similar to apple watch of the sixth generation, but the biggest downside is that this bottom button is is a fake button. You can’t press it. There is no movement to it whatsoever, it’s just engraved into the actual uh casing, so that’s that’s, the way it’s done and at the back hw22 has got some writing. Um uh afk fk 88’s got nothing written on it. Um the speaker grille on hw 22, is completely open um, whereas on fk 88 the top grill bit is fake, it’s all sealed up and the bottom bit is open. I think that was purposely done so that the speaker can actually sound a bit loud because you narrow the space and therefore i’m increasing the the sound of it. Comparing these two uh together, fk 88 has a louder speaker, it’s, a slightly better sounding speaker, so it makes life a bit easier when you’re going to be talking to someone on the phone to um, summarize today’s comparison. If you’re looking for an apple watch, uh clone um between comparing between these two, i would say, go for hw22. It does everything well, except for phone calls, because the speaker doesn’t get as loud as you.

You want it um and unfortunately the microphone is not the best. So whoever you’re talking to probably not going to hear you as good fk 88 is it does better when it comes to a phone call conversation. So the microphone is slightly better and the speaker is louder and you can actually manipulate the the level of the sound whilst having a conversation with someone so that’s something to consider, but everything else. The fk 80a just does horribly wrong everything. The battery is horrible. The screen is not as good to look at as the other two watches and the i couldn’t find the ip rating for it and the annoying wheel. Movement and the crown movement is just there as well so um. The only thing it does better than hw22 would be the phone calls and, if you’re not bothered about the actual look of the apple watch – and you were looking to choose between these three uh gt93 could be a good choice for you, because it does everything well, It’S also got speaker and a got a microphone. The speaker gets quite uh loud and the microphone is quite clear. So you could, you could buy yourself these and save yourself some money and have a nice watch as well, especially if you would change the strap from these, not particularly nice. Looking gray to perhaps maybe a leather strap would be good as well. So i hope this video has been helpful and especially for those who’ve been trying to choose watch between these three three models.

If i’ve missed anything or you’ve got any further questions, don’t hesitate, comment down below i’ll.