Now let’s go. Firstly, we need to go to the bid connection, then click search new device and there is power on bluetooth. First, yes, then, we can go to the setting in the iphone and go to the bluetooth, and now we can see the iphone is showing in the search result. We click to pair and in the iphone there will be a bluetooth pairing request. We click pair and now we can see the fk88 is connected and we can go to here to enable the show, notification and the synchronized contact. Then we can go to the phone book and click the sync with the phone and now it’s stylizing. Okay, now we can see the phone numbers are synchronized to the watch. The bluetooth is connected. We need to go to the fit fly, app, then click the device, and now we can search the smartwatch we can see. The fk88 is in the search result and we click to pair and now it showing the watch is connected and it is loading okay. So now the watch is connected. The app has three pages. The first page is to synchronize those data, such as steps spot and the script monitor and the heart rate data from the watch to the phone and the device page we can see. There is a wrist wrist up gesture and the language you can select several language and alarm clock and the sendentory reminder you can enable to remind you and also strip 13 goals and the watch face.

This is the popular functions. Firstly, there are five existing watch faces. You can synchronize from the phone to the watch and also you can customize. You can take a picture or select a photo in your in your phone. Now i have select the photo and you can adjust the size. Then you can also change the type to digital pointer and you can see the clock and also the position and also the color after you finish, the selection, you can click send, then the watch face will say, connect to the watch, and now we can see it Is successful, then we can check so the watch face is in the watch now. Let’S see some other interesting functions such as this watch face when you click the face, will change and this one so it can change and this one and then the bluetooth music. This. What you can control to play the music and the music sound is from the watch and also you can adjust the musical volume in the watch, but not the phone.