This is the unboxing of the mibro air smartwatch, and this will also be a full review with the tutorial segment with a feature segment in this video you’ll just learn everything there is to know about this watch. So this smartwatch can be bought in lazada. The link for that will be in the description below the watch is a sub brand of xiaomi. Mi bro is the main brand and this charger is magnetic. So it only goes one way you can’t go the other way around if you tried it as much as possible, don’t charge in a humid condition, and you get you know your user manual and your tutorials so for the features it has a 24 hour heart rate, Recording the watch will analyze your daily exercise and automatically detect. If you have a jogging session or if you have an intensive exercise, it contains 12 sports modes that you will see later. It will record your daily sleep status, including your deep sleep, light sleep and awake. The material for the front side, it’s glass, this back covering of the heart rate sensor, is plastic, but everything else is made of metal it’s very solid. The band is very flexible and it doesn’t sweat the wrist it’s uh it’s, a good quality material and at least it’s not really a fingerprint magnet. The screen is but the rest of the parts. No, it has an ip68 waterproof rating, so you can use it to you know wash your hands.

You can use it in the shower as much as possible. Don’T do deep, diving, but you could swim with it as long as it’s, not salt water, so to set up just download the amiibro fit app it’s available on the app store and the play store and after that’s installed, just go and follow the instructions. So, by the way this watch goes for and fifty four 1554 on last global, so buy from last global. The link is in the description, it’s sold by simpson, store. Thank you for sending it over. So in las global. You have a seven to eight day delivery time. Delivery is very fast, it’s, very good, and if you want to pair the watch to your phone, just one click of a button and it will pair it will search for the device and just tap on the mibro air. It’S connected no worries about that, and so yes, you have different colors here you have a gray, strap you have a black strap, a pink one, a green one, so it’s all up to you and you know it’s very premium and as we can see here, if We, you know press the brightness button, we can change the brightness of the watch, so it’s very visible in daylight and in the sun you know it’s, not so it’s, not so bright, it’s sufficient enough and we’re back to the home screen. And if we go to the left, you can change the order of these things.

I will show you later how to do it, so you know we have a heart rate. Monitor again, you can open the settings in the app to change it to record 24 hours. It will record at an interval of one hour and you know heart rate it’s, a very good feature, it’s a very important feature when it comes to smart watches and you have to make sure to pick a smart watch that is accurate in determining your heart rate And actually, i use the me band 4 it’s a product by xiaomi also, and i will compare the mi band for data to the data of the mibro air. So in the left we have the xiaomi smartwatch, the mi band 4 and on the right we have the mi bro. We can see that it’s it’s, alright yeah accuracy would be a 6.5 and the sleep accuracy, sleep detection. I would say that the me bro is more accurate in determining my wake up in my wake up time compared to the mi band 4, so that’s, a plus for the amiibro air, very good at detecting your sleep distribution. If you swipe down from the sleep, you can definitely find this information sleep distribution for the week and you have music control. So if you want to control your music, you also have your timer, so you can. Of course you can pause your time or you can play it and you can always press x or customize have your own time hour minute seconds.

So very, very simple guys. Here we have the data, we have the steps, you know number of minutes and here’s how to remove. I remove the data, we can add a component. We have different components here or they call it components. So you have a maximum of three to four quick access components and if we swipe down from the home screen, we will find our messages so here’s a do not disturb. Do not disturb the race. To wake feature will not be available, and next is. We have the stopwatch it’s a feature, packed watch and i really like it it’s, not too bulky it’s, not too small. It fits right in my wrist. My wrist is quite small and if you have big wrists uh, definitely it will support that also, and it has three built in watch faces and of course we can definitely change that, and here we can find our phone. It will ring a ringtone in our phone and if we press understood it means that the ring will stop and settings race to wake feature so i’ll show you i’ll demonstrate the race to wake feature. So you know there you go so you know, when you raise your hand, see there, you go yeah, it opens the screen. You get your time. You’Re notified all of those things and, of course, it’s it’s, it’s very premium, and for the price we have to consider the price the price is 1500 or even 1.

600 depends on the time you watch this video this one. If you shake your watch, it will take a picture only through the app and here you have your 12 exercise – 12 sports modes. So you can definitely change the kilometers. You can change how you want your exercise to be tracked. All this all this information will be stored in the watch itself, because it does have some megabytes of storage, but then, once you connect it to your phone, it will automatically sync just make sure you have your phone near you so that all the information will sync To your phone and for the data we have steps, minutes active and 13 bouts, which is uh. We have our that’s uh, the activity rating, probably and so yeah. These are all of the features it’s a feature, packed watch and responsiveness, it’s, quite responsive, it’s, it’s. Good enough. I really like the responsiveness of it. As you can see here the watch faces. This is personally my favorite watch face and here’s the app okay, so here’s. How we will see the app when we first launch it, so i press the top part. This will be our activity goals, it’s, just all very important information, let’s just wait for it to load. Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to sync my data previously, but this should load faster if this were your scenario, so here i’ve pressed the heart rate, and so, as we can see here, we have different informations about your heart rate, so exercise heart rate will be 80 to 109 bpm never mind that’s the warm up and relax and fat burning will be 110 to 130 bpm cardio training 130 to 160 endurance enhancement would be 160 to 179.

Extreme exercise will be from 80 to 220 bpm. So you have your informations here and definitely you can track your heart rate. As you can see here, it just takes a time. It just takes a some time to load my phone’s quite slow. So, as you can see here a day to day analysis of our part, three that’s very nice and the sleep detection rate is better than its heart rate: detection it’s, not the most accurate, because it only does one hour interval. So hopefully, once you buy this product because i do recommend it, you know me: bro will update their app and hopefully bring us some new features. I will definitely use this watch in the future i’m. Actually, using it right now and i’ve used it for a week, and i can say that this product is quite effective in its job here. I just press the sleep detection and we have your deep sleep ratio. Your light sleep, your sober ratio, so you know all of those important information and you know we have some scientific values here. All of your you know sleeping data very important. You have your weight. Also sports record. I don’t do sports that much. I don’t record it, and here we have the fatigue feature, so the fatigue feature is very unique. The me band 4 doesn’t have this: the mi band 5 doesn’t. Have it that’s? Why i recommend this product, maybe more than the me bands, the more popular ones, because if we see here, we have 34, as our fatigue, level and 34 would be in the normal fatigue, reference value so well from 1 to 29, we are relaxed from 60 to 80, we are medium, medium stressed and high stress would be 80 to 99 or even 100.

So, as you can see here, my stress levels are on point very good. Not so stressed you know my highest is 53, which is just normal i’m. Not stressed this. You know pandemic, you shouldn’t be too stressed out and if you want to know your stress levels, definitely or your fatigue levels, however, just go open the app and just find it here. This watch has a very good feature set again and you can definitely open exercises from your phone and if you go to your mibro air, we have custom screen saver, which would be a custom watch face. And if you press installation it will go to the device sedentary reminder would remind you to stand up after you know an hour of sitting down. It’S, not good to you know, always sit down, find the bracelet will vibrate your bracelet raise your watch feature. You have your alarm clock, your take a photo health measurement frequency make sure to turn all of these features on and the battery life of this product lasted me. You know uh seven days so yeah really good product. I really do recommend my ratings for this product.