It’S cosped magic 2s parcel that i received today. Now i cut this packet 40 sports modes, 3 atmospheres. Waterproof more watch faces bluetooth, 5.0, 30 days, standby 360 pixel resolution 128 megabyte flash memory. I see here watch box, cospet magic 2s can withstand the pressure of 30 meters of water depth and can be placed in 30 meters of non flowing static water for more than 30 minutes. It is theoretically 20 times more waterproof than ip68 cost, but magic 2s supports non professional, diving swimming surfing. Wearing now i cut this plastic for open this box it’s really exciting moment: wow it’s, cospect, magic, twos, it’s, mostly popular one, for 40 sports modes triple upgrade of quantity quality experience let’s see what else there is with this watch box. I found here one extra watch strip it’s, looking good quality cost, but magic 2s takes the black strap as the default strap and also presents a skin friendly food grade. Silicone strap green, slash, black plus red one charging, cable, one warranty card and one user manual. Its full watch using guide helps you to learn about watch function and teach you how to use it correctly. More features notification, push sleep management, pedometer, sedentary reminder calorie consumption time display call reminder, alarm, clock blood, oxygen, heart rate, monitoring, stopwatch countdown let’s check, watch charging, cable, it’s charging wire, perfect size. I see some watch charging cable wire size too small. This watch charging head looking totally different in new design charging head connecting system totally magnetic.

If i want to connect it wrong position, it magnetic system, don’t, take charging head near charging ports and when i put it right position, it’s get connect. Magnetically. The battery capacity of 200 milliamp hours can support six to eight days of daily use without frequent recharging making. It more convenient to use. Now i connect this usb port and dc 5 volt charging adapter. It start to get charging now. I press power button and run on it. Now i swipe up to down, i see some shortcut menu that is apps qr code, brightness control, setting donald distrub option. I swipe right to left, i see walking summary heart rate, monitor and sleeping monitor system and same to left to right swipe. Now i swipe down to up, i see, watch menu that is state heart rate, sports, sleep, music control, notification, stopwatch countdown and setting option. Now i go to setting and i see theme option and swipe right. Oh left, i see different design watch theme now. I wear the watch, its watch strip very comfort and watch more slim, 128 and large memory for smoother operation cost, but magic 2s uses large 128 and flash memory which can install multiple languages. Multiple watch faces and multiple sports modes and it runs smoother than other similar products, it’s. Looking very nice and perfect in hand. Now i install fit apps on google play store and apple user, find it on apple apps store. I agree their terms and condition and create a new account by finished sing.

A few steps longer transmission range, more stable connection, faster response cost, but magic 2s has been upgraded to bluetooth 5.0 for faster response, more stable connections and longer transmission distances it’s. What tron on bluetooth permission and want some axis? I allow them now. I press add new device, and i see here cospect magic, twos found now i press it and try to connect it’s connected and it’s helps. The changing watch theme monitor health and sport status. Very easy, high definition display, improves the visibility of the screen. The integrated all metal body is equipped with a 1.3 inch high definition display with 360 pixel into 360 pixel resolution and 2.5 d high transparent curved glass, which can still be clearly visible in outdoor environments. This watch able to monitor 40 sports modes, walking walking machine treadmill, stair sports outdoor running trail, running outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, mountain biking, elliptical machine rowing machine stepper, sit ups, dumbbells, aerobics, pilots, yoga dancing, stretching badminton billiards bowling football, basketball table tennis, baseball rugby tennis, golf pool Swimming open water, skipping rope, shuttle, hula, hoop mountaineering, skiing, triathlon, taekwondo, kickboxing karate. Now i test my heart rate Music. Multiple watch faces. I have all the styles you need. Five brand original watch faces plus 21 personalized watch faces, plus diy watch faces, high quality brand designed watch faces and diy functions can meet your wearing needs. On any occasion, i have included all the link in the description you can check out the link for latest price guys.

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