We are going to do another unboxing video of a product that i bought online, which is this one, so it’s a t500 watch it’s one of the cheapest smart watch that i have searched and it’s uh. They said this is the best premium copy of apple watch series 5, so it’s the best premium copy. So why not? Try the bag online and Music, so i’ve tried um, searching for watches online and uh smartwatch, because i never bought hong kong smartwatch before this is one of uh famous searches, not cheap. As smart watch online and it’s supreme uh it’s the best premium copy, the office, uh apple watch series, five, so diba. Why not um? You can search this on shoppi i’m, not sure if nasa saw that, but maybe also on facebook marketplace price range and it costs around 1 800, and you know it’s nice. I think i remember let’s see i saw 600 i’m, not sure if premium copyright, but this one i have bought this for only 800 pesos. So this is going to be also um a tutorial and a review of this product now because i have been using it already for a week, so maya new verdict, please do hit the subscribe button below and also the notification bell button for updated, kasama vlogs. Thank you Music. So this is the d500 watch. Applause, Music, they’re interesting, so unlike apple watch, but this one, no only preslan shafter on enough also uh.

This one i don’t know it’s also speaker but it’s, just a display or a young along this apple watch, and then this one is the speaker Music. So this are the wristband actually very nice in memories, quality and bagandarian, dignitary, Music, it’s, the smartwatch users, manual, Applause, Music, and you know instruction how to use this watch Music Applause. This watch is applicable for both android and ios users, Music Applause and this one is the charger so metadata, Music, Music and so now, we’re going to open the watch. The brush long nut into so we’re going to set it in english, Music and some other multiple home display shop. That is the first one: Applause, Music, okay and then, if you swipe it up, putting flashlight put it back Applause. This is the bluetooth and the main menu style Applause, the calculator now, if you’re going to tap at the screen. So this is what it looks like Music here. So you can choose style, 2 click more then, the highlight style, 3., Music Applause, okay. So now i have my phone here, which is an iphone Music and you can see here, but um apple store, an icon Applause scanner, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so automatically Applause, notifications, cell phone call is military time so military times, and i like to use This option Music, then this one all right so now check that in hard, okay, so the enemy ilocha to get your heart rate but i’m, not sure if this is accurate, Music, Music, next Music, so athena’s setting secondary cells will be on you.

Can click open Music? Okay, so next lock, sync shirts 24 hours, 24 hour format, next volume, Music, Applause, Music, next display Applause and so i’m gon na determine option oops. So maritime remote capture that on remote capture is to take pictures using Music option. I find my device, so click belong and start and edit Applause, Music calculator. We also have here twitter, facebook and whatsapp. So next you have the reminders, bluetooth connection sleep monitor. We also have this motion record heart rate blood pressure – i’m, not sure if this is also accurate. As you can see, 126 over 85. we’ve got a more operation, then physical training run Music, cycling, tennis swap and volleyball, and the last one we have styler phone book. Music, so if you’re going to scroll it up, it will make it more, but then, if you’re going to scroll it down some uh notifications, man, Music Applause, also for notifications of my calls or texts also negan, we couldn’t shuffle alarm colombus but then for other functions. So it’s not really bad for its price. I am so my opinion. The minute about this product is it’s. Okay, um it’s, really good for its price. So if you are on a tight budget – and if you just want to experience having an apple watch series, you can buy this one it’s recommended because it does the job of a smart watch. But then the only downside of this is um battery life.

Yeah i’m. Not sure if i know Music Music, i don’t think uh. This was just gon na be for you at all, but if you’re a person who always need to watch their notifications or yeah malaya means but need more notify about your messages. You’Re called convenient and this one does the job the money. So that is okay, so it really depends on you. But for me, but i like to have one apple watch then someday or a smartwatch. Then you can say but um, especially today, in a very techy natal guys and having a smart watch is really nice for me. Applause and thank you for watching this. Video and i’ll try to do more unboxing videos uh in the future, and i hope you enjoyed this one please to comment down below. If you have any suggestions and don’t forget to hit the subscribe and the notification bell button.