com your purchase and pricing email question line for buying this or any watch. You see on any watch box platform reach out to me directly it’s in the description below team. Also at today we were discussing a 2020 model now available, pre owned. This is the cartier santos adlc diamond, like carbon on stainless steel. This watch is based on the santos large platform that debuted in 2018, but with some significant upgrades now the watch is easy to wear it’s approximately 38 millimeters wide, not including the crown guards and it’s 9.3 millimeters thick, which means for 100 meter automatic, winding sports watch. It is pretty thin 47.5 millimeters from lug to lug watch is easy to wear on my 16 centimeter circumference wrist thrown out on my wrist. You can see it is a flat watch. It has a nice camber to it. If you look at the watch this down the barrel shot shows you just how curved it is across the wrist meaning. It fits well on a small wrist and on this flexible, rubber factory, strap. I would recommend this watch for a wrist as small as 13 and a half centimeters circumference. It is easy to fit underneath the cuff, and it comes nowhere near the edge of my wrist. You can see the lugs aren’t even close, so this is a great watch option in unisex terms or for those who have a taste for a flatter, fitter and more wearable size.

It is not oversized, it is not undersized. It is right sized now the watch has a nice weight to it, because it is steel after all, not titanium. What i find fascinating is how elaborate the strap is. The strap has a couple of scored partitions that emulate the look of a bracelet, and then we have a number of embellishments small bolt style flourishes in high polished. Steel do really create a handsome contrast with both the strap itself and the black of the case. The strap is very flexible, it is a vulcanized rubber, strap, not silicone, so it’s durable, but it’s, nice and thin, and it has a wonderful suplex to it. There is a deploying clasp and, as you can see, it’s designed to reference the 1909 deployment clasp that louis cartier designed, which was the industry’s first ever deployant clasp. So this one has a system that effectively interlinks with the opposite side of the strap and then all the excess length is tucked underneath so there’s no need for strap minders and excess length is invisible cloaked underneath the strap itself it’s made of steel, it’s, solid, secure And there’s a twin trigger release, so this one can’t pop open rolling back to the case itself, i mentioned it has a camber to it. You can really see that right here it curves over the wrist rather than flaring out. The timepiece is also handsomely detailed with a lovely bevel that runs from side to side, and you can see that it is polished, in contrast to the satin finish of the case, flanks and also the bezel flanks and the lug hoods.

If you also look, you can see that the signature santos bolts, which have been part of the design since the original 1904, are present, correct and all of high polished steel. To contrast nicely with the black of the case, you can see that this is basically the design that louis cartier created for brazilian aviator alberto santos dumont, who needed a wristwatch, because his brand of aviation, at least at first, was of the dirigible variety airships. So he needed both hands to operate those craft. As a result, he couldn’t reach for his pocket watch. A wristwatch was the solution, so in 1904 the cartier santos became cartier’s first sports watch as well as the first ever pilot’s watch. The dial is significantly upgraded from the 2018 model, while the watch is technically identical. The dial is fully loomed a feature not found on the first 2018 santos and only found in the hands on the 2019 blue dial santos. Everything on this stylus lumeton contrast and speaking of contrast, the center of the dial, has a lovely vertical striation, much like brushed steel, whereas the hour track and the minute track. They’Re, actually matte black cardia had the good taste to use simple white on black. For contrast – and they also used a black date disk so credit to them, attention to detail really makes this one. Now the crown is, as you can see, polygonal and all of high polish it’s, a striking contrast with the case like you can see the hoods of the crown shoulders are also polished inside the case is a manufacturer movement, cartier’s, mc1847 it’s.

Basically, a drop in replacement for an eta 2, eight nine, two, a two so it’s, an automatic winder. It has a 42 hour power reserve. It has stopped seconds, it has a quick set date and it beats away at eight beats per second or twenty. Eight thousand eight hundred vibrations per hour, pivoting on 23 joules, it’s, also nice and thin, allowing this watch to be slender and to boast both an anti magnetic nickel phosphorus escapement and a soft iron inner cage. So it has some of those qualities of the rolex milgauss that make that watch highly anti magnetic and it’s also 100 meters water resistant. So it is both anti magnetic and water resistant, a true sports watch through and through with a great history and heritage. This may be the santos to own and that’s before we even talk about the quick release system that allows you to remove the strap from the case using only a spring tab. The watch also comes with an alligator leather strap, so you get both this rubber strap for swimming and the alligator. If you wish to dress it up, reach out to team also with the watchbox.