The safir is actually one of those good ones, it’s a decent watch that i’ve been using now for a few days and, like other smart watches, it’s got its tracking functions. It has gps built into it. We get continual heart rate. Monitoring we’ve got sleep monitoring as well with this stress, monitor lots and lots of features that most of those watches have out there, and where does it get that name from sapphire that’s, because this particular watch actually has a sapphire covered screen which, for the price is Very good, an excellent build quality as you’ll see and in this in depth, review i’m going to test it out, go through the features, so the application and even do a gps accuracy test and compare that heart rate monitoring to another watch i own so, along with The watch inside the box – you do get a user manual here, that is in various different languages, and our two pogo pin port usb charger. So just use one of your phone chargers. You’Ve got any usb charger and even a computer as well. You plug it in and it takes approximately two hours to fully charge. This smartwatch let’s have a look at the build quality on this one. It is excellent and i do believe the build really is that of a watch. That’S, probably twice the price of this one. So you’re getting excellent value for money. In terms of the finish, it is really that good there’s, no sharp edges anywhere now we do have sapphire on this.

So sapphire glass is much more scratch resistant than say, gorilla, glass, which is very good to have on a watch because i’m a little bit clumsy and i often sometimes bang my watch into things so it’s good to know that it’s probably not going to get scratched. This one here so we have two hardware buttons and you can see this little hole here. This is actually a microphone, but what this particular smartwatch does lack is a loudspeaker. Unfortunately, there is no loudspeaker within this, so we cannot handle calls. We can only get the notifications on the screen and i’ll show you more about that later on this in depth review, so these buttons have a very good feel to them now this does have a water, resistant value or depth down to 50 meters. So, yes, you can swim with it and on the underside here you can see there, our heart rate monitor and the sensors right there. Two pogo port pin connectors for the charging, as mentioned it’s approximately two hours to charge it, and there is a quick release here for the strap. So if i give it a bit of a pull that strap there, you can see, the rubber they have used is got a little bit of a flex to it and it’s a very nice rubber, too the finish of it and it will not give you a Rash too, for those people that sometimes have issues with some of the straps out there, no it’s quality materials.

Here we have a great screen on this particular smart white chair, there’s, 1.78 inches. It is an amoled and you can stick it on and always on display option i’m, just gon na put it on for five minutes before it times out. So you can see it clearly here in my video now. The resolution of the screen is 368 by 448., and that gives us a very respectable 326 ppi, so it looks sharp enough and being amoled. It also does fare quite well with its 500 nits of maximum brightness indirect sunlight. As you can see now, it actually looks worse on camera than it does in person so i’m not actually doing it justice, but i’ve got no issues when i was training when i was out using this to actually see the screen. So if you swipe down from the top, you get your notifications which are going to pop up there. You can see okay and you can set what notifications you want through the application you can have. It show whatsapp, whatever application you can actually show all of them. Even a game, a game notification can come up and come through on the phone right here on the watch. Sorry, and if i swipe up you can see, then we’ve got some settings quick, toggles, really from this one right here now. I will briefly show you the settings, so we’ve got watch faces and there are a few to choose from.

You can jump onto the app and you can get more of them as well. So this is one i actually prefer, because it gives me a bit of information now this one’s quite nice too, with mars, and you can see it spinning there. Now, if you swipe here from the side, you can see your activity, so this is just telling us for me. For example, my steps calories burnt right there and stress mode energy levels so because i’ve already gone for a what was it 14 kilometer bike ride? That is now about half your weather, and how did you sleep as well, so the sleep monitoring information is still in there too, and you can customize this. You can set this to where you want heart rate, monitor more on that later on, when i actually go out and test this, and do my real world test with it does work very well and i’m, having no problems, of course, it’s showing nothing right now, because I don’t have it on my wrist makes sense now back into those settings. You can also tap the button here at the top. So we’ve got all the little icons there for the various different modes. We have and it’s very self explanatory straightforward right there too so find settings again and there’s just a few more things. I want to show you so display. We can actually set this on to turn off after five seconds, always on display mode and it’s pretty straightforward.

Now there is also the uh race to wake feature which does work reasonably well, but i had to increase the sensitivity, because sometimes i found myself flicking my wrist up, repeating it a few times to get it to actually show that’s. The raise to wake do not disturb my heart rate, monitor now. A lot of people be interested in this that you can get an alert if you get a an abnormal heart rate, that’s very high, so, for example, you’re just sitting down, but your heart rate’s quite high up at 120 or something it’ll. Let you know which is good if you’ve got a heart condition. These are handy features to have. So if i move my wrist like this, the display comes on automatically, as mentioned that i’ve just increased the sensitivity of it a little bit for my own needs, and that way it will come on. As you can see now the ui just to point out that it is actually very smooth, it is good the touch response as well. I find to be good. You can see when i scroll through here there’s no real lag it’s as fast as most other watches out. There i’ve used a few that have been very laggy, but this one is quite good. You can see going through all these different menus. The performance and the touch response is good and let me run you through the application, the features it has so on google’s play store or you can get it from the app store you can jump in and download 70 may health that’s it that’s the app you Need so the features we have with this are very similar to other smart watches.

I have been reviewing in the channel there’s been a couple, so it will count your steps, your calories, you can see your stress. You can also see information on your sleep, so that’s. The sleep tracking feature it has energy levels, so it calculates that once you’ve slept a good night and it works out. Your calories you’re burning your heart rate on your energy kind of like a human battery. Here so tell me about 55, because i have been for a uh, an intense, well semi, intense bike ride this morning, sleep last night, so i’ll just show you quickly sleep tracking here. So for once it was actually a good night which is kind of rare. For me, but 85 is the rating i have been given and it breaks down everywhere. You can see here your deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement phase and how long i was awake and it seems actually pretty accurate because i’ve got young children. I had to get up in the middle of night and yeah. That probably was a couple of times. I got up at 42 minutes. That seems pretty good to me compared to my other watches i’m, going to say that the sleep tracking seems to be more or less, i would say, accurate compared to what i’m seeing results on other phones. Now, if i get out of this i’ll just show you a few other things here. I wouldn’t spend too long on this, but if you jump into the device you can see there, it is the sofia and the remaining battery life clicking on this.

You can change the watch face here, so you can go through all those change them now. You can also customize a few things as well. So the quick card manager, which i showed you with the phone there you can adjust the order of things you want in there. You can move it up or down, see you’re able to just swap it over how you want this when you go swiping to the left and you see that come up, you can add things like music. If it’s, not there, you can hide some things now. This is where you can customize that lower button. I keep it for workouts. I think this is the easiest, but hey you can change it. You can see you’ve got options here to change it over to whatever you want. If you want to see the weather there, when you tap it, you want to see other apps or your notifications or whatever. Then you can do that, which is quite handy, the elixir integration as well. That is right, there, user guide under additional settings – some very handy things in here too, as well for like syncing the word. If you don’t want to sync, it then simply disable it there, but this is where you check for your firmware update, so make sure you do that when you first get it because, yes, there is actually an update, now there’s. Another thing we can do as well through the settings: this is under you in app settings very important for a lot of people – third party services.

So if you use google fit, we can do this. We can then incorporate that to have it, pull the information through from their application into your google fit account, which is great so a lovely day today to test out the gps and the fitness tracking and i’m gon na go for a bike. Ride now and it’ll be approximately one hour and 30 minutes one hour, 40 minutes and we’ll check on how much battery life i’m going to lose and also the gps accuracy. So right now you can see with the watch that i have 92 percent battery at the moment. So let’s see how much i lose so so far, so good i’ve only done about three and a half kilometers and i’m about to start a big climb, which is to go right up this hill here and i’m going to push it really hard now. Normally i can get my heart rate up to the 170 kind of mark, a good anaerobic workout, just to burn those calories and the gps. Current is reporting about a difference of 0.3 compared to my phone and other devices, so really it’s. Nothing so far, it seems to be quite accurate. Okay, so i’ve just done the climb. Now my peak heart rate i saw at about 165. The other watches are putting about the same. So it does seem. The heart rate monitor is working fine, so normally i would be riding down that trail, which is down there, but we had a storm and it’s washed it all out, and it is super rocky.

So, unfortunately, this mountain biking trip is going to be well a little bit of road, which i don’t normally do. I prefer actually the trails roads are dangerous, of course, i’m going to head now down to the coast. Here we are, i made it to the coast and what does the watch say? So? The watch is reporting a little hard to make out with the background that i’ve done, 7.36 kilometers and i see on my google fit. It is 7.38, so there’s a very small difference there. Okay, so i made it back and how much battery did i lose? Well, i started out with 92 and when i got back it was actually 82, but since then i’ve been recording a few shots outside with the screen on all the time. So that is why it is now 78 battery life. So how did it track the trip right here so 16.14 kilometers is what i got from the watch here and let’s. Compare this to another watch. I also have that i used at the exact same time and it’s 16.35, so a very minor difference there. So it looks to me i know this watch is very accurate. This one that i do have so it’s, looking like the accuracy to me, is pretty much spot on just a tiny bit of margin of error there with it, and that is great because one of the other watches that i have reviewed previously in the channel there Was a difference of a couple of kilometers, and this is only just point two or so so that is actually perfectly fine there.

So you can see the information of the calories calories. I have burned average heart rate and you can also see now. The speed by kilometer has broken down there as well, and you can see the faster speed i got up to as well on the cycle that was going downhill, of course, and my heart rate peaked at 172., so heart rate monitor. Is it accurate? I believe it is, it is exactly more or less the same as the other watch too, that i’ve been testing other ones more or less, maybe just a few heartbeats out, but basically it is the same, and it is very good now. This gap here is where i took the watch off. I took it off because i wanted to take a photo of it that’s. Why? It’S there? Okay, it wasn’t, because there was some sort of problem with the watch at all. No, so an all rounded great smartwatch here, because the battery life to me is very, very good, that’s, a huge positive, a big pro to have this battery life on this. So that little exercise that i did that mountain bike ride for one hour and over 30 minutes of gps use and constantly really constantly looking at the screen all the time, i only lost 10 battery life. I went from 92 down to 82 and i think that is excellent, so most people will get they’re claimed about 10 days or even over a week, it’s all going to vary on your use.

Of course, if you train more for longer periods, if you’re constantly looking at the screen, then yes it’s going to be lower. But that is a big positive that battery life, because some other watches out there are the ones that i avoid have terrible battery life ones that only last for two days and you’re charging every second day or will only make one and a half days and that To me is just super frustrating and annoying and not a smart watch for me now the tracking gps tracking seems to be very accurate compared to say my phone and other watches i’m, not seeing too much of a difference. There minor discrepancy, but it is nothing it’s. Like point, what was it 0.3 or 2, or something kilometers, which is in the scheme of things, that’s, nothing that is very, very good heart rate monitoring as well. I know that climb the typical kind of heart rate i get up to when i push hard around 170, or so that seems accurate to me so very good tracking. There, sleep monitoring, also working well and we’ve, got a little stress test on there. You’Ve got some weather that pulls through now, i don’t know who their weather services but we’re actually saying that it’s going to rain, or it was raining for me when i looked at the weather and it was a sunny day, as you saw so i don’t know They need to change their weather provider.

I think for that now the watch has got a great build quality. Is it 100 perfect? No, there is actually one maybe two things that it is missing for me loudspeaker, so i can get an incoming call alert. I get the notifications i can see who is calling if it’s in my contacts, that is, i can reject the call, but i cannot answer it via the watch. Sadly, that is because of the missing hardware, no loudspeaker, so it would be nice to be able to just tap like you can on other watches and go hello. Who is it? Am i at home for that delivery? Yes, easy to do that, and i know for a lot of people: that’s not actually going to be an issue, and the other thing too is because there’s no loudspeaker, we don’t get those voice updates when you’re training. So when you go for a ride, it’s great to get the feedback to have that watch shout out and say that you have ridden three kilometers. Your average heart rate is 92 and your average speed and all that sort of information, but every kilometer it vibrates and you get all that information there anyway. It is right there so that’s good and, of course, the screen great brightness about 500 close to 500 nits it’s very visible. It actually came out a little bit worse in the outdoor shots. I showed you so it’s it’s, a great screen, very good watch, smooth performance.

Really, i think, for what they’re charging for this. It is quite a good deal and it does come recommended from me. So thank you so much for watching this in depth.