Smart watches, today, tactical or outdoor smart watches, you name it it’s built for those of us who can appreciate the features of a smartwatch while still requiring the burly nature of a military watch. What should you look for when you’re purchasing a rugged smartwatch? Well, the overall look and feel of a rugged smartwatch should feel and look well rugged. You don’t want anything too flashy or that looks too modern with a tough smartwatch. It needs to have features that will work for an active lifestyle, whether it’s an activity tracker when running gps features when you’re exploring the wilderness or long battery life for full days outside you’re. Looking for a smart watch that can keep up, of course, there’s always pros and cons to every product and simply listing how great or horrible doesn’t help you see the full picture, it’s important for you to stay connected with the outside world. If you’re interested in getting notifications straight to your watch and connecting with a larger community about your fitness goals or your outdoor activities, then those are the things that you need to look for. Make sure your future smart watch will be compatible with your current smartphone or other smart devices and that it has an app because the reality is they aren’t, always all on the same page, the price is a big deal and smart watches are a gadget that can Run you a pretty penny watches on their own are known to be rather expensive.

Add technological innovation and we’re only racking up the bill. However, all you really need to do is keep the numbers in mind, while you’re shopping around another important aspect of your future, durable smart watch to consider is the size and feel like, for example, the color and material of the strap or even the screen display size. So assuming you do want something rugged for that. Rugged outdoor lifestyle then make sure the watch you choose really reflects that. What you’ll want to look for is something sturdy and durable that prioritizes functionality over fanciness, that’s, not to say rugged, can’t, look good or be of high quality. It just means that your watch shouldn’t be trying too hard stay true to your taste and find a timepiece that matches your personality say you need something you can wear from work to the gym. That style of smartwatch will be very different from a navy sailor going away on deployment. Are you a running fanatic or maybe you’re hardcore into swimming, then maybe it’s time to look into a sports watch with fitness tracking software, specifically for runners or swimmers that measures strides and capable of tracking speed? Also, if you’re a swimmer be sure the watch you choose is waterproof stay with us until the end, because you don’t want to miss our number one pick as we count down the 9 best rugged smart watches before we begin this list be sure to like the Video and subscribe to the channel for more informational list related content.

Just like this one don’t forget to ring the bell, so you don’t miss any new lists as we release them and you can find a link to all the options on our list in the description down below now, let’s get started. Number nine nixon mission – number nine on our list is the nixon mission. Nixon mission is enormous, which in this case means it’s, also exceptionally tough, it’s, truly designed to conquer the great outdoors with a 316l stainless steel, bezel and shockproof roll cage. It runs wear os, so it has access to all your favorite apps has gps and boasts a 10 atm water resistance rating with patented mic, lock technology the display is protected by gorilla glass and the shock resistant polycarbonate case is designed to withstand a good smash. Uniquely the nixon mission works hand in hand with surfline the world’s largest reporter of surfing conditions. It offers real time surf and snow updates, making it perfect for adventure holidays. The mission is available in a few different colors and is 48 millimeters in size it’s. An excellent rugged, smart watch, number eight huawei watch gt number eight on our list is the huawei watch gt. Rugged features of the huawei watch gt include a ceramic bezel that is six times stronger than stainless steel. A stainless steel, shell, dlc coating and 50 meter water resistance. The huawei watch gt is a capable fitness watch with a built in hr. Heart rate, monitor gps and training, apps for running cycling and swimming the built in compass, altimeter and barometer are useful.

Sensors for trekking the bluetooth connection allows the watch to display alerts for phone calls messages, alarms and reminders. The watch gt has 1.3 inches 454 by 454. Amoled color touchscreen and gets up to two weeks of battery life. The watch gt classic edition is not suitable for swimming due to its leather strap. So the sport edition is recommended for swimmers number 7 polar m600 number. Seven on our list is the polar m600 looking for a rugged. Smart watch that isn’t round check out the polar m600 its operating system is called wear os, which comes pre loaded with some of the best fitness focus applications on the market. It also gives you access to polar smart, coaching known as one of the best smart trainers. This is polar’s flagship smartwatch and it comes with everything, including gps, glonass, hr, tracking and four gigabytes of on board storage for maps. The integrated gps and glonass are very accurate too in terms of ruggedness. The polar m600 has ipx 8 water resistance, so it’s suitable for continuous immersion in water. The 240 by 240 1.3 inch display is protected by gorilla glass, 3, boasting a good level of shock resistant too number six tech watch s2 number. Six on our list is the tech watch s2. The ticwatch s2 is waterproof up to 5 atm, which means that it can go down to 165 feet without suffering any damage in terms of sensors. The rugged smart watch features an accelerometer, an hr sensor, a gyroscope, a low latency off body sensor, gps glonass and galileo.

On the front there’s a 1.’ inch amoled display with a resolution of 400 by 400 pixels and it’s, actually more than decent, featuring vibrant colors and good brightness levels to ensure that the smart watches display will remain visible in all scenarios. It includes tick health which counts. Your step and tracks your exercise, tick pulse, which has the role of monitoring your hr for 24 hours and tick motion which tries to detect the type of physical activity that you’re undergoing, so that you don’t have to manually switch between activity types number, five, suntow ambit. Three peak number: five on our list is the sunto ambit three peak the sunto ambit three peak is a decent rugged smartwatch. It offers high accuracy, gps, hr, tracking and altitude tracking. It can also combine gps and barometric data for even greater altitude accuracy, it’s water resistant to 10 atm and has a steel bezel with a polyamide case, a combination that offers decent shock protection. You can purchase the suunto ambit 3 peak smartwatch with or without a hr belt. The caveat is that if you buy it without, you can’t track your hr, because it requires that separate device to do so. If hr tracking, doesn’t matter to you save money and buy it without regardless of your preferences, the ambit 3 peak is a good choice. It runs suunto’s proprietary software, which is easy to use but lacks an app ecosystem. Number four samsung galaxy watch number four on our list is the samsung galaxy watch.

The samsung galaxy watch can be submerged down up to 165 feet 5 atm. Furthermore, besides being waterproof, the galaxy watch is also dust, proof ip68 certified and it is mil std 810 g rated. It has survived 10 specific conditions which include low pressure. High altitude drops from 4.9 feet vibration and shock and extreme temperatures samsung has equipped to the galaxy watch with a 1.3 inches super amoled capacitive touchscreen display just like the s3 frontier, but the smaller version comes with a 1.2 inch screen. Both displays feature 16 million colors have a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels and a pixel density of 278 ppi. The galaxy watch is also equipped with a non removable: 472 milliamp hour battery the 46 millimeter version or a 270 milliamp hour battery on the 42 millimeter version, which samsung claims should last up to seven days, number three fitbit charge three number three on our list is The fitbit charge three, the fitbit charge, three’s water rating is at ip68 or five atm, making it waterproof until 50 meters deep immersed in water, unlike with the previous fitbit charged version, which is only water resistant, meaning you can only take it to the shower. While this time, you can actually take your fitbit charge 3 for a swim in the pool and when you come out it’s going to work fine, although it is not a full color display, screen at least it’s no longer black and white, the charge 3 has a Grayscale display and better defined graphics, maintaining its build quality and replaceable bands.

You still can’t consider it as a tough watch. It is designed for casual use and for discrete fitness tracking. On the flip side, the fitbit charge 3 is packed with fitness tracking features such as daily steps, calories, distance floors, climbed hr and sleep. Unfortunately, step counting can be generous to the actual steps you make, but it’s more about keeping yourself monitored and updated on your daily activity. Number two garmin fenix 5x number. Two on our list is the garmin fenix 5x. The garmin fenix 5x is a top tier rugged. Smartwatch it’s got gps with built in garmin european mapping, a 10 atm water resistance rating and is available in 42, millimeter, 47 millimeter and 51 millimeter case sizes to suit any wrist, exceptionally durable. With a forged steel case, back and sapphire crystal it’s also shock resistant with a fiber reinforced polymer case battery life of the garmin fenix 5x is another strong point: you’ll get 20 hours of use with gps turned on or up to 12 days in smartwatch mode. The 1.2 inch 240×240 display with transflective technology isn’t as vibrant as the casios, but it’s just as easy to read outdoors. The fenix 5 runs garmin’s proprietary os, so doesn’t have the app ecosystem of the casio, but the built in applications are excellent and include everything you need for an active lifestyle number one casio wsd f20a. Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for number one on our list is the casio wsdf20a.

The casio wsd f28 is for all you serious explorers out there it’s a pro trek. Smart watch with military grade 810g shock resistance, it’s water resistant up to 50 meters and is pre loaded with a huge range of features, simply press the tool, button and you’ll get access to a compass, altimeter barometer and much more. The case is a mixture of engineering grade plastic and aluminum. It provides the perfect balance of durability and shock resistance. The wsd f28 has a low power gps and runs wear os. The display is the best selling point: it’s 320 by 300 in resolution and 1.32 inches in size, it’s, bright and vibrant and it’s also dual layer. This means that it can switch between color and monochrome modes to preserve battery. I hope this countdown of the nine best rugged smart watches in 2020 was informative and helpful. Don’T forget to ring the bell, so you don’t miss any new lists as we release them and you can find a link to all the options on our list.