So how you do that, is you go to audi? You spend 25 bucks on this. I touch smart watch and it hooks up to bluetooth on your phone and it basically hooks up um. So you’ll get all the messages on your. What you get on your phone. If you’re far away from your phone, i get all the messages um and it tracks on your sleeping. Also, the battery can hold up to 30 days, um i’m, not sponsored by this company. I wish i was i’m. Not. This is just for fun, um, so yeah. If you’re young, like i am um, i am just if you’re young like i am, and your parents don’t really trust you with an apple watch because they’re way too expensive for a kid to have. This is what i definitely recommend. It’S called an. I touch um smartwatch, as you can see, it has messages, so you tap on the little envelope. I don’t know if you guys can see that and you get all your text messages. Oh wait hold on. Let me find text messages. Okay, you scroll! Oh not that far you tap it and then you scroll to get to your next page and yeah. I think it’s, really cool um it’s. Definitely a big uh difference. I’Ll tell you all my phone calls on here. Um, i don’t know. If you can answer, i didn’t try answering that my phone was just literally right next to me and went through my watch before it went through my phone um, so i just answered it really quickly, but yeah super easy to use.

Um it’s super easy hook up. If you have an apple phone like i do it’s a super, easy hookup, you just go to settings. You go to bluetooth, you uh just hold your watch next to um the phone and a map automatically hooks up to your phone or your watch automatically hooks up to your phone. So, like i can go show my friend, hey um, hi blah blah blah, like whatever her name is. I have an apple watch. My parents got it for me, which really they didn’t just like a little thing so i’m going to turn this way. So you guys can see better um. It has a whole bunch of different backgrounds like you can do so there’s this one, where it’s just a circle on how many steps you have and then inside it’s the date and the um time or it has accurate calories. It tracks your calories checks how or it like checks. How fast you run checks. How many steps you have um? I have 1536 steps, so you want to make a lot of steps. So then the circle will be all the way through um. Also guys, if you just swipe up like that, you get your text messages and swipe and yeah uh. This is just a disclaimer. This is pen, not tattoo yeah that’s, my disclaimer, because i know a lot of you guys will be like in the comments. Why do you have a tattoo if you’re so young, so i just want to put out there.

This is not a tattoo. This is just a um, a pen ink that got on my arm by accident, so yeah um. I put it on this wrist because i’m righty, so you don’t, want to put, on my right hand, i’m going to put it on my left hand, because i can look at it easier and use this hand to swipe. Instead of this hand, which is hard too so yeah hope you guys liked it if you did give it a big thumbs up hit that subscribe button and turn on the post notification bell. So then you can be notified whenever i post a brand new video hope. You guys liked it bye, oh before you leave type down in the comments below.