I missed fit bipu smartphone, so in today’s video let’s quickly unbox this product. Let me show you how the watch looks. Let me talk about the features and all the things related to this product, so without wishing any further guys, let’s get started Music. So this is the brand new amaze fit bpu smart watch previous version of amaze fit well. I missed fitbit s, yes, light, which is an outdated version, and this is then updated. A new version of ams fitbit that so the box looks in this way the brand name written over here the wash looks in this way you get three color option. One is light: pink, one is green and the standard color black. I have the black variant with me and at the site, some features written over here see features written over here and at the other side inside the box. Of course, you get a watch which looks in this way is written over here here as well, and at the back some details written over here. The actual price of this product is 59999, but on the first sale of this watch it was for this 3599 and you get a user manual to know more. You need to read a user manual and to control your smart watch on your phone. You need to download this app. That is zap app just you need to scan this qr code and you need to download it on your android or ios device to operate your smartwatch.

You get a magnetic charging dom to charge your watch it’s easy to charge by like connecting in this way talking about the feature of this smartphone. This has a 1.4 inch large tft color display and you get a 60 plus sport mode and also you get a blood oxygen saturation measurement. You get a 9 day battery life, the previous version of smartwatch. You get 30 years of battery life, but this time you have 9 days of battery life. That is because only to improve the screen quality screen quality is way more better. This time than comparing to the previous version of smartwatch of the misfit it’s lightweight in certain grams it’s, 50 meter water resistant, you, you also have sleep, quality, monitoring, control and also you have personal activity intelligence. The body is made up of polycarbonate material and the strap is made up of click on rubber material, easy to detach, as it has a spring mechanism on the belt on the screen. You have an anti fingerprint coating talking about the display of this watch. You have a tft color display, which is clearly visible on outdoor condition when you use it on outdoor condition, it’s clearly visible Music, and if you open the app you could know about the battery percentage. If you go to store, you could change the watch faces with this. You get tons of watch faces over here. Notification reminder vibration, control, health monitoring and all you could even check out these weather and world clock uh, even or even on your smart watch that’s.

All for today’s video guys, if you like this watch, do purchase down the link would be in the description below you could go check it out and you could purchase it out. So thank you for watching this video guys. I hope you like this make sure to subscribe to my channel hit the like button.