I did order black. It looks like it’s blue on the box. Let’S see what happens when we open it up let’s get into. It does have a couple of things right here, tony for 35 bucks. This is a pretty solid box, so open it right up all right. So it is black, i ordered black. I would have thought it would have been a little bit weird if it was blue. So of course it has the watch and it has its charging brick as well. So and of course it doesn’t come with the usb dongle. So – and it has everything right there, so it’s a little magnetic when it’s touching in on that. All i got ta do is use the qr code on the actual box. It goes in duff, it all right once it’s all downloaded we’re gon na open her up. All right looks like once i actually plugged it into the wall. It turned right on so that’s. All good i’m gon na go ahead and place it onto my right wrist with my whoop uh it’s, always fun when you’re doing these and having so many things on your wrist people ask questions. So, of course, we’re gon na have to add a device looks like it already sees it it’s connecting definitely not at zero percent battery, but it’s connected good all right. It looks like everything on the watch is all set up as well. So what i’m going to be doing the next couple days is going over a little bit of an overview of what this is all about and let you know my thoughts but i’ll see you guys in a little bit all right and we’re back i’ve been using Mantech for a couple days, so let’s go ahead and go over my thoughts, but first thing: let’s go over.

The specs took me a little while to find what the specs of this guy are, as there aren’t a lot of details online, especially on their website, but i’ll go over. What the things we do know does have a 1.4 inch lcd hd display display is pretty good, pretty vibrant and it’s. Also customizable. It has bluetooth 4.0, so this isn’t the most up to date, bluetooth, but with its price point i’m, not surprised, it does have three sensors it’s a heart rate, monitor sensor accelerometer and also has an spo2 sensor. This is probably the least expensive, smartwatch or fitband that i’ve seen with an sp02 sensor, it’s also ip67 water resistant. So you can go swimming with this guy. You can go in the shower and not have to worry about it getting damaged. It also has about a five to six day battery in it. So for its size works great, you could use it for sleep tracking and stuff like that. Let’S go ahead and get into duffet app duff. It great name. So, as you can tell when you hit the center button, you get your entire thing with your watch face, you can change it from here to different watch faces and actually you can get more watch faces throughout and each watch base is relatively customizable as well. You can change what your notifications are. So if you want notifications, wechat whatsapp, you can all put it through here and get your notifications on your watch.

You can set your alarms in here, but you can also set it on your watch and you can actually use your watch as a shutter for your phone, so you can actually use this it’ll set it up, so you can actually hit your watch. Hello and it’ll. Actually take a picture through your watch, others going into the rest of the devices setting your unit system i’m, an imperial, not a metric. This is what the us is all about. Just do not disturb you can go with continuous heart rate detection, which i always go with each one of my fitbands, your time, format, your weather, fahrenheit, again, we’re, americannot celsius and set, and everything like that, going into your day so going it has your steps. It has your sleep in here. It tells you what the heart rate’s all about how your heart, rate’s been throughout the day you can put in your blood pressure, if you like it. Also you can get your blood action level throughout the watch. We’Ll go on to that in a second as you’re running this basketball again we’ll get into the fitness tracking a little bit but that’s. What this stuff is all about as well, and then, of course, you have your profile, setting your goals and stuff like that. In the app so going through the app let’s talk about its fitness tracking, so this is where i was kind of disappointed with this watch. So, as you can tell, i have the basketball right here, and it goes through all of the heart rates saying i was at light heart rate, the entire time when, in reality i put my root band right over here, where my heart rate actually was.

It did fluctuate a decent amount, so i’m, not that happy with that. But when i went on a run it went relatively well again. The runs over here the root bands right over here again it didn’t check the fluctuations, but, as you can tell, the average beat per minute are relatively similar, but as far as the mileage concerned, you can see it says 1.5 miles. I know i ran a mile, so it does overestimate as far as that is concerned, and the calories also relatively overestimated. The only thing that i saw was actually pretty accurate is the step counting, which i saw throughout the entirety worked really well. As far as its sleep tracking is concerned, as you can tell it says, i had about six hours and 16 minutes and you can click on that and it goes into your light. Your restful and your rem, sleep doesn’t, go into your deep sleep, but does give you a sleep quality score, which is great, so you can always look to get a little bit better. But as far as you can tell over here on the boop as it’s a lot more sophisticated as far as sleep tracking is concerned, you will see a little bit differences here and there, but as far as the tracking is on this guy, i would definitely recommend It for something it’s price, if you’re looking for a smart watch with notifications and you’re looking for some sleep tracking, this will definitely be your guy all right, let’s get into the ui, so, as you can tell it does pop up as soon as you hit this Button, it will vibrate every time you hit that button.

So when you turn it on or turn it off, it will vibrate when you swipe down this goes through all your quick settings. You can go into settings. Brightness use this guy as a flashlight. If you like, and then of course, you can set it to not vibrate go into your weather and you can lock the screen as well from the swipe down. Of course settings you: can power off, restart and check out your different watch faces when you swipe up it’s going to have all of your tracking. So your steps, you can check your messages, how your sleep is going. When you sleep up, you can go into your health, so blood pressure, heart rate and spo2, and when you swipe up, of course, you have your training as well. This is walking running cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball and football, so it doesn’t have that many ways to track your progress. I am a crossfitter and it doesn’t have like a regular activity, so i kind of had to do basketball for it. So it’s not the best. As far as like, who does skipping that much that they have to track they’re skipping very curious of that also sleep tracking, jumping into your sleep tracking, it’s gon na be right here. How much sleep you got. Also, you can change your music through here change your brightness and use your camera. Your phone camera through your watch stopwatch is right here, your flashlight and even more.

That goes right into that down setting. So when you swipe over, it goes to the widgets. How many steps you went through if your beats per minute? Of course, this isn’t on my wrist, so it can’t really measure anything swiping right again, your sleep and then back to from there and swiping left will do the same exact thing. So that’s pretty much everything and, of course it has all of your answers right here at the bottom and, of course, your way to charge it right here with just one button here on the side. So my final thoughts on the amantech smartwatch first thing is let’s. Go with the pros one of the pros battery life. It works awesome, 5, 6 days without having to worry about a charge works great, especially with the size of the screen, and the size of the screen is pretty decent, even though it has fairly big bezels number. One, the pros is the continuous heart rate tracking so, like i said in the fitness portion, if it is steady, heart rate, it works fairly well, so that is going to be a pro next one of the pros is going to be sleep tracking. You could use this as your sleep tracker. This sp02 sensor definitely helps out with that. So, if you need something for sleep tracker, i would definitely recommend it for that negatives. So i am a fitness reviewer and the fitness tracking on this watch is subpar at best.

Doesn’T have many sports features and it doesn’t take your heart rate with high intensity interval, training it just really can’t. Do it that well it’s, not that sophisticated. What are my recommendations, so it is about 35. So take that into account, if you’re somebody who doesn’t know if they want a smart watch or not, i would definitely recommend buying it see if you like it, not a big deal to put 35 investment to figure out hey. I think i could get a better one and actually use it. So then you can move up to your apple watch, your samsung watch and know you’re going to be able to use. It also recommend it for those younger crowds, so if you’re buying it for a child, this is great for a child again it’s relatively cheap, relatively durable, as well with the 2d glass and, of course, it looks kind of like an apple watch from far away. It’Ll. Look like you have an apple watch on so that’s cool. I would not recommend it for something who was looking to get serious into their activity training. If you were looking for something like that, i recommend the me band 5 and i will be doing a review of the galaxy fit 2 as well. These aren’t as big as display but they’re, going to be a lot better. As far as fitness tracking is concerned, that guys, hopefully you enjoyed this video. Please smash that, like button and subscribe to the channel, if you really enjoyed it other than that stay, happy, stay healthy and, above all, stay positive.