Video i’m super excited to share with you my experience with the amazfit beep. U so, this is a brand new device from amazfit, a pretty affordable, smart watch here, and i got to say thanks again to dasher for sending this in for me to review this actually costs rm 219 here in malaysia, and that translates to about 50 us dollars From wherever you are in the world, all right so based on pricing, wise, obviously uh different countries will come with different pricing. But if you’re in malaysia, this device, like i said, is already available for sale and you can check them out in the links below from dasher all right, um, so let’s just jump into this watch straight away because i’ve been using this and there’s a lot of Features that i actually like about this amazfit bpu. So, as you can see here, i’ve got the watch already set up and i’ve been using it for the past three days, and this is how you would expect the amazfit bipu to come out if you’re thinking of buying this device. So first up let’s talk a little bit about that build quality. So we can see here that everything here is pretty much made of plastics and we do have a very nice display at the front here. That is slightly curved uh more on that later. So at the sides here you also notice that everything is also in plastics and we do have a very slim strap here that is actually pretty comfortable to put on, especially when you’re wearing this at night to sleep all right.

So one thing you need to take note of is that this strap is also very easy to swap out for other straps. We do have these tiny latches at the back here. That makes it super easy to change for other straps. If you just like a touch of customization there, so build quality wise, i don’t have any issues with the amazefit dpu. It just feels like any other smartwatch, especially at the price that it’s asking for. I have not much to complain about here all right. Next, i want to talk a little bit about that display, so we do have a nice display right here. This is slightly different from the previous amazfit bib watches, where the display was sort of the transfective kind of display, where it’s actually able to have always on so right now we actually have an lcd display right here and it may be a good or bad thing, Depending on how you see it so for myself, i kind of like this display, because it comes with this very nice colors on the display itself. We do have some pretty deep blacks. In fact, it looked very similar to an amoled panel and i’m just going to bring this side to side with my amazefit gts2 right here. So you can see that it is slightly smaller in terms of display size. But if you look about the colors and the viewing angles, it’s actually pretty good for a device at this price point so very good stuff from a main suite here on the bpu i pretty like it, you notice that you do have a slight chin at the Bottom, that comes with the amaze feed branding at the bottom, and i don’t really like that.

Obviously i hope that it was better, but even like i said when just looking at this watch itself, it does look pretty good to me. One more thing i need to mention here is the watch phases, so we have a lot of watch faces supported on this watch right here internally, you can see that we have a couple of built in watch faces. You are actually able to save about two custom phases in the watch itself and there’s another two more local kind of phases here. So the good news here is that let me just zoom in a little bit more notice that you can actually customize the watch face and put in widgets that you like on the display itself, for example, i’m. Just going to tap this customize button and notice that i can change like a couple of stuff here, just to make it more personal and suit my kind of information that i need on the display itself, so there’s a lot of customizations that you can do here. You can just go through them, one by one and actually adjust everything on the watch face itself, so very useful stuff here on the amazefit bibu all right. The bad news about this display here is that it doesn’t come with an always on display function. So those of you guys who really likes those kind of always on, for example, something like this. This is an always on display right here.

Let me just show it to you very quickly. Okay, there you go so uh if you’re looking for an always on display it doesn’t come on the amazefit bpu. Most of the time you will have to rely on the display, actually lighting up, to be able to see the display all right so that’s it for the display overall, i’m still very happy with this display, because it’s, a very nice bright and colorful display and moving On i want to talk a little bit about that notifications, so if you just swipe up from the bottom here, you’ll actually be able to get into your notifications and notice that the text here is actually very clear. You do have a tiny icon of the app itself, for example, this is from facebook and if you go down, this is from telegram and then the good news here is that you can actually see emojis on the watch itself, so that’s pretty good previously in the Previous mainstream watches, you were not able to see any emojis at all, but in this one you are able to see a couple of emojis, not all, but a couple of them displayed on the watch itself, so that’s good in terms of notifications. One thing you need to take note of is that this watch only gives you notifications in such that you can see your messages for your apps and, of course, your caller id. You cannot actually make calls on the watch itself and you cannot respond to messages on the watch itself as well.

This is just showing you what’s coming into your smartphone, but if you want to do any replies – or you know any replies to your notifications or your messages, you will have to do it in your smartphone itself, so bear in mind. It just shows your notifications, all right, so that’s done for notifications. So moving down the list, let’s talk a little bit about what kind of health uh tracking capabilities the watch comes with. So the watch – the amazing deepu – comes with a lot of health, tracking capabilities and let’s start off with the heart rate tracking. So obviously, like all smart watches, we do have heart rate tracking on the amazfit bpu, and you can see that there’s a lot of information being shown on the display itself. I really like this new ui coming from amaze fit. It is really good and shows a lot of info. Apart from that, we also have your. Of course, you still have your pai tracking, which basically tells you how much activities you’ve been doing per day, uh moving on from that. Of course, we are able to track your sleep as well and, of course, you can track your stress levels all right. So let me just show it to you very quickly if i go into the main menu, i notice that i can check out my sleep here so last night i had 6 hours and 52 minutes of sleep and it shows what time i fell asleep and what Time i got up so a lot of information here.

That’S, pretty good are seeing on the display itself. Moving back. We also have your spo2 settings, so i was able to track my blood oxygen levels and i was getting 86, so i can’t really vouch for the tracking accuracy of the sp02 right here, because i’ve tried my other watches and sometimes i do get 99. Sometimes i get 95, but on here i’m, getting 86 percent, so uh just to get with a pinch of salt, and the good news here is that you can still track this, but whether or not it’s accurate uh. Please don’t quote me on that. So, apart from your spo2, we also have your stress, tracking and notice that, like i said earlier on, we do have a lot of information on the display itself and yeah. You can basically see how how stressful you are throughout the entire day, and of course you have your brief brief exercise that you have here so a lot of stuff here on the watch itself. Like i said to this, to sum it up, you have your heart rate tracking. You have your sleep tracking. You also have your stress and your spo2 tracking. So definitely a lot of features on this amazefit bpu that you don’t, find on the previous amazfit devices. All right now, let’s talk a bit about that activity, tracking. What kind of spots are actually tracked, uh with the amazfit bbu, so let’s check it out. If you just long press the button right here, you actually go into your shortcut key and notice that we do have a lot of activities here guys.

So a misfit is saying that this watch is capable of tracking up to 60 different activities. So um once again just to be very clear if you guys, if you just hit the more spots button, you’ll, be able to see what kind of activities it actually tracks but notice that in certain activities uh, even though it says like there’s, so many different kinds Of activities uh, it actually tracks the same thing like more or less. They track your pace, the amount of time, your heart rate and all that so don’t really be fooled into thinking that it really tracks 60 different kinds of activities and most of the time it just tells you your heart rate, your pace once more, and you know Just some basic stuff here, but it looks like it tracks a lot. So the good news here. If i want to summarize what it actually tracks, i would say that it tracks yours, your walks definitely can track your amount of steps being walked. It can also track your pace and, of course, tracks your swimming as well and cycling, so this is the kind of basic stuff that it will track on the amazfit beat you all right. Another point to point out here is that this watch doesn’t come with gps built in so you will definitely have to rely on your smartphone beside you to actually get any location data or any paste information from your smartphone. So please bear in mind it.

Doesn’T come with gps. There is a misfit bpu pro version that is not released yet that actually comes with a gps built in, but i don’t have that. Yet this is the non pro version. So no gps, here, all right. So before i end, i just want to talk a little bit more about the other functions that you can get from the watch. Obviously we still have our music controls. So if you have any songs playing on your smartphone right now, you’ll be able to control the next previous song or your volume control. You can also do a countdown your stopwatch and, of course, you also have your camera remote right here. So what this means is that you can use this camera remote here to actually uh control, your selfies or whatnot on your smartphone itself. So pretty cool it’s, a pretty feature pack, a smartwatch, this amazfit beep, you last but not least guys. I want to talk a bit about the battery life because that’s pretty important for any smart watch, so amazefit is touting this to be able to last for nine days, but based on my usage, it’s actually been pretty good. I’Ve got like uh two days in already, and my battery life here is 67, so based on this rate, i’m expecting to get about six days, maybe even maybe even seven days. I would say one week on this: uh with just a single charge seems to be possible uh with the amaze fitbit.

You definitely i’ll be testing it out more. So i can share my results with you guys but yeah. This is the amazing beep. You guys uh pretty much covered everything that you might need to know. It comes with a great price, a lot of features. The only thing missing, i would say right here is two items, and that is the gps and, of course, the lack of an always on display. You don’t get that here, but yeah, so very still, a very cool smart watch at a very affordable price point.