So today, i’ve got my hands on the latest amazefit 2 sports edition. Now this is a brand new premium. Smart fitness watch bringing us some exciting new features along with long battery life, 580 and water resistance built in gps, and lots lots more. So on the front, we have a 1.’ inch amoled display with a screen resolution of 454 by 454. It features an always on display, which is optional and is made from a 3d scratch resistant glass. Now the watch itself is made from a combination of aluminium and plastic, so the sides or the body of the watch face going. All the way around is made from aluminium and the bottom of the watch feels like plastic. Now, let’s talk about dimensions. This is 46.4 millimeters in diameter, with a thickness of 10.7 millimeters and it weighs only 47.3 grams. You have silicon straps, which can be removed and replaced with your own 22 millimeter band, and this is how the watch looks on my wrist and my wrist. Circumference is 7 inches and you can see the size of the watch is not too bad. It doesn’t. Look too big it’s in fact very thin and light. I have been wearing this watch for a few days and i have to say, it’s comfortable. The silicon straps also feel very nice. Now the amazefit gtr ii come in two different versions, so we’ve got the sports edition, which i have here, but there is also a classic edition which comes with a stainless steel watch case and black leather straps.

Now, on the side of the watch, we have a power button and the second button is customizable, but by default, when you press it, it will open your workouts, but you can of course, change that. Furthermore, this watch connects to your smartphone via bluetooth, and this does support the latest bluetooth version 5.. You also have built in gps and 2 gigahertz wi fi, which actually comes in handy when you are wirelessly. Transferring your music from your phone to the watch. Now loudspeaker quality is actually quite good and here is a quick taste of the sounds now. Another amazing feature is bluetooth phone calls. So this watch has a built in speaker and a microphone, so you can take your phone calls directly on the watch, so we will quickly test out the voice calls. So i am now testing out the bluetooth phone call feature. I’Ve called my watch from another phone. So you should be able to hear my voice loud and clear on the watches speaker, so this should give you an idea of what bluetooth calls would sound like directly on the watch now at the bottom of the watch. You will find your heart rate sensor and charger. Pins and i’ll quickly. Show you the charger so it’s a magnetic usb charger which basically clips on the back, and it takes around 110 minutes to fully charge that 471 milliamp hour battery and the watch is expected to give you around 14 days of battery life.

Of course, depending on your usage, but with light use, the battery can last up to 38 days. The watch is running a basic customize, which is very easy to use and navigate. The touchscreen is very responsive and the watch will track your daily fitness activities, which include step counter calories, distance 24 hour, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, and you also have 12 sports modes built in with automatic sleep tracking and lots more now. All your health activities can be viewed from your smartphone via the zep app formerly known as the amaze fit app. So quick, look at the smartphone app. You can see that as soon as you open it, it starts syncing all the health data, so at the top. The first thing you see is your step counter and letting you know how many more steps you need to take to reach your target. You’Ve got your calories and most recent sleep tracking. Then you have your heart rate. Stress spo2, pai score sleep score. Now you can see any of this information in more detail by simply tapping, so this is my heart rate of the day. Now, if you want to go to the previous day, just swipe to the right – and it will show you the previous day swipe again, so you can get detailed reports of any category. So if we tap on sleep, you can see my last night’s sleep, 3 hours and 19 minutes. It gives you a breakdown, it gives you some points and some advice at the end on how to improve the sleep three hours 19 minutes is not much.

I went to sleep at 12 48 a.m and woke up at 407. If we go to the previous day, 6 hours 33 minutes, which is a lot better and if we go back again, you can see five hours and 24 minutes, so sleep tracking is very detailed. I absolutely love the reports it produces. You’Ve got a continuous stress monitor, so it monitors your stress throughout the day now at the bottom it says enjoy, and when you open that you will see some more features like alarm, offline, audio commands and we’ll get to that events find device. Friends, target settings watch faces incoming call, app alerts and vibration. I’Ll quickly show you the watch face, so you have access to download lots of watch faces directly from the smartphone app and finally under profile. You have all your watch settings for notifications, vibration, health monitoring, i’ll quickly, show you the health monitoring, so detection method, i’ve got it on automatic heart rate and sleep assistant, but you can set this according to your own requirements and you can also set the detection, frequency And so on and so forth. Now, when you first get the watch, you need to activate bluetooth phone calls to do that. You need to click on phone and then you can activate calls on watch. Furthermore, this watch has 5 atm water resistance, which means you can use this watch in the shower and in the swimming pool, and the watch can also track your swimming activities with distance calories, time and strokes now.

Another amazing feature is the offline voice control, so without any internet you can control many functions of this watch such as setting alarms, starting workouts, controlling your music opening apps and lots. Lots more, and you know i’m gon na – have to show you this in action. Now, once you activate the offline voice, control from settings you’ll be able to control the watch with your voice and do a number of tasks such as open an app adjust brightness. Now we are going to go through some of these to show you how good this works so i’m going to be going through that list. So all you do is flick your wrist, open heart rate and immediately it’s open the heart rate. If you want to go back to the watch face it already, did it enable battery saver mode and that’s battery saver mode, open, spo2 start walking, so you can see we’ve immediately started a workout now here’s the interesting thing you can do pause work out. Wow continue. Workout, that is incredible, end workout wow, so you can do a complete outdoor workout. You can go for a jog, go for a run and you don’t even have to touch your watch. The workout can be activated with your voice. That is incredible and it’s extremely responsive and to activate the screen. You just flick. Your wrist open music start playing Music. Now you can think about the possibilities already. I’M. Absolutely loving this feature.

Imagine you can’t find your smartphone is hidden in the sofa or you’ve misplaced. It somewhere in the house find mobile that’s it. My phone’s ringing now let’s just stop that if you want some peace out time and you don’t want to be disturbed, enable dnd, that’s it you’re not going to be disturbed by any notifications or any noises or any vibrations. Now that has to be the best offline voice, control i’ve ever used in a smart watch now. This watch is also going to have alexa voice assistant built in it’s not available right now in the eu, but an ota update will activate this feature, meaning this watch will give us the online alexa voice assistant, allowing us to control all of our alexa enabled smart Home devices straight from the watch, so when this feature becomes available, i will certainly drop another video showing it in action and, yes, i am very excited to try this feature out now. Let’S have a closer look at the watch faces now. This is the default watch face if you want to change, keep the center pressed and you will feel some haptic feedback. You will then be presented with around eight different watch faces that you can instantly change to Music Music and some of these watch faces. You can actually edit, so if you tap on the edit, you can see i’m changing that to calories, heart rate humidity, uv ray and it goes on. So those were.

Your watch faces now. Let’S check out the watch features if you swipe down from the top you’ve got all your quick toggles, your brightness, your torch, sound profiles, and you can see the date time and battery information on the top. Now, if you swipe upwards, you will see your notifications. Now all these notifications, you see, are read only so you can open them. You can read the message, but you cannot reply directly on the watch now. If you swipe to the right you’ve got your recent activities so alarms, weathers, pai, heart rate activity goal spo2. All your recent stuff there, if you swipe towards the left you’ve, got shortcut cards so kind of like samsung tiles, so give you more information in this format: today’s heart rate, intensity, distribution, etc. Now, if you press the top button, it will show you all your apps and we’ll quickly go through them. So first one is pai: heart rate, spo2, workouts activities, stress activity, goal, music, weather, alarm, events, widgets and settings, and we will skim through the settings. So you’ve got your watch, face network and connections, display and brightness, sound and vibration, user preferences and system, and over here you can see about regulation, reboot shutdown and factory reset, and i do want to quickly show you. If you open up widgets inside, you will see a compass aromatic altimeter, timer, countdown and fine mobile, so i want to quickly do is show you the compass so that’s what your compass looks like and again you can use your voice to activate the compass anytime.

You want open compass and there you go open, altimeter boom. You can see your gps trying to connect at the top air pressure on the left, altimeter on the right and your coordinates at the bottom so time to test out some of these health features. So the first one we’re going to test is the heart rate sensor. Now, on my thumb, i am wearing the ringo 2. it’s, a medical grade, heart rate sensor and also a blood oxygen monitor. So it does both. You can see heart rate 89 blood oxygen, 95. So that’s going to constantly keep checking in its medical grade, so this smart watch is not going to be medical grade. In fact, no smart watches are medical grade, but the point of this test is to see how it compares so. First of all, we are measuring the heart rate, so 86 beats per minute on the watch and on the o2 ring we’ve got 85 in fact, they’re. Both 85 beats per minute at the moment, 87 86 i’m actually quite impressed with the amaze fit results. So decent heart rate monitor now let’s test out that spo2 and it does take a lot longer to measure and i’ve been told to keep still so i will try my best so the sbo2, the percentage you can see on the o2 ring is 96 let’s see What result we get on the watch that’s my sbo2 97 versus 95 on the ring, so it looks like we do have a decent heart rate sensor in this watch.

So definitely not a bad thing, so let’s go outside and test out. The workout feature start walking, end workout and there we go. You can see a map of my route duration, steps, distance, average, speed, maximum speed, calories burnt, very detailed information viewable directly on the watch. But if you grab the smartphone app, you will see your workouts for the day, so 0.25 kilometers four minutes you’ve got a map of your route at the top and you’ve got all your other detailed health information, so that’s what you can expect with the workouts. So there you have it guys that was the amaze fit gtr 2 sports edition. Now i absolutely love what amazefit has done with this watch you’re getting a premium smart fitness watch, which is not only comfortable on the wrist but also gives you a degree of finesse. You’Ve got a great overall build quality and i love the amoled display. The automatic health tracking sleep tracking heart rate monitor is all great. I love the detailed sleep analysis you’re getting 5 atm water resistance built in gps, wi, fi and bluetooth 5.. The offline voice assistant is the best thing to happen to a smart watch in a very long time. It’S responsive and works every single time so i’m, absolutely loving the offline voice assistant. So if you’re gon na go for a walk – and you forget to start your workout, you can just flick your wrist and say start walking and it will immediately begin the workout, like it’s, just done complete genius on how amazefit implemented the offline voice assistant.

Now i really do look forward to testing alexa on this watch and when that happens, i will certainly drop another video battery life is great. You can expect 14 days with heavy usage which includes daily outdoor workouts, utilizing the built in gps. There is no app store or third party app support, but considering this is a smart fitness watch designed predominantly for fitness and health. It already has all the apps you’re ever going to need for your fitness now. One thing i would have liked to have, though, is automatic workout detection. So if i go up for an outdoor workout session – and i forget to start my workout – it would have been nice if it could automatically detect that workout and many other watches are offering you. This now, if a maze fit, were to drop this feature via firmware update again, i will be happy to shoot another video showing you that in action. So i am missing that feature and i hope they bring that soon. So bottom line a premium. Smart watch which challenges the likes of huawei’s watch gt2. The features are on par, but the amaze fit gtr2 has a few tricks up its sleeve, which makes this watch highly desirable for the price and with that being said, i will leave the links in the description box in case you want to check this product out. Meanwhile, thank you so much for watching and i hope you all have a brilliant day.