Is it any good and has it really improved from the gtr that we’ve seen last year well, let’s find out let’s go so here it is in the box. We’Ll find a gtr2 in this pretty nice packaging on the side of that you’ll find the new charger with the usb connector and on the other side, you’ll find this uh instruction, booklet and that’s about it. So there’s uh two models of the gtr ii i’ve got the sports edition right here with that rubber ish strap so let’s dive into the tech, specs and let’s. Try it out. The gtr 2 comes with a round 1.’ inch. Amoled touch display with a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch that has a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels on the inside it’s got the 471 milliamp hour battery that’s good for up to 14 days of use. It takes around two hours to charge, comes with a bio tracker, two ppg sensor to track a 24 7 heart rate and it can measure blood oxygen levels and track your sleeping quality. It’S got a gyroscope sensor for step, and sports tracking it’s got an air pressure sensor and an ambient light sensor for automatic screen. Brightness adjustments comes with bluetooth 5.0 for pairing it with your phone wi fi for uploading; songs that it now can store on the watch itself on its three gigs of internal storage, and it comes with a built in ai voice assistant, which is powered by amazon, alexa And last but not least, it’s got a 5 atm waterproofing, so you can easily swim with it.

Let’S first install it on a phone and let’s see how it does. You have to install it using the zep app, which used to be the amazefit app it’s, easy to pair over bluetooth and once it’s paired, you can track your sports activities, step counter heart rate data and all the things you’d expect. It also allows you to browse, through a number of new watch, faces, there’s, some pretty nice, looking analog, ish ones and a whole bunch of more digital, looking ones there’s. Actually, some pretty nice looking watch faces, and i mean these are a few that i actually kind of liked. The watch itself is pretty easy to use. You can swipe down to access the control center with some quick access toggles. These use icons that you might have to get used to perhaps, but it allows you to use it as a flashlight kind of um quickly go to the settings turn on not disturb the battery saver change, the volume change the screen, brightness turn on the theater mode And more, you can swipe up to see your latest notifications that are being pushed through from your phone, and it can basically show you notifications from all apps on the phone, including things like whatsapp or wechat. The only thing here still is that it won’t display any emojis, though you can swipe from left to right or right to left to go through the most common apps. Like the weather, the step counter and the music player, you can actually customize, which apps that you want to show here, or perhaps you want to remove some.

It also has two buttons on the side. The bottom one allows you to open up the sports tracker, but you can actually customize which app that you want this button to open from the settings. If you want to change that with the top button, you can open up the full list of apps on the watch and it looks pretty nice with that curved interface and it feels pretty cool to scroll through it comes with the pai levels or personal activity scores. The heart rate monitor blood oxygen levels, fitness tracker or workout menu. To start, the workout tracking it’s got a history of your workout activities. Your stress monitoring levels, activity goals, which has those activity rings similar to the apple watch, got the music player, weather, app, alarms, event calendars and some widgets like a compass, timer countdown timer, and a find my mobile toggle below that you’ll find the settings where you can Change the display, brightness change, the watch face, bluetooth connections, change the sound settings and the user preferences like the function of that lower button on the watch that we’ve seen earlier and some settings on the voice, control and then there’s the voice, control that uses the amazon Alexa engine um, so that allows you to open up the weather, app open the weather or increase or decrease the brightness of the watch face i’m, not really sure, if i’m a big fan of it, but in case you really need it well.

It’S uh it’s available for you right there let’s look at the fitness tracking menu or the workout menu. It now comes with the 12 of the most common sports trackers like outdoor running walking in and outdoor cycling, threat, mill, open water and pool swimming, but also things like climbing trail running, skiing and freestyle fitness amazfit actually said they will roll out more trackers in the Next few months so i’m not sure what those will be and how many, but they say they will actually roll up more so that’s, pretty cool i’ve tested that with some exercising and it seemed to work alright and equally important. I have tested it with some swimming and swimming was no problem. It seems to measure that quite well and most importantly, it held up quite well, and the watch worked after swimming, so that’s pretty good. Another thing a lot of you will like to see is that it’s got an always on display. This has some settings, so you can set it to a more trimmed down digital or analog style watch face, and that will definitely save you some more battery. You can also set it to a smart mode. You can set the time at which you want the always on display to be active. So perhaps you might want to turn off every day after midnight, so it’s, pretty nice and quite flexible and then there’s the music storage feature. It can now store up to 3 gigs of music on the watch itself and that’s pretty cool.

The process is a little bit tedious, as you’ll have to select which songs to transfer to the watch then connect to the wi fi network of the watch from your phone and transfer the song. It does do that quite fast because it’s wi fi, so that is nice though once you’ve got some music on the watch. You can play that on the watch itself over its internal speaker, but you can also pair the watch with a bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headset. So it will play the music on that and that’s pretty cool, because this would totally allow you to go for a run without having to bring your phone to play music. So i really like this feature. You can still use the watch as a remote controller for your phone’s audio as well, by tapping on the audio source menu item in the music player. It will then switch to control the music on the connected phone, and one more thing. You’Ll be probably happy to know is that you can still access the music player also when the fitness and sports tracking mode is on. So you can still control the music player on the watch itself, as well as the remote controller for your phone’s music app, even when you’re doing an exercise, so that’s a good thing. Now. How do i like the gtr 2 after using it for about two weeks and well, how much does it cost? Well, first, i, like the gtr 2, quite a lot.

It definitely has some improvements over the gtr that i’ve looked at last year. I like that it’s got that internal storage for the music. I like that you can use an external bluetooth, speaker or bluetooth headset, to play this music from i like that. It’S got more and better tracking features with more sports modes that will be added in the months to come well at least according to amaze fit. I like that. It’S got that always on display, so it will always show you the time regardless. If you hold up your wrist or not, and the design of the gtr has changed a little bit from the gtr last year and personally, i kind of like the look of that one, a little bit better but i’m sure that some of you will prefer the Looks on the gtr too, i guess that’s just a matter of taste. I do like how you can still easily change the strap to change the look. As a matter of fact, i could easily attach the strap of my first generation gdr to the gtr2 that i’ve got here, so it definitely allows you to change the strap to something that you prefer it’s, also nice, to see that it has voice control i’m. Not sure how useful that really is in day to day use and how often you would really use it, maybe if you’re working out and sweating it might be good or if you’re cooking, but overall i found it to not be that useful.

But in case you really need it well. It’S there emaze fits gtr2 is coming out in the amazefit store and the amazefit ali express store for 179 us dollars for the sports model, which is the one that i’ve got right here with the aluminum alloy housing and the classic edition. With a stainless steel, housing and leather strap for 199 us dollars, i’ll put down some links in the description below this video in case you want to go and check them out so that’s about it for the amazefit gtr2. What do you guys think is this a nice and welcome upgrade from last year and what do you like or don’t, like about the gtr 2? Let me know down here in the comments section below this video, what your thoughts are and if you like it or not, and don’t, forget to leave a little like below this video to show me that you’ve liked it and, if you’re not subscribed to the channel. Yet know that you probably should because i’m doing a lot of videos about xiaomi and xiaomi ecosystem companies like amazefit right here on the xiaomi fight channel. As always. Thank you guys for watching and i hope to see y’all soon.