We’Ve got lots of great gift ideas for you and your loved ones on your list, but right now, we’re having a flash, easy pay event everything’s on five easy payments and guess what the amaze fit gts smart watch with a heart rate. Monitor that you see right. Hang on, let me press it. There is the lowest price that we have found. It is new for us just this week and that biotracker all day heart monitoring is something that i can get down with, because that is something i want to know. What’S going on with my body, i want to track my sleep. I want to track my steps and we can do all of that. So let me show you the color choices i’m going to start right here, and this color is called black. You’Ve got some dark metal. There you’ve got the black metal there uh as its hardware. Then you have the blue with the black hardware. This one is orange it’s reading a little brick red if i’m, honest – and this one has that beautiful um like a gun, metal hardware to it – 150. Oh no, remaining in that orange, then we have gray you’ve got gray hardware here and then we have the gold. Now it’s kind of tan on the silicone strap itself, but the hardware is gold and on me, is the pink and it reads very rose gold. There are fewer than 100 to go around in that pink lowest price we have found.

Have you heard about the smart watch craze who would love this as a gift, especially when we’re trying to stay as motivated and staying connected is imperative? This would be a standard price of 149.99 any other day here at qvc today, it’s a sale, price and it’s. The lowest price we’ve found it’s less than a hundred dollars and it’s on an option of five easy payments of 19.99. I just want to welcome in my friend paige volovich, who has been bringing us innovative electronics for years here at qvc, and we were chatting and both super excited about this earlier, because this is a brand that a lot of the consumer magazines and a lot of The digital tech world people are talking about. This is a really up and coming strong brand. Oh, it sure is, you know mary they’ve been around for close to 10 years. They are a global leader in smart watches, they’re known for design and innovation. Their number one goal is to connect our health to technology. We know that health is important. Now more than ever, health is wealth and what they’ve done this in a big big way? Let me show you some of these great features that are built in to this gorgeous watch. You can see right here. This can go from day to night, with fully edible widgets all around a huge amoled display same display, derived from your smart watches. Your smart phones and you can see here he’s wearing at night, he’s wearing it a day and he transforms himself with 12 sports mode built in five atm water resistance.

So you can go to the shower. You can swim, you can wash your hands, you can go in the ocean, gorgeous slim metal body. It is really designed for around the clock wearing you’re, going to love it because you can customize it. Maybe, as the man he wants something more traditional, but maybe, as a woman, you want a little more character, a little more design and, in fact, mary. I have your gift for rachel for christmas. Thank you. It is! Oh, you see that that’s, so cute you’re, so cute wouldn’t. She just love to have my face on her wrist all day, but think about it. Grandparents and parents we’d love to wear our loved ones, um faces, but the fact that i can customize 62 faces to choose from, but here’s the beautiful thing it’s waterproof and it has a 14 day battery life with a full charge. This is a huge deal and mary. If we talked about that about the rest of our presentation, it would not be enough, because a lot of smart watches out there are only two to five days, there’s a wide range when you have that 14 day. It really is going to get you through all of the things you want to do throughout the day. Here’S an example of my smart watch there’s a picture that i took on monday. We were together on monday, talking about the amaze fit, but you can see nine days prior, i had charged it and i still had 55 battery life.

That is staggering and think about our smartwatch. It is my life companion, it’s everything from receiving your text, your emails. You can see your phone calls on here. You can receive all of your smart notifications and we love that all the health management built in you can see right here. This is a huge 1.65 amoled screen just to give you a little perspective derived from the technology of smartphones and look at this husband is calling me if i don’t have the phone. I don’t have to worry i’m going to receive that notification. On my wrist on my smart watch or perhaps it’s that simple text you just want to see who’s reaching out to you reminders galore, i set these throughout the day continuously marry purples, picking up medicine, maybe reaching out to a friend. Maybe you just want to receive all your social media notifications here on your wrist and you can do this, but this is taking your health to a whole new level. This is your heart rate, monitor you have personal algorithms built in and if it detects any type of high value, you’re going to get a notification you’ve been sitting too long, get a notification. This is affordable, health and wellness as a gift for the holiday season, either. For you, or for your mom for your dad, for maybe you have an elderly member of the family, that you’re not able to be close to. This is how you can help them by the way you can see the numbers so beautifully track weather.

You can track your steps. You can actually track your health, your heartbeat here, biotracker all day, heart monitoring and it’s got a crisp resolution, so it’s easy to read too, and you can track active hours, calories and steps, and so much more now, this pink that i have on. There are four dozen remaining. This is a smart watch for less than a hundred dollars, it’s the lowest price that we found for the amaze fit gts. I want to bring you up and show you the black. We have the black still available. We have the blue. Still available, we have the orange, which is reading very brick red in person just to share that with you. We have gray and we also have gold, but this value, the qvc price, meaning the standard price that it would be at our network would be 149.99. We have it for less than 100 on a sale, price and it’s on five easy payments of 19.99, so you’re saving approximately 50 today, but staying motivated staying connected it connected is imperative for us to get all through this together, while being apart physically um. So i mean huge huge, find paige. I cannot believe the price on this. I can’t believe the timing of this on gift giving season and i’m in love with the fact that i can track my heartbeat and that it’s waterproof and 14 day battery life it’s unbelievable. You know i have charged it and then i go about my day.

I get my reminders right here. Take your medicine. Throughout my day, maybe i’ll wash my hands mary we’re, washing our hands. More than ever. You don’t have to worry about it: water resistant sports modes, battery life did we say that yeah, we sure did color the pink has sold out. We still have five colors remaining continue to place. Your orders enjoy those easy pay page. Thank you. So much for joining us live during friendsgiving tonight. We so appreciate you miss you. My friend see you soon. Thank you mary! Thank you bye for now, um, oh, my goodness, okay, so we’re tracking heart rate and rachel.