So in this video we’ll be talking a little bit about the features that they both share and also the new features that are introduced on the gts2. But more importantly, at the end of this video, you should probably have a clearer idea on whether you should buy the gts1 or maybe the gts2, all right. So the reason why i’m saying that is because, in terms of pricing uh, the gts one can now be obtained at a very uh, affordable price, so of course uh depending on which country you’re from the pricing will definitely be different. But here in malaysia we can get the gts one for just ‘9 ringgit, and that is approximately 95 us dollars from dasher. So if you want to get the links, the links down below so very affordable, less than 100 us dollars for the amazing gts one. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the amaze feed gts2 here is only available in china at the moment, and this is about 1000 yuan. So if you translate that to ringgit it’s about 620 ringgit or if you’re just talking about dollars, it’s about u.s 135 us dollars, so definitely this is more expensive than the gts one, but yeah it makes the gts one actually a good purchase to maybe make now In 2020., all right so let’s talk about the similarities in terms of the features and what you can expect from the upgrades on the gts2. So first up let’s talk about that display.

So both displays here are the amoled panel, but they’re both very clear they’re. Both of the same size, 1.65 inches, but what the gtx 2 actually brings on right now is a higher refresh rate, so notice that when i scroll through the device itself, you notice that it’s a bit choppy on the gts one, but this has been fixed in The gts2 – let me just show it to you very quickly if you go into the main menu notice, how it does glides, so a side by side comparison, and you can see that the refresh rate on the gta s2 is definitely higher. Apart from that, the gts2 also introduces a whole lot more of watch phases, so we have about 50 watch faces now on the gts2. This is not to say that the gts1 does not have a lot of watch faces. This has a lot of watch phases too, but it’s just that the gtx 2 brings on some really nice new designs that you can get only on the gts2. So i really like that. Another difference here is in the always on display so notice that when we turn off the display right here, the gts one only came with two kinds of different designs for it’s, always on display. For example, we do have a digital version or an analog clock. The analog is really difficult to see so i’ve used the digital one and there’s only two options, but for the gts2 and what it does now is that it supports the the design that follows the watch face itself so, for example, notice.

This design is actually similar to the watch face and if i just change the watch face right here, for example, let me just go with this one right now and if i turn it off, the watch face for the always on display will change so very cool. Very nice always on display design right here on the gts2, alright, so moving down the list, let’s talk a bit about that notifications. So, in terms of notifications, once more, both watches are able to to get you your call and messages notifications. They all will be pushed to the watch, but what the gts2 brings on right now is something new, so it does come with a built in mic and speaker, so you can use the mic here to actually answer your phone calls directly on the watch itself. So those of you who wants to do that you have the option to do that now on the amazeme gts2. Apart from that, like i mentioned it comes with speakers built in right now. So what this means is, you can set yourself uh. This notification sounds so, for example, when you have a notification coming in, you can actually set the gds2 to beep so that it actually comes out with a sound so that you know that there is a new notification on the gts1. It only vibrates. But on this you have vibration and sound apart from that. Another interesting feature right here is that emojis are now supported on the gts2, so previously it always shows up as just squares, but on the gts2 you can now see a couple of emojis, not everyone.

Just a few, but it definitely is better than previously, because you can actually see some smiles now on the watch itself. Alright, so that’s in terms of notifications, let’s move down to the next point, and that is about the tracking capabilities so previously on the gts one. It was able to track your heart rate, your sleep, and this is very standard stuff, but on the gts2 it introduces two new features and the first one for that is actually the stress tracking. So, for example, i can show you right here. It shows you your stress levels throughout the entire day and whether or not it is accurate, it’s, a different story, because i did find this to be only about 80 accurate, for example. It shows me as being stressed when i’m eating food so i’m, not too sure about that, but it is here for you to reference if you need that, apart from that, it also introduces the spo2 tracking that tracks your blood oxygen levels. So, once again, whether or not this is accurate, i can’t really vouch for it, but the feature is here and it’s able to track your blood oxygen levels whenever you want to so that’s. Definitely something new on the gts2 all right. Apart from that, moving on let’s talk about the number of activities they track and right here it is actually the same. Both devices actually track up to 12 different activities, and this includes your runs.

You know your swims and all that very basic stuff. Let me just get that menu launched up right here, and it should be this one yep. So we do have your outdoor runs, your indoor run cycling and just just those basic activities. You have 12 activities here and both watches still come with gps built in so very convenient. If you don’t want to carry a smartphone out with you, you can still track your location and your pace with the amazing gts, 1 and two all right. Moving on another cool feature we have here is the music control so on the amazing gts one. We do have music controls here and you can see you can actually press play or just hit next and you can even control your volume of your music directly from your watch itself, but that was only music controls. So what the gts2 brought on now is actually a built in four gigabytes of memory, so you can put in your songs and play the songs directly from the speaker itself, or you can also connect your earphones to your watch to play that music so very convenient. Once again, if you want to bring your watch out without bringing your smartphone, you can now put songs into the watch itself and just play the music while making your runs so that’s, definitely very cool for the gts2 all right. Last but not least, uh let’s talk a bit about that battery, so we do have a slightly larger battery in the amazing uh just about 20 mah more, but in terms of actual uh battery life.

I would say that the amazfit gts2 is able to last about 2 days on one single charge, so i’ve tried to turn off every feature that i can that i don’t use, for example, the always on display and i’ve minimized, the the timing for the race to Wake actually works, so i’ve minimized. All those kind of features on the watch, but maximum i can get from the amazing gts2 – is two days whereas on the amine suite gts1, i was able to get about four to five days, so bear in mind uh previously we’re about to get 10 days with The amaze with gts1, but probably because of the latest, app the zap app previously it was called the amazefit app but i’m, not sure what’s wrong with the new app but it’s just draining a lot of power. So right now you can just expect four to five days on the gts one and about two days on the gts2. So these are basically it the similarities and the new upgrades to the gts2, alright guys so at the end of the day, which device should you buy, or should you even buy any of these smart watches today, all right so in terms of the gts one like I said in malaysia: this is just ‘9 ringgit, which is approximately 95 us dollars and if that’s the price that you’re able to get this, this is still a very good a smart watch to buy in 2020.

. You get a lot of features on the watch itself. The heart rate tracking your activity, tracking and the gps all in this watch itself. However, if you talk about whether you should buy the mainspeed gts2, i think there’s still a couple of issues that needs to be ironed out. For example, i was still getting some issues with the gps and once and once in a while, the heart rate tracking is also not very reliable, maybe it’s, because i was very sweaty and you know i have a lot of hair on my wrist, but i shouldn’t Be able to be facing that kind of issues here, so in terms of the gts2, i think that we still need to wait for more updates before i can actually recommend this to anyone, especially since it’s not very cheap as well. So if you ask me, if you want to buy the gts2, you should still wait for the update and, if you’re, actually looking for a quick smartwatch under 100 us dollars, you can actually consider the amaze vgts one all right guys. I think that’s it for this video. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down in the comment section below.