Today we are going to unbox the brand new ms fed neon Music. So let’s begin here immediately with unboxing. As you can see, we have the box in front of us, ms fedne, in the front with reflecting colors, very good. Looking we have pai and the sleep tracking in the front. Also, we have hard race sleep tracking, always on display 2008 uh day’s battery and in the back we have 160 million power and we have a couple of other information about this smartwatch. So here at the bottom, we can pull up all the things that we have in the box, starting from the package. Where is included the user manual, which you can see right here very good package, and we have quite a few languages here so it’s understandable from all of us very thick book and usable, so let’s put it back. You can see immediately the ms fed here wrapped up with protection and this very beautiful green color, which stand out really good at the top. You can see we have another package and there is included the charger you can see again, wrapped up with plastic protection. Let’S, pull this out and see what type of charger do we have, i think is very similar to the gts and stratus. You can see the package of gts instructors in the back, also the t rex type of thing. So here we have the misfit neo. You can see is very good, protect by this plastic wrap and to power.

This on. You have to plug it in and when you plug it in it powers powers on – and you can see you can’t use this yet without connecting it so let’s go ahead and connect that, and we will see in the next video how to connect your ms, with Neo with android and ios as well so now that is connected, you can see whenever you use, you have the blue light. Color we have here time dates percentage of battery the last heart rate. Also we have here steps kilometers or kilometers. We have burnt calories weather. We have do not disturb stopwatch and we have pai, also the notifications or alert as well. As you can see. We have here the heart rate measuring and you saw in the back. Also, we have four buttons up down, select and back and the sides of the neo so let’s try here the first and the only option that we can try, which is hard rate and see how this watch will work. You can see the horde is blinking, which means it’s measuring our heart rate, and we have the first result. You can see right here is changing still Music, and this is the final result, as you can see pretty much very fast and very good measurements from the new misfit neo. We have the steps on these things that we saw before, and these will be available for us in the next few days.

While we are using this so guys this was all for today’s video.