. We will see what we have from the smartwatch, so let’s go ahead with it. So, as you can see in the beginning, we have here ultra power saving mode. We have five atm watt resistant, gps, bio tracker, multi, sport mode, always on display music storage and we have o2 sensors in the side. We don’t have anything else in the back. We have the model number battery capacity. We have some information for this device and we have a couple of things that are not necessary to read, but you can do so let’s go ahead and see what we got from here. As you can see, the misfit usually goes with two package. The first one is usually for the options and in the second box, as you can see, we have the watch itself. We have the stratos 3 ready to use. You can see immediately. The watch is revealed here. We have to select the language that we will see later how to do it and in the package itself we will find here the charger. As you can see, wrapped up for protection. You can see we have very good material and very good rubber, very flexible and durable Music let’s see here. As you can see, the status 3 holds up with magnets with the charger very good and very well so usually you just set this in the table or whatever you charge your devices, but you can see that you are able to hang it in case you need So, on the other side, we will find here the msfed guideline.

You can see the contacts we have a couple of things to read here about the spores and other things, and we have the user manual like usual, as you can see very thick, because we have plenty of languages that we can change or read about so it’s. Very easy for everyone to use it, so this is the box of the misfits. As you can see right now, the misfit needs to be usable. You can see we have to select the language first and we have to scan with misfit app that right now, it’s called zap, and we will see that how to do in the next video. So you can see right now. We have here the percentage of battery. We have time date and weather. Also we have some information about the last heart rate, burn, calories, steps etc. In the left will have the messages or notifications. Then we have the weather, we have health and the measuring of heart rate and at the task board we have the time and date do not disturb. We have airplane mode, brightness mode, ultra saving mode settings and we have airplay mode gas, gastrus, etc. This ultra mode saves a ton of battery in case you are low at it, and you don’t want to your watch to shut down here in the settings. We will find connection general in general. We have to disturb airplane mode vibration, brightness phone anti lost location service, a gps language time format that you can change from 12 hour to 24 hour at the preferences we have wrist rise, double tap to unlock watch, face sport, recognition and that’s it.

We have data science, you can see right here. We have the manual signs at the device, we have ultra remote reboot power off and we have restored factory restored at the about. We will see all about the watch itself. We have the model, name, run version serial number and we have update at the bottom case. Any updates comes, you can see it’s checking for any updates. If there is any of them and after the updates we will have feedback and human lab at the bottom. So this was the settings in the right side. We will have the menu press and hold to switch the face of the stratos 3. Also, this we can change it from the app which we have plenty of more watch faces to change. You can see very simple and valid classes. We have here health portrait, sport and activities at the sport. You can see. We have running walking outdoor cycling, pool swimming open water, treadmill, indoor cycle, elliptical, rover, machine indoor, fitness on foot, climbing trail run. We have skiing, tennis, soccer, multi, sport, jump rope and we have ad exercise or height exercise. So you can see in the startup 3 we have quite a few information or options for the start for the sports, which is a very good thing. So you can add more sports in case you need, you can see, we have winter sports ball sports and we have a couple of other options that you can add to the stratus 3.

So we have next the weather activities. Alarm compass, you can see the compass needs to be calibrated and the service 3 has a different method. To calibrate your compass. You can see we have to go in the rounded shape to get the calibration, so you can see now it’s working perfectly and we have a very useful compass. We have the barometer here as well, you can see the altitude and we have the pressure not to forget about it. We are location time stopwatch. You can see the stopwatch works, pretty good in case you need to use it. We have music steps, watch faces and the settings that we saw before and the last option. It was the settings. So this is the software of the status 3 let’s go ahead and use it see how these options that we saw will work starting from the hardware, which is the first option. Let’S see how fast it can measure our heart rate and also, if it’s a cure or not, you can see, we have the zone of relax at the top. The first result is here and at the three dot you will find the history of your heart rate, which is very useful to see in your watch, because you don’t have to go all the time. In the app add the sports let’s try running, which is the first option you can see. We have here the settings trying to activate and we press go.

It will start immediately the seconds we have the time at the top seconds going underneath and we have duration, distance heart rate average pace, sudden speed and average speed in the third page. We have altitude distance gain, elevation gain and elevation loss and the fourth page we have calories and the te, and we have horde rate zone and statistic as you can see at the bottom. Also we have the roots with this option at the bottom. You can see you can zoom in or zoom out, so you can orientate yourself, and this is a very good option to have in your watch, even though you’re not going to use this all the time. But you know that you have this option. The starter 3 is known for the sports method, so it’s a very good watch for sports, so guys this was all for today’s video.