So it is a good watch, but it is the same as other watches as cellular and also it has momoji. I don’t know if other watches have it, but you can see memoji. This might be a newest. This might be the newest app or it might have it on a different apple watch, but it you can create your own emoji change it to a watch face and it can hold. It has your heart rate. Calendar compass find people, mail, maps, messages, music and the noise see okay, it says the noise. So if i talk louder, that ball goes up and up and up – and also we have radio which is – i don’t, really know. I haven’t did that and time on stoplight stopwatch is the same as the phone timer is a little different, 30 minutes to one hour two hour. It has one minute three minute: five minute: ten minute: 15, 30 and one hour in two hours, and if you go to alone here, um i wake up so in the morning 5 a.m. If you want to wake up holy, you can well it charges really quickly. So it’s not it’s, not like it. Doesn’T take like two hours to charge. It probably takes just one hour and you can add as many as alarms and you can make watch faces. If you don’t want to emote emoji, you can make hold up, you can even make a watch face. That shows you us rings like and a new one nope.

You can make it like this with a dog, which is what i did. It shows up here up to thursday 29th. Well, it doesn’t say what year it is like 2020 or anything, but your emoji or whatever will keep moving around when you touch it does something like that, but other than that i’ll just keep moving, see you even got an app store and see. You got a few games which and daddy let’s stop telling you stuff like that, and we got compass. You see compass, if you, if you turn it changes, see this line up here, see if i turn it’s on north. That means that i’m, pointing north that’s, how the compass looks and it says how much whatever there we got – weather wallet, walkie, talkie, okay and we got music, let’s just check heart right, see and then it will take a few minutes to measure or no, it will Measure it’ll be like that it’ll say: measuring 96 beeps per minute, and if you go out it says walking average heart rate today, that’s my walking average, but wait it keeps and current you don’t have to click on it. It’Ll just measure here see it’s changing 13 minutes ago 83 minutes ago 83 beeps plumbing 13 minutes ago, and it will just keep changing. You can get phone uh go to phone it’s, but since there’s, no camera there’s, no facetime and you can’t see other people. Even though they have cameras on their ipad or phone or whatever workouts run at the cycle, volleyball and badminton and stuff all the fitness games, skating hiking, you might not find it.

You just go to add workout you’ll, see all of them rolling and everything. Thomas you’ll see it’ll just say everything: hiking hockey i’ll see everything there. Even on other watches, you can do it and we got world clock. You can see the whole and just like on the workouts, you can add city, but you have to see you need to draw it in or tuck it in like australia, okay see, no, we want broken hill. Okay, i don’t know what this is so now. Let’S see breathe, so you breathe for one minute. What wait you can yeah? You can set it until five minutes. That’S it one minute, seven weeds! You can change it like that.